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Biggest of all time?

Guest NJC

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KJ recently posted saying that Austin is the biggest name in wrestling history, and it has me thinking.


Who really is the biggest name in wrestling history?


There are only a few who can really lay any sort of claim to that title...


Hulk Hogan,

Ultimate Warrior,

Macho Man Randy Savage,

The Undertaker,

Bret Hart,

Steve Austin or

The Rock


Out of that shortlist of 7, who do you think is?


Personally, although Austin and Rock are probably the most popular of all time, it has to be Hogan. Most adults still associate him with wrestling, chances are they haven't even heard of Austin. Hogan is unfortunately, and in my mind probably always will be the biggest name in wrestling history.


Who do you think?

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I would actually go with Hulk Hogan and The Rock. However a name appears to be missing from your shortlist. I'll give you a hint Whooooooooooo!


I would go with Hogan because he is the main wrestler that my non-wrestling fan friends associate with wrestling. However, The Rock has had a huge movie hit with the Mummy Returns, which is bigger than any other wrestler has ever had. Steve Austin is barely tested in main stream exposure. Savage was never really that popular, The Undertaker the gimmick more than the wrestler and Bret Hart never claimed fame as much as Hogan and The Rock do/did.



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Its got to be Hogan. Although The Rock & Austin are both big names, Hogan was the man who was there when wrestling changed. He is the man most people refer when asked if they know a wrestler. All in all Hogan is the biggest name, because he was in wrestling in the mid 80-90 when wrestling became big.
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You say parents have heard of hoagn but not austin, but your accociating that with your parents, you ask the parents of a current 12 year old and chances are there more lkely to heard of the rock or austin than hogan.


At the moment i'd say austin, but the rock wil probably make it 1 day due to his film career.

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Guest V-I-N-C-E-N-T

my best*


-----------------------my best would have to be the ultimate warrior



------------------------thats my opinion-------------------:xyx

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Hogan, without a doubt. He made wrestling, no matter what nasty things he might have done, and a lot of people will know who he is, possibly non-wrestling fans, for a long time.


Second would be Austin of course though.


As for English wrestlers, i dont think they deserve to be mentioned in the same thread as Hogan, Rock or Austin.

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Originally posted by Seabass

i expected NJC to say that





Okay, so my shortlist was a tad long, but you get the idea. Ric Flair, for the people who have said him, is frankly nowhere near. He is without a doubt a legend in the wrestling business, and to it's fans, but to be honest he is hardly known nowadays. Before he came in to the WWF, I bet half of the fans didn't have a clue who the hell he was.

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Hart the greatest in ring, but not the mosy known.


I watched a old vid the other day with hogan and hart doing promos.


I hope hogans devolped abit and there was no hope hope for hart i'd say there was something in the water in canada but jerky proves me wrong.





*prove me wrong* chris benoit line hey he's canadian oh the irony

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Austin is the Hulk Hogan of this era, and wrestling at the moment is far more popular than in Hogans day, that is why I say Austin is the biggest name in wrestlng.


Outside of wrestling I think the same amount of people nowadays have heard of Stone Cold and the Rock if they're interested in wrestling or not as were aware of Hulk Hogan in his heyday.


Those three though without a doubt are the biggest names, Bret and Flair may have been the greatest wrestlers but were not excactly household names, same as Undertaker and Savage.

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