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Bad Blood **(Hopefully) Spoliers**


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I heard a rumour (and its not from an official source, so don't blame me if its wrong) that there's talk of a HHH/Michaels Hell in a Cell match for Bad Blood. If this were to come about I'd be very happy. Number one, I think it'd be a great match. Number two, it would be a good end to their feud (and it SHOULD end soon). Lastly, it would give Jericho and Benoit the chance to feud over the world title, something I'd really love to see.


Personally, I think both matches would tear the roof off. Its a rare thing since the brand extension to see a one-brand ppv have two brilliant main event matches and some quality undercard action as well, but thats exactly what Bad Blood would have.


And of course, then Jericho & Benoit could end their feud with a ladder match at Summerslam.

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