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When to change picks?


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I think it should be done whenever the player wishes.


But then the player could just pick someone who wins a title at an event, i.e. say JBL beats Guerrero he'll get 170 points just for that one win, someone could just add him for those points. Although I guess anyone could do that...what do others think? Keep specific dates, or let the player choose whenever they want?


Only thing to keep in mind is...when I do the updates, it will give the points for your wrestlers for that week (just Raw, and Smackdown usually), so say someone changed Benoit for Guerrero on Wednesday...when I do the update on Sunday, it will only give you points for Guerrero on Smackdown, nothing for Benoit on Raw, even though you changed the pick on a Wednesday - after Raw.


That was another reason for having specific dates.



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Two of my guys are out now that where in when I started. Major bummer. Christian who got injured right before the first PPV, and now Shelton Benjamin who is busted up his hand. I think I need to change them up. :)


I'm hoping to swap out Benj, and hopefully Christian comes back. If we can only switch one.



If you're able to, it would be a great system if a wrestler is injured or is leaving for a time then you could switch just that wrestler. That should be the only time when you can switch because it’s an unforeseen event. If your wrestler just isn't being booked, tough luck... I guess you shouldn't have picked him. The point of being a manager right.


Is it possible to make the Manger system automatically let you switch out injured wrestlers?



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