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Robin Hood Airport


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This is a story thats been in the local papers for quite some time here in sunny Doncaster and I'd like your opinions people.


The new international airport being built over the site of RAF Finningly is going to be named 'The Robin Hood Sheffield-Doncaster International Airport'. Snappy! This has coursed a local outcry becouse :-


1* Sheffield has nothing to do with this airport, in fact they opposed all plans to build it to protect their own airports trade.


2* Robin Hood had a tentative connection with Doncaster at best. One of his merry men came from here, big deal! George Washington was born not far from where I live and he's a little more important (and realer) I think.


3* Finningly doesn't get a mention, but it was an Ok name when pilots used it in WW2! Seems a little bit insulting to their memorys.


Thats my rant over. For now!

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They should call it the British Steel and Doncaster Large Tarmac Covered Area With A Radar And A Non-Descript Building.


Much better.


I must admit, Darkstar, out of all the topics you've posted this is the one I care least about.



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They should call it Ringo Star airport, I've no real joke to go with that but at least it would be better than Robin Hood!


You never know, it might end up being a phemed airport, all the helpful staff will be dressed as Robin Hood and Merry men, while the manager of the airport and all the check in staff will dress as Princes and henchmen, it could work I tell thee! :thumbsup :lol

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Put it this way my dad was born near Doncaster and grew up there... He moved to Rochdale for a improvement... You know what they say, out of the frying pan into the fire...


On the subject of Doncaster Airport (short name) why not just call it Doncaster and Sheffield Airport, you don't need the Robin Hood connection cos how many people aboard know jack about Robin Hood? And yes I know theirs a few movies but they don't count!

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