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***Official SmackDown! Thread - 12th May 2004***


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Dark Match

Orlando Jordan v. Carly Colon - typical Jordan match we've seen a trillion times on Velocity...Colon is tiny but had nice subtle heel tactics. Jordan wins with a roll-up....



Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott come out, no one cares.... Velocity taping.....


Theodore Long comes out and introduces us all to the narcissist Mark Jindrak....a pretty sad Lex Luger impression follows and out comes Spike Dudley and the place goes apeshit ( I swear ). Usual spike vs. anyone match highlighted by Jindrak and his spectacular physique nearly blowing a press slam on SPIKE DUDLEY. Jindrak wins.


Out comes Cena and the roof damn near blows off. He cuts a rap to hype the PPV.


Scotty 2 Hotty v. Akio - Akio is real good...real smooth and nice moveset, of course

Scotty is a One-Trick pony and he does his one trick and gets the victory.


Kidman and Paul London v. Bashams - God awful boring match that saw a powerbomb attempt on Kidman....but we all know you cant powerbomb Kidman...Shooting Star Press gets the 1,2,3.



Cole and Tazz come out for SMACKDOWN.....


Heart attack recap airs.....


Rob Van Dam v. Bubba Dudley - TRICKERY..... D-Von sneaks from behind and attacks RVD

because its really his match. Incredibly sloppy match with usual RVD spots...Bubba kept hitting the mat for D-Von but it just got turned into RVD chants by the crowd..funny stuff. D-Von wins with a top rope assisted ddt. Heel beatdown follows and Rey makes the save.


Eddie and Kurt are having a chat in the back. Kurt accompanied by WWE musclehead #49871A inform Eddie he is a loose cannon....At least Shawn isnt the only one running around.


Cole introduces Jacqueline and they go on and on and then the Chavos come out and its gonna be Chavo v. Jacqueline and Chavo will have one hand tied behind his back at the PPV. Sounds shitty, but at least they are consistent.......Anyways, this leads to a match with the champ and Chavo Sr. and Sr. gets the victory but gets no

celebration due to Jacqueline pantsing him and showing everyone Sr.'s man panties....super.


Meanwhile Kurt has more to say to Eddie...great.


Recap of Booker T's latest stereotypical adventure from last week.


FBI v. Booker T - This is Nunzio and Stamboli, by the way still selling the UT beating. Crowd didnt know who to cheer for so they sat on thier hands..and rightfully so. Book wins with the axe kick....lights out and Taker's music hits...Book goes to the stage but he is in the ring. "Epic" staredown follows with T holding his good juju baggie up cuz he aint scared......


Eddie FINALLY comes out and cuts a very long promo and everyone is more fascinated with seeing themselves on the tron then paying attention...Eddie calls out JBL and says "shit" as in im gonna kick the shit outta you and pops the crowd huge....after seemingly forever the longhorn limo rolls out and Eddie breaks the window out (after about 9 tries) but the limo is empty and finally JBL comes out and has Eddie

arrested..Christ, I'm sick of the arrest thing. Bradshaw gets heat like 99-2001 X-Pac heat, the go home you dont deserve this opportunity kinda boos...not good....


Rico v. Hardcore Holly - Holly brings Billy Gunn down for reasons that escape me other than perhaps they are forming a team called "Overrated and Overpushed". Holly wins after rolling through a crossbody.


Cena v. Sakoda - Very short match...typical Cena as of late: punches, 5 knuckle shuffle F-U, pin...post match saw him F-U Akio onto Sakoda.


Main Event = JBL v. Rey Mysterio - Brutally shitty here with JBL no-selling everything and Rey bumping his ass off in a futile attempt to get this horseshit character over. Bradshaw does have a huge set of manboobs to compliment that 10

gallon hat....Bradshaw gets the victory.


End of show.


Post-show - JBL runs his mouth and UT comes out and JBL starts bargaining with him to go back and send someone else out.."send Paul London out here I'll kick the shit outta him!" Taker isnt having it and he beats him down and gives him the chokeslam, followed by a tombstone after the "tombstone" chant went up. He then posed with Paul Bearer and left followed shortly by JBL to send us all home "happy."


Overall it was an alright show although I'm sure Thursday it'll be shitty as ever. This was Reno's first WWE TV broadcast in 13 years so it'll be interesting to see how the crowd comes across on tv.



1. Undertaker

2. Eddie

3. Cena

4. Eddie saying "shit"

5. Spike Dudley - I'm not kidding



1. JBL - bad heat however

2. Dudley Boyz

3. Chavo

4. Kurt Angle

5. Chavo Sr.


Somwhere else in the night was a Dupree promo of the usual America sucks business. Didn't get to see the obnoxious french dance but you take what you get around here and the fact that TV even was done here surprised me but hopefully we will get more.

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<Nah - probably stayed up way past his bedtime. WOOOT...:P>


Sounds okay - as long as taker did something, I don't care. Oo


SD! would probably suck more than it does without the essence of the Deadman...and it's kinda sad when a guy pushing 50 and wrestling on a part-time basis is one of the main saving graces of a show designed to continually promote more active and youthful talent.


No question about Taker's ability to play a good show or role...it's just that Eddie is being given this bad Bradshaw angle, the cruiserweight title is inexplicably in the hands of Jacqueline, Rey Mysterio really is not doing what he should be right now - being the human hilight reel and running a decent 'finale' toward Chavo's once title reign, and Kurt Angle is out indefinately.


Overall, like I figure - average show...a tad of a let-down before the PPV, but not a bad run, overall.


SD! is in need of another working overhaul...because right now, things have to be about as bad as I've seen in a long time for that show, and it was once SO damn good, too.


~Le sigh~


Oh well...there's always Raw's 'the Bottom Line' for those of us without Sky Sports One. Oo;

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Good fellows, lemme just say the show was AWFUL. It's time for a MAJOR smackdown overhaul. Some new wrestlers, new feuds, SOMETHING.


My God, Id rather see JBL feud with Moppy rather than this crap with Guerrero, this is terrible. Please get Mordecai on Smackdown so a decent feud with he and taker can be established and some entertainment quality can be re-established.


Anybody for a Eddie-Show feud for the title? Show as the unstoppable monster, Eddie as the face champ? cant get any worse on the show, and hes the best contender out there until Booker gets done in by taker.

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All Smackdown needs right now is a MAJOR Wrestler to start good fueds, someone like HHH who can make anyone have a good match and he's a guy whos name draws, but in reality Vince holds a bigger place in his heart for Raw, so HHH will stay, i mean just for the draft they named HHH a 'draft' to Smackdown just to get more viewers, and i admit it made me watch to see what a differece he would make to the brand
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Just 24 hours now till Judgement Day, which it may be for Smackdown... That title better not change hands or the fans will get pissed with Vince again, remember the dud champs we had in the poor period.... Nash, Sid and Yoko, big, fat and boring the lot of them.

Hopefully like you say Boyo this could be the turning point for the brand.

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Man, the 'Taker stuff was truely ace. Gave me a feeling of the old 'Taker.


Say's alot when the highlight of the show was somebody apeearing on the TitanTron.


BTW, the 9:30pm showing was cut by 15 mins, yet nothing appears to have been cut. Was it just a shorter show?

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