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Jeff Jarrett FSN Transcript


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Chris Rose: Our next guest has spent a considerable amount of time in the ring. He's a two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and TNA's Executive VP and you know what? He'll definitely let you have it....


(Footage is show of Jarrett from TNA Wrestling)


Chris Rose: Please welcome Jeff Jarrett!


(Jarrett arrives onstage with a guitar in hand and shakes hands with Jim Kelly, Tom Arnold and Chris Rose)


Chris Rose: Jeff, it's a pleasure. Have a seat.


Jeff Jarrett: I brought Tom a present for Spike Lee (holding his guitar up)


Tom Arnold: You gotta teach me! You're so good at that, and you do it right. You hit them on the head with their head sticking through it.


Jeff Jarrett: That's the way I do it.


Tom Arnold: How did you learn that skill, honestly?


Jeff Jarrett: It doesn't take a lot of skill to be honest with you. You could do it.


Tom Arnold: Yes, my wife has done it to me.


Jeff Jarrett: So now I'm giving you the present to do it to Spike!


Tom Arnold: I appreciate that, thank you.


Chris Rose: Now, you actually live in Nashville...


Jeff Jarrett: Correct, born and raised.


Tom Arnold: What a great place that is!


Jeff Jarrett: Beautiful


Chris Rose: The Tennessee Titans call Nashville home as well


Jeff Jarrett: Yes they do


Chris Rose: We understand they were at a TNA event with the offensive line sitting in the front row, and we had a little problem as we'll see on this tape...


(Footage is shown of Jarrett screaming at the Tennessee Titans and the brawl that resulted from it)


Tom Arnold: That is the best thing I've ever seen! No matter what, that hurt!


(Jarrett turns to Jim Kelly)


Jeff Jarrett: You football players take high offense when you lose a Super Bowl and someone brings it up...


(Tom Arnold laughs)


Jim Kelly: Randy Macho Man Savage tried that one time too and he ended up on the bottom also. Hey look, Brian Urlacher - speaking of football - came to one of your events too. He got up in the ring and had some fun too, and I know the Bears couldn't have liked that. What was that all about?


(Footage is shown of Brian Urlacher throwing Jonny Fairplay over the top rope)


Jeff Jarrett: The GM didn't like it at all! That is Jonny Fairplay from Survivor: Pearl Islands. That's Hollywood vs. The NFL and I think the NFL won.


Tom Arnold: Now, David Aquette is a buddy of ours and you wrestled with David. Tell me about that.


Jeff Jarrett: Great guy, great guy. I came into WCW and he's a huge wrestling fan and he helped me win the WCW World Heavyweight Title. There was a movie that came out called "Ready To Rumble" and it featured a three-tiered cage match we used. He was up top and he helped me win the title, so David's a good guy.


Chris Rose: He's a good friend of yours and ours. Did you see him in the hallway before?


(A David Arquette lookalike is shown in the audience)


Jeff Jarrett: There he is! Hey David! He's here!


Chris Rose: Then there's The Hulkster as well....


Tom Arnold: Yea, what happened in Japan?


Jeff Jarrett: The Hulkster was running his mouth saying he wanted some of Jeff Jarrett and he wanted the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Instead of him coming to TNA, I took TNA to him.


(Footage is shown of Jeff Jarrett attacking Hulk Hogan in Japan)


Tom Arnold: Wow!


Jeff Jarrett: I flew to Japan and did it during a press conference and that's the last people have heard from Hulk Hogan - last I hear he's at Tampa Bay Lightning games cheering those guys on. So I think he's turned into a cheerleader now.


Jim Kelly: I just read that Hulk and Randy Savage were thinking about joining TNA. Is that true?


Jeff Jarrett: There's a lot of free agents on the market right now, and with our new show coming up...you know we've been in existence for two years, we do a Pay-Per-View every Wednesday night and we've got a new show starting here, so there's a lot of free agents on the market. You know a lot about free agency, don't you?


Jim Kelly: I've been a big wrestling fan since Bruno Sammartino's days, and I'm telling you these guys work out harder than any football player.


Tom Arnold: And you know it hurts! It can't possibly not hurt!


Jeff Jarrett: And we don't have an off season either - 52 weeks a year. We don't have time off.


Jim Kelly: That's unbelievable.


Chris Rose: Real quick, talk about the show that's going to be debuting here on FOX.


Jeff Jarrett: It's debuting June 4th at 3 PM on Fox Sports Net, the show is going to be called "Impact!"


Tom Arnold: Finally, a good show on Fox Sports Net!


(The crowd applauds)


Chris Rose: June 4th on Fox Sports Net!


Tom Arnold: I'll be watching!


Chris Rose: Jeff Jarrett, thanks for joining us here.


Jeff Jarrett: Guys, I appreciate it!

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