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Who likes then?


I have every album apart from When Incubus Attacks. Which is a very rare old one, and if anyone knows how i can get it, please show me where!


I start this thread coz i just got home from watching them. Ive never seen a band play for so long. They were playing for 2 hours! Played stuff from SCIENCE, Make Yourself, Morning View and ofcourse the new stuff from A Crow Left Of The Murder. Each member of the band did their own solo's.. bass and especially drums were absolutely amazing solo's. Even Brandon played abit of guitar! Only downside was the amount of instrumentals.. it well tired me out just stood there for ages. It got annoying, because they were stoppin half way through songs to play a 10 minute instrumental before they finished the song.


Still, i rate the gig 7/10.


Anyone else fond of this band, or going to see them on the rest of the tour? Brand new supported, they were excellent to!

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To be honest I'm not really fussed on them, I don't intensely dislike them but I wouldn't really choose to listen to them. However, it sounds like it was an excellent show. I wouldn't have considered the number of instrumental performances to be a downside at all, I love that sort of thing and I think it's good that a band promotes their musicianship in such a forthright way rather than having a feeble image or hype machine behind them being given more importance. I can see why it wouldn't be everyone's thing to listen to more instrumental stuff, but I think it's great and to be honest, it sounds like the sort of show, if that was how it went, where if someone dragged me along to it I'd have been pleasantly surprised and quite enjoyed it.


I've seen the breaks thing done before, usually when a band is playing some songs that aren't the most well-known, where they medley them to make it more interesting. They start one song, then go into another, then into an instrumental break that's completely different, then back to the second song and finally finishing off the original song. I'd be less psyched about it if personal favourites were split up that way, but I'd still accept it and done with less well known songs it can work quite well I think.


Anyway, I'm glad you still enjoyed the gig even if that wasn't your thing, getting two hours is quite good as well, maybe that explains why the instrumental sections were so long as Incubus, while they're not a new band, aren't exactly a really old band like like other artists (such as Iron Maiden, The Rolling Stones, Djavan or Status Quo) who I've seen play for that length of time.


Sounds good.

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Yeah. You picked some of their best songs to hear pete. You reminded me.. when they played Drive, that also sounded abit crap. They should have played it with the acoustic guitar and not bloody instrumental. That annoyed me.. it ruined a classic song. We know they have talent, they didnt need to force it on us that much :P
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