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Hey everyone,


Just to let you know, you can now see who is in which user group on the below page:




If you click on the name of the user group it will take you to its leaderboard. (There wont be anything there until the first update – which should be on May 23rd)


If your name is not on the list, check to see if your on the picks page, if you are, just login to the FWL control panel (you have to be logged on to the forums first remember), scroll to the bottom, and select whichever user groups you want to join (you can choose as many as you like, provided you’re a member of the websites they belong to).


I’ve deleted over 50 users so far this week, due to un-activated accounts – so please check to ensure your name is there if you did do an entry.


Sunday is the last day to enter the FWL, the next one will not be until September/October 2004, so if you haven’t done your picks already, do them now! :)


For those that have entered:


- If you would like to receive the weekly updates from the FWL, just send a blank email to: FWL-subscribe@topica.com Alternatively check out the FWL forum each week, as they will be posted there also.


- We’re still sorting out the dates for when you will be able to change one of your picks – so please check the FWL forum regularly. If I can remember I’ll post here nearer that date (whatever we decide) to remind you all.


I think that’s about it.



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