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KOTOR 2 the sith lords.


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Hot on the heels of the award winning Star Wars Knights of the old republic, comes Kotor 2 set 5 years after the events after the first game.


The ground breaking first game set 4000 years before the actual star wars film was critically acclaimed as the best game of 2003. Set over various worlds in the star wars galaxy in between the jedi v sith wars. You began the game as a unknown soldier caught up in the ongoing conflict with a jaded memory about to go on one hell of a journey. With a the best storyline i have ever seen in a video game i had loads of fun trying to complete this huge game.


I cam't wait for the 2nd installment which promises to be one of the games of 2005 pencilled in for a febuary release, but a may release is more realistic to tie in with the release of the as yet un-named Star Wars episode 3 film.


For more information on Knights of the old republic 2 the sith lords see link




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