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ok well first of all this has happened to me a lot.


First there was Sevendust who now through downloads have become one of my favourite bands. Usually if i hear a song I like Ill look it up on the net for other stuff and give it a try.


Latest example is a band called Mercy Drive, who did an excellent new version of Mavens theme title memory. Its the same tune but new lyrics and stuff. Ive since found them to be a very good band.


Also a little know band called Fireball Ministry from the US of AI. I heard a few songs online and went to see them when they toured with cKy and they were awesome.


But have you discovered the next big band online?

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I've found quite a few(although not really bands, but still) through the internet, mostly rappers who only really use the Internet to get their stuff out. Big fan fo a guy called Krumbz, who for having good punchlines and concepts you won't find many better. A song called A B Ceez is top quality. Also Sarcazm, someone I think has all the required elements about him to become a star as soon as he gets stuff released into the mainstream, and also good with a diverse range of different types of songs. Can't think of many others that I got into through the internet :?
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A good friend of mine is a vocalist in a British nu-metal band called "Rezin 69". They're on the same label as Evanescence apparently.


I'm not sure if they rock as deathly as some of you may like it but they rock pretty good.


Check out their website and download some stuff!



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