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MGS3 Stolen From E3!


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From my mate's site planet-mgs.com . visit it, it's pretty good.

At E3 Metal Gear Solid 3 booth, two young men aged between 19-21 broke the perspex case and stole the Metal Gear Solid 3 demo from the E3 event in LA.

Expect to see copies of the game all over the internet in a matter of days, like what happened with the Half-Life 2 Source Code Leak.


So, a playable level of MGS3 was at E3, and what happened was two guys decided to smash the glass case. Then eject the demo from the console, and leggit. Possibly not how Snake would have done it, but apparently effective. :lol


Obviously there are people as we speak working on developing playable versions of this to put up on the net.


Quite frankly I can't see a problem. It's only a demo of the game. And since we cant all be fortunate enough to go to E3 then we should get to play it somehow.


Still funny though, the security guards were pretty embaressed when getting interviewed. :oops

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I dont think it will delay the game, it will no doubt lead to rumours about the content of the full game. Normally with demos they include things that will not make it into the final game, people may end up dissapointed. You never know, it may have been a work to generate even more interest in the series?
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