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Full NWA-TNA Results


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Forgive me if I miss some things as I am a bit under the weather today. I will do my best to keep up with allthe action.


Mike Tenay starts with a pre-taped segment with the big announcement that FSN, TNA and Universal Studios have partnered to bring TNA Impact along with Xplosion and the weekly PPVs. Looks like TNA will have 3 shows a week now. The show starts on Friday June 4th at 3PM Eastern time.


Pat Kenney is outside warming up. I guess he has challenged the NYCs.



Match One: Kid Kash vs James Storm


Tenay tells us that AMW\'s 3 tag title reigns equal 6 months as champions. That really doesn't sound that impressive if you ask me. Kash has his left shoulder taped up pretty heavily, but they haven't told us why yet. Tenay finally tells us that Kash got bit by a spider (Brown Lacruss?) this past week. Ouch! The match is all over as they continue to go in and out of the crowd brawling. These guys put on a pretty solid opening match with the crowd really into it. Dallas came down at the end with his tag title and the lead pipe. Storm hits a botched move off the top and covers Kash, but Dallas jumps up on the apron. Storm hits Dallas which sends the pipe to Kash. The ref stops Kash from using it and Storm nails Kash with the Super Kick for the win.


After the match, Dallas and Kash double team on Storm with the pipe and other moves until D'Lo Brown comes out to make the save! The save doesn't last long as Dallas clocks D'Lo in the back with the pipe. Dallas works over D'Lo and Kash works over Storm until Chris Harris and Dusty Rhodes hit the ring to clear out Kash and Dallas. The crowd is going nuts for Dusty.


Tenay sit down interview with Russo. Vince comments on the FSN deal and says they earned the shot and he can't wait for the first show. Tenay says some think he is protecting the champ, AJ Styles, but Vince says he wishes he could but he can't. He told AJ he only needs to defend the title once a month, but AJ wants to defend it weekly. Vince talks about how Killings and Raven want rematches to which Vince says they will get those rematches on his time. Vince says Konnan was the one that sabotaged his office last week because sometimes he acts like a child and Russo will deal with him personally. Tonights title match will have Raven and Killings outside the ring during the match so they cannot interfere.



Match Two: Monte Brown vs BG James


Monte grabs the mic from Borash and tells us that it isn't rabbit season, or duck season, but it is open season on all three hienas out there and tells BG to get out there to get the pounce. The match jump starts at the entrance ramp and works its way through the arena and the crowd. This is an extreme rules match we are told after a few garbage can shots and a table is set up. They then make it up to the balcony. Brown tries to throw BG from the balcony, but BG stops it and they fight back down the stairs. BG power bombs Monte Brown through the table that was set up earlier, which drains BG of all his strength I guess. They begin to brawl back into the crowd now to where the TNA Dancer cages are. Brown crotches BG on the guardrail and then takes a steel chair to BG's leg. The fight then spills back to the ring area and finally into the ring. BG sells the leg injury through the remainder of the match and Monte Brown hits BG with the pounce for the win.


After the match, Brown takes another steel chair to the leg of BG until 3LK makes the save.


In the back we see Pat Kenney still waiting.


Don West talking with Desire from earlier. She talks about the back injury she suffered. Mid-question she tells Siaki to get "them" down because it was too high. I am guessing her kid. She fought to get back because of her kids. Desire says her relationship with Siaki was that they have been together for 3 years and was there the night she broke her back. He helped her when she was injured with the cooking, cleaning, and taking care of her kids. As she is talking about Trinity, low and behold Trinity attacks and starts raming her back into a fence and then tosses Don West asside and continues to beat on Desires back. Siaki finally runs Trinity off and Desire tells Sonny not to let the kids see her like this.



Match Three: Sonjay Dutt vs Amazing Red


Before the match gets started, Frankie Kazarian comes down to watch the match again like last week. As expected, Amazing Red picks up the win to even the series at one a piece.


Video Package for Shane vs Douglas



Match Four: Corporal Punishment Match - Shane Douglas vs Michael Shane


In this match you win with pinfall or submission, but wooden paddles and leather straps are legal. Douglas wins the match in a pretty solid brawl.


Konnan is chewing out Russo in the back and Russo tells him to get out of his face.


We cut to the back Pat Kenney is beating the tar out of Glenn Gilberti and Johnny Swinger. Then Trinity comes in and clocks Kenny with a low blow and a garbage can to the back. Lucky Charms and syrup spill out of the trash can and they begin to drench Kenney with both items.


Video Package on Watts/Goldy - This package is so boring just like this angle.


Goldy then shows up and tells Russo he has a big problem because he hired Watts back. Watts tainted her name and she didn't steal his money. She has been talking to people, Adrian, Carmen and Kate (??) and they agree this is not good. She hired some lawyers to take care of this either legally or by firing Watts. Man Goldy sucks.



Match Five: Bobby Rude & Petey Williams vs Hector Garza & Abysmo Negro


Unfortunately I didn't see most of this match, but Team Canada wins with the hockey stick once again.


After the match, a brawl ensues with Jerry Lynn and Team Canada as Jerry helps out Team Mexico. Lynn gets on the mic and tells D'Amore that he wants 5 minutes with him in the ring. D'Amore gets on the mic and tells Lynn that if he wants five minutes with him he has to beat Bobby Rude next week. But, if Rude beats Lynn he has to step down as captain of Team NWA


Konnan is injured in the back as he was jumped in the back. Killings asks if it was Russo, but Konnan says he didn't see it. Don Harris comes to get Killings and tells him they need to get to the ring for the main event.


Tenay and West go over the site and tell us that next week we will see: Sonjay vs Red part three, Team Mexico vs Team Japan in a six man tag, Jerry Lynn vs Bobby Rude, James Storm/Dusty Rhodes vs Kid Kash/Dallas. Dusty's music hits for about two minutes and he finally comes out to the ring. Dusty gets on the mic and tells us there is a storm coming next week and he is coming with. Dusty then takes off his boots and puts his cowboy hot on them. He tells us that it is Kid Kash with the stuffings kicked out of him.


Raven in back talking about Russo and how he will not be stopped from achieving his destiny.



Match Six: World Title Match - AJ Styles vs Chris Harris


Raven and Ron Killings are both handcuffed at ringside for this match. As the match is about 10 minutes in, Konnan comes running out with bolt cutters and tries to free Killings. The bolt cutters don't work at first, but finally do. Killings is now loose with Konnan at ringside. AJ sends Harris out of the ring and Raven distracts the ref as Killings takes out AJ. Don Harris pulls Killings out of the ring and the security takes both Konnan and Killings out of the arena. The match continues. Harris hits the Catatonic and just before the three, Raven pulls the ref from the ring. He grabs the key to the cuffs and attacks Harris in the ring. SABU! SABU comes out and makes the save! Raven and Sabu brawl to the back and the match continues. Harris goes for another Catatonic, but AJ counters with a crucifix pin for two. Kid Kash and Dallas come out now as the ref checks on AJ and nails Harris with the led pipe to the back and then the face. AJ hits Harris with a kick for the win.


After the match, Harris confronts AJ about how he won the match. Raven gets in the ring behind AJ and nails him with a chair. He then goes for Harris and the Truth comes out. Raven and the Truth go at it and wrestlers from the locker room come out to hold them all at bay. Russo comes out and says enough is enough. He asks Harris, Truth and Raven if they want a rematch for the title and tells them that next week all three of them get a shot at the world title and then tells them all to go ahead and kill each other. All men brawl as the show goes off the air.

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