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Eurovision 2004


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From the BBC news website:


Eurovision acts prepare for show


Pop fans are preparing for this year's Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place in Istanbul, Turkey.


The UK is this year represented by James Fox, who is performing the song Hold On To Our Love. He was a contestant on the BBC's Fame Academy.


TV coverage of the event - which will be shown on BBC One - is expected to attract more than 100 million viewers.


Last year the event was won by Turkey's Sertab Erener. The UK's act Jemini controversially scored no points.


The duo, made up of Liverpool singers - Gemma Abbey and Chris Combey - sang their song Cry Baby out of tune. Their performance was the UK's worst at the event.


Controversial Russian pop duo Tatu, who had had a global hit with the song All the Things She Said, also took part but did not fare well.


This year 24 countries will vie for the final prize. Ten of those were picked from a semi-final featuring 22 countries.


It was the first time a two-tier system had been used for the event.


First timers competing in the semi-final were Albania, Andorra, Belarus and Serbia & Montenegro. Albania and Serbia have both qualified for the finals.


Public votes were miscalculated at the semi-final on Wednesday after technical hitches in Monaco and Croatia, but this did not affect the final result.


Bookmakers and media reports have tipped Greece - whose entry is Shake It, sung by Sakis Rouvas - to be the winner this year, with the Ukraine and Sweden expected to take second and third second.


The Ukrainian entry, Ruslana, is singing the song Wild Dances, which features folk music and a troupe of leather-clad female dancers.


Sweden's Lena Philipsson has attempted several times to represent her country at the event. This year she is singing the track It Hurts.


James Fox is, according to bookmakers William Hill, 13th favourite to win.


Cyprus' entry, 16-year-old Lisa Andreas, is from Gillingham in Kent. She is expected to do well in the finals.


Irish singer Chris Doran will perform a tune penned by ex-Westlife star Bryan McFadden.


The present size of the event is stark contrast to Eurovision's beginnings back in 1956, when only seven nations took part.


Awwww James is only 13th favourite to win.

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I think Eurovision is the biggest load of rubbish ever shown on TV except for reality tv shows. Nearly all the songs are a joke, our country along with many others never take it seriously, and what is the point?
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Its a bit of fun Alan' date=' plus it gives Terry Wogan a platform from which he can make racist jokes and moan about other nations without fear of being sacked...those bleed'n countries never giving us any votes![/quote']


I guess it does give Wogan something to do each year, and even though it pains me to admit it some of his insults/comments/jokes are fantastic.

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The fact is none of the nations in Europe like us because of the fact we backed the war in Iraq and for most the history of Europe fought againist them all except Portugal.


Yeah that's just it, wouldn't matter how good our song is we're never going to get many votes cas we're so hated!!

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It's just a bloody fix, and I seriously think our country should stop entering, because it's becoming unfair on the people who sing for us. Most of the songs that got top ten last night were a load of shite, and the only reason there up there is cos neighbouring countries vote for them.
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Just proves what a tosser Blair is for wanting us to be more involved with Europe; does this not prove nobody likes us Blair?



What else can we blame young tony for he must be responsible for Arsenal remaining unbeaten, the cheeky girls and greedo shooting first.

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If the UK entry was used by any country, it would still be where it finished but it was an awful song, just too weak for Eurovision. You look at all the winners, and they are high tempo, dancy numbers - not a bloke sitting down signing a ballad on his guitar. Very dull song.



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