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Fantasy football...With a twist!

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GK: Big Show - big and fat


RB: Hulk Hogan - inspirational and would be close to touchline (to do ear thing)

CB: Earthquake - big. Fat.

CB: Typhoon - big. Fat.

LB: HHH - Big and strong and excellent at psyching people out


RW: Matt Hardy - fast runner probably

CM: Ravishing Rick Rude - midfield talisman

CM: Ultimate Warrior - the Robbie Savage of my team

LW: Jeff Hardy - fast runner probably


ST: Rey Mysterio - fast, lethal deadly

ST: Ric Flair - would be a master of diving to win penalties.


Asst Manager: Jerry Lawler

PA: Torrie Wilson

PA: Miss Jackie

PA: Victoria

PA: Sunny

PA: Marianna

PA: Gail Kim

PA: Dawn Marie

PA: Stacy Keibler





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Don't know what the exact team would be, but I think HHH would probably be player-manager, a once great striker who hasn't scored in over three seasons, but who keeps picking himself at the expense of other, more deserving talents such as young Chris Jericho or the boy Benoit. The fans vent their displeasure regularly at home games as he fluffs another golden oppurtunity or glory-hunts as usual, but Hunter (privately, of course) reassures himself that a few thousand away fans must have stolen the home support's season tickets and sneaked into the stadium. Besides which, aren't fans who give their opinion a cancer on the business? Cos after all, as Gaffer Helmsley regularly tells John Motson after matches when his team have lost 3-0 again, "I love this business, I live for the business, when I'm at a movie I'm thinking 'how could I use this in our business', when I'm in bed with my wife, I'm thinking about the business . . . '


And so on.

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