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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue #61 (Column: Cruising for Trouble)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue #61 - 10th May 2004



Hey all,


Sorry about the long delay for this week's edition. I've had one mighty busy weekend, and mixed in with courseworks and exams this week, it's meant for the newsletter being late. Sorry folks, but we're here now anyway and let's get the ball rolling…



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The Week in History



20 years ago this week - Magnum T.A. defeated Mr. Wrestling II for the Mid-South North American Heavyweight title


10 years ago this week - Mikey Whipwreck defeated Pit Bull for the ECW Television title


1 year ago this week - Velocity received a 0.7 rating!



Forum Focus Special



wwe4eva asked everyone who they thought is the most annoying announcer in wrestling, and this is what some of the guys had to say…


"Anyway, the worst commentator in the US (If it included the UK, just include anyone who's ever commentated on a wrestling show who was born within a 20 mile radius of London) in my opinion is Jerry Lawler. His act is stale, his jokes are repetitive and he ends up ruining matches by trying to add humour. I mean, why is he always trying to be funny? Surely some times you have to be sensible to get your point across. I HATE people who always try to be funny, I could never do that." - Russ making us laugh once again!


"Well out of that list it is a tough choice between JR and King. JR due to his over-exaggeration on everything, (check any SCSA match for proof) or King for the fact that he has an annoying voice, keeps shouting puppies mindlessly, and just sounds like a wally. King would get my vote thinking about it." - AlanJP wants King to disappear just like Where's Wally (Waldo).


"Don West annoys me the most, he adds nothing to the product, he's not a heel, he's not funny all he does is hype something Tenay already does and better, Tenay would be much better playing off another heel announcer like Callis." - Tajiri basically backing up what draVen said earlier on in the thread, Don West sucks big time.


"Lawler. I wouldn't say I hate him but I had to choose one, and he's the most irritating. Tazz is class, so is Cole, and JR isn't that bad anymore, so Lawler." - Simon seems to love the WWE product at the moment, especially their commentators!


"Cole and Tazz are extremely good. I don't really like Coach's commentary at all but I do think Josh Mathews is superb. Absolutely superb." - Matthews is the future according to Boyo.



Forum Threads of the Week





Chris2K bags this week's wrestling thread of the week! He posted the news about Booker T's rumoured new gimmick and the TWO members replied in their numbers with a mixed response. It was a good thread.



http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12008 - Chris2K




Chris2K wins the double!! He started a thread up asking TWO members to describe the top 20 posters on the TWO Forums and it made for an interesting read. Good stuff Chrissy!


THE TOP 20 TWO POSTERS - http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11951 - Chris2K



TWO Member of the Week



Who is this week's TWO member of the week?


Two timer! Two timer! This guy does it again. Had a real golden week on the TWO Forums and is really becoming a big contender for Member of the Year. Marvelous posts all week, and also created new threads which were successful and enjoyable reads. Who is the TWO Member of the Week?


Well done to AlanJP on becoming the TWO member of the week!



New at Wrestling 101



Two new columns this week for you all to check out and they are:


> UKScene #121 - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/AdamS/354/ - Adam Sibley brings you the 121st UKScene column, great read as always!


> Future-Shock #13 - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/SF/355/ - Scotty Future talks about having the right attitude to succeed in the ring, and in the locker room.



TWO Judgment Day Chat & Quiz



WWE Judgment Day Quiz and Chat - Sunday 16th May 2004


The Quiz will take place from 8-9pm in the Quiz Room, for more info see the Quiz Page:


http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/wrestling-quiz.php (includes current leaderboard)


This is just the 5th QUIZ of the new season - so you still have a chance to reach high up on the leaderboard.


Anyone can take part in the quiz, you do not need to register, just turn up in the Quiz Room at 8pm (UK Time).


WWE Judgment Day PPV Chat - The PPV Chat will follow on after the quiz from 9pm to 1am (UK Time).



Fantasy Wrestling League

- Over 100 players, 1 prize, will you win?



The Fantasy Wrestling League (FWL) is back at Talk Wrestling Online! Its like fantasy football, but for wrestling…to find out more see the link below (Its FREE to enter)




It's the LAST WEEK for entries - so if you haven't picked yours yet - hurry up!



US News - By Pabster



Hey, it's Pabster once again. HSM had to extend his hiatus for one more week but he WILL be back next week! Enjoy…


Some within the inner circles of the WWE have criticized Mick Foley for underselling in his match at Backlash against Randy Orton. They feel as if Orton got himself over during the match rather than Foley helping put Orton over. We don't expect to see Foley on camera any time in the near future, but talks are ongoing about a SummerSlam return.


While just last week there were many insiders who felt that Steve Austin would return to the WWE sometime this summer, they now have switched their thinking to the idea that he won't be back until just before WrestleMania 21 to receive the big PPV payoff. In the meantime, Austin and Goldberg are still working out the specifics for their big match for Dream Stage Entertainment in Japan.


To update on Rey Mysterio's status, he has now been medically cleared to return to in-ring action after recovering from his recent head injury which occurred just before WrestleMania 20. He is expected to begin a tag team feud with RVD against the Dudley Boys.


There has been a Kane movie script written. Recently hired creative team member, Dave Madigan, wrote the script and has been scrutinized as some think he was hired only because of the movie script he wrote. One person within the company stated "He's a lot more competent than the other writers, which isn't saying much."


Monday's edition of RAW did a 3.9 cable rating, with a 6 share. That is down from last week's 4.0. The show's respective hours did a 3.7 and 4.1. The highest rated segment was the overrun, which did a 4.5. In its first night at its new time, Velocity did a 0.6 cable rating, with a 1 share. The debut of WWE Experience which replaced Confidential did a 0.7 cable rating, with a 2 share. Heat did a 0.9 cable rating, with a 2 share. SmackDown generated an overnight rating of 3.4 which came out to a final, broadcast rating of 2.8. that is lower than last week's 3.1 but it was competing against the final ever episode of Friends.


Scott Steiner has been cleared to return to WWE but he is not expected to return to in-ring action. WWE feels that there is no spot for him on TV right now. In addition to management feeling that he is too fragile physically due to all the ware and tare over the years. As of this report, it seems as WWE will not bring him in and will simply let his contract expire, then let him go.


There was much talk of Bruce Prichard at SmackDown this week. Prichard is one of SmackDown's writers. He was heard complaining that he had to re-time the show several times as changes were being made through out the program, which actually happens every week. His argument was that John Laurinaitis saw the show on Sunday but waited until the day of the taping to make changes. Laurinaitis point was that he made changes only after hearing them from McMahon that day. Laurinaitis, who members of the writing staff often refer to as "Johnny-change-a-lot", was in the right this time, and from what others said, Prichard was just frustrated with the work he had to do and simply spoke without thinking. Also, the writing staff apparently thought that Laurinaitis' changes did indeed improve the show and it seemed as everyone was in full agreement with John, except for Prichard, who was just upset with the last minute changes. But again, last minute changes are a weekly occurrence on the day of tapings.


Tommy Dreamer confirmed this week that his contract expires this July and will not be returning as a wrestler in the WWE. The WWE notified him that he would no longer be a wrestler but would like to keep him along in a management role.


WWE has announced that Wrestlemania 21 will now take place on Sunday, April 3rd, 2005. The show will emanate from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.


Other :


It is being reported that NWA-TNA has finalized their TV deal with FOX Sports Net. The first show on the network will air on June 4 at 3PM ET.


Dream Stage Entertainment has announced a few changes to their HUSTLE-3 PPV event on May 8 in Yokohama, Japan. Goldberg was originally schedule to have a match against Toshiaki Kawada, but has been pulled out due to an injury to his right fist that he suffered while training. Goldberg will be replaced with Mick Foley, who will be returning to Japan for the first time since 1996. Foley is currently in Japan preparing for the match. He is not under contract with WWE so this is why he is able to work the event. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall will be facing Shinya Hashimoto & Naoya Ogawa in the main event. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were last minute additions, the original opponents were Mike Awesome and Dan Bobish.





UK News - By Goldy



Hi everyone welcome to the UK news section, we have all of this weeks show

results and as ever lots of show news and upcoming event information. Let's get

on with the results:


BCW - Kilmarnock - 29/04/04

Darkside def Vinikama

Stevie Lynn & Kid Fite def Carbon & 'Flawless One' Jay Phoenix

Tex Benedict def Red Lightning

'Shining Light' Stevie Knight def 'The Guv'nor' Carl Conroy

T2K won a Tag Team Battle Royal.


All Star Wrestling - Hanley - 1/05/04

James Mason def Frankie Sloan.

Ric Masters def Sgt Slaughter.

Lisa Fury def Roxi

Tagori def Lee Butler.

Kid Cool & Dean 2 Xtreme def Mikey Whiplash & Keith Myatt.


wZw - Cramlington - 1/05/04

Shady Nattrass def Bomber Mills

Carbon def Full Pack

MTX & Shabazz def DOA

XL def J

Stevie Lynn vs Livewire was a no contest

Iceman def The Highlander

Kev O'Neil & Celt Kennedy def Spud & Laken Xander

General Trent Steel def Domino & Spitfire.


FCW 'Slaughter In Sedgley' - 8/5/04

Morales def Rob Hunter

Laken Xander def A Star Athlete

The British Connection (GBH & Masked Inferno) def The Funk You Crew

Swift Justice def TheParty Boys and Devils Advocate

Bouncer def James Hunter and Marc Hogan

Kev O'Neil def Brandon Thomas

Celt Kennedy def Spud.


FWA - Cleethorpes - 8/05/04

Mark Belton def Aviv Maayan

Nikita def Mark Sloan

Hade Vansen def The Zebra Kid

Simmons beat "X"

Alex Shane def Stevie Knight.

The main event for June 17th FWA show in Cleethorpes is going to be Alex Shane vs Stevie Knight in Falls Count Anywhere match.


MPW are hoping to continue their success in Coventry with their next show 'A

Night To Remember' on Saturday 22nd of May at Centre AT7, Bell Green Road,

Coventry, CV6 7PG. Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7.30pm start.


3 Count Wrestling will be holding a show on Sunday May 23rd at the Sandhill

Centre, Grindon Lane, Sunderland.

DDL and Joey Haynes who featured on The Wrestling Channel will be at the show as well as FWA's Jonny Storm who will be in the main event against former 3CW Heavyweight Champion Ice XVII and the top Junior-Heavyweight Eden in a three way dance. I'll let you know the final card as soon as I have it. Ticket prices will be £7 for adults and £5 for children. Tickets can be bought at the venue or on

the door or by contacting tickets@3cw.co.uk. As usual you can visit the 3CW web site at http://www.3cw.co.uk for info on upcoming shows and this very show.


Keeping with 3CW, they are hosting a 6 hour long training session with wrestling

veteran Stevie Knight on Sunday May 30th at the Sandhill Centre in Sunderland

for the cheap price of just £10 for each person that attends. Anyone is welcome.

For more details contact training@3cw.co.uk


Doug Williams has just been announced for a tour with Japaneese promotion NOAH between the 14th of May and the 3rd of June for the thrid time, as well as dates in France, and in the USA. The Anarchist will also be in Germany on the 8th of May for his title defence against Eric Schwarz for ACW. Doug will be wrestling for Ring Of Honor between the 17th - 24th of July as well

as New England Championship Wrestling in America on the 21st and 22nd of August. Plus he will also be jetting off to French promotion 2PC on the 6th of June, as well as running a training session for IWW in July between the 9th and 11th of July.

We at Wrestling101 would like to wish the very busy Mr.Williams the very best of

luck with these tours! To keep up to date on all of Doug's upcoming appearances

please check out http://doug-williams.co.uk.


Extreme World Warfare will present Resurrection from The Palace Nightclub in

Witney, Oxfordshire on Friday, May 14th.

The main event for the show is set to be tag team action, a barbed wire death

match! The team of "The Overlords", comprising of The Dominator and Thunder,

will go up against Madcow from Europe and fan favorite The Flatliner.

Justin Richards will come out of retirement to defend the EWW championship in a four way match with against Cyclone, "Playboy" Phil Bedwell and Ashe. The

winner of that match will face the winner of the match between "The Wonderkid"

Jonny Storm and Francisco Capone at the next event.

Also on the card is a rematch from the UWA TV series with "Flying" Phil Powers

going up against Stevie Knight, and Necrosis Vs Psycho Silvera.

Tickets are just five pounds. For more information on the event call 07887



K-Star's re-scheduled Deadly Alliance 2 is now taking place on 21st May at

St.Teresa's. Perry Barr, Birmingham. Matches include:

Danny Devine vs Spiritwalker vs Corey Americana

Maddog Maxx vs Kade Callous

Sal Americana vs Marcus Kool

Saracen & Cypher vs King Kahn & Eyez

More matches are yet to be added plus there will be a 20 man 'over the top'

Battle Royal.


One of the top wrestlers in the UK today, "Wildcat" Robbie Brookside, will be

running a wrestling clinic in June. The event will take place between 11-6 on

Saturday, 19th June and 9-5 on Sunday, 20th June at the Littlemoor Community

Centre in Weymouth.

The cost for either day is just £50, with a special offer of £75 for both days

training. Accommodation can also be organised, included in a price of £95.

For more information call John on 07960299690.


Klondyke Kate is soon to be opening a new wrestling school in Stoke On Trent. It

will be named High Impact Wrestling Accademy. The school should be opening in about six weeks time. For more information you can email high_impact@btinternet.com a web site will also be coming soon, so keep your

eyes peeled for that.


FCW put on another superb wrestling show last night in Sedgley, which I had the

pleasure of attending, for anyone wanting to see these excellent shows get

yourself down to:


Friday 21st May - The Collingwood Centre, Great Barr

Saturday 22nd May - The Irish Centre, Digbeth

Sunday 23rd May - Seminar at Thorns

Sunday 30th May - Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal.

Where else do you get to do the conga with The Party Boys round the arena?!!

Tickets cost just £5 each or a "Family Pass" for 4 persons costing just £17 -

email tickets@futurewrestling.co.uk or you can get your tickets on the night.

Very good value indeed.


That's everything for this week, keep checking wrestling101 for all your UK

needs including the latest UK headlines, columns and reviews! Also head over to

the UK Scene forum where we've had some very interesting topics and posts of



Thank you for reading.





EWR WWE Corner by Chris2K



Welcome to yet another edition of the EWR WWE Corner. Instead of doing the advertised No Way Out 2004, I'm going to do Armageddon 2003 instead, as I watched it just this morning.


Real Ratings from Scott Keith of 411Mania.com.


<Heat Interview: Evolution>

Booked As: Interview, Stable, Stable Promotion


Rating - 89%


Flair did most of the interview, so no wonder the segment is rated high. If only we knew what would happen when they did this interview...


<Match One: Booker T vs. Mark Henry>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Booker wins, cleanly


Rating - 64%

Stars: *1/2

Real Stars: *1/4


I really dislike this match, and surprisingly enough, the person I blame for that isn't Booker T. Henry is just SO appalling in the ring, it's like watching a fight in the Matrix. And that botched powerbomb could've killed poor Booker.


<Match Two: Intercontinental Title - Rob Van Dam © vs. Randy Orton>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Guest Referee (Mick Foley), Orton wins, cleanly


Rating - 77%

Stars: ***

Real Stars: **1/4


I don't get to see many RVD matches, but I can see why people like him. He pretty much carried Orton, selling like a pinball and bringing his unique offense. This was probably the beginning of the Orton mega-push, and the beginning of the Foley/Orton feud that ended so brilliantly at Backlash.


<Match Three: Chris Jericho & Christian vs. Lita & Trish Stratus>

Booked As: Match, 2vs2, Tag, Christian wins over Trish


Rating - 75%

Stars: ***

Real Stars: **1/2


A 'fun' match I suppose, but Lita looked as sloppy as ever. Did I mention how much I DETEST Lita? This is probably a candidate for storyline of the year, as it's been going on for over six months without getting boring.


<Match Four: Shawn Michaels vs. Batista>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, HBK wins, cleanly


Rating - 71%

Stars: **

Real Stars: **1/4


HBK's carrying skills were seen in full flow here, as Batista managed to get involved in a fun singles match which was probably my favourite of the night. Pretty strange decision to let HBK win, but I suppose it set up the rest of the night pretty well.


<Segment: Batista attacks Maven>


Rating - 70%


Well it wasn't as if we wanted Maven to wrestle anyway. In fact, I found myself quite enjoying the dismemberment of Maven. Pity Matt Hardy had to suffer without being on PPV, but at least he got the biggest laugh of the evening when he pinned Maven.


<Match Five: Tag Team Title Turmoil>

Booked As: Match, 2vs2vs2vs2, Elimination, Dudleys vs. Cade & Jindrak vs. Test & Steiner vs. Batista & Flair


Rating - 62%

Stars: *1/2

Real Stars: Many Different, Average: *


A pretty dull match that showed just how poor the tag team division is at the moment. Flair and Batista won to help the 'Evolution night', but their reign was so dull and pointless, it just made things worse.


<Match Six: Molly vs. Ivory>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Molly wins, cleanly


Rating - 61%

Stars: 1/2*

Real Stars: 3/4*


Well Ivory hadn't been on TV for about three months, so this match was obviously thrown together at the last possible minute. And despite Jazz, Victoria, Gail Kim etc. not having anything to do, Ivory was chosen. Ah well. Molly tried, but the match was doomed to fail.


<Match Seven: World Heavyweight Title - Goldberg © vs. HHH vs. Kane>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1vs1, Triangle, HHH wins via Batista interference


Rating - 72%

Stars: **

Real Stars: *1/4


Oh dear. Just what EVERYONE wanted was HHH NOT to win. He hadn't been on TV for the last MONTH, yet was still in the title match, and still won. This match actually serves as one of my best anti-HHH arguments. And it was pretty awful, as HHH did about as much in the match as he did in the build-up to it. Plus Goldberg screwed up the Spear twice.




So Armageddon sucked. I can say that despite it being the only PPV I've seen in three and a half years. The redeeming features are the way it set up the future storyline-wise, and the fact that Stacy did cartwheels in a cheerleading outfit. The rest is just.... zzzzzzz....


WWE PPV Rankings:


1. Royal Rumble 2004 - 79%

2. WrestleMania XX - 75%

3. Backlash 2004 - 74%

4. Armageddon 2003 - 70%


Next week WILL be No Way Out, and then I'll be asking you for which PPV I should do next :)


Till next time, have a good week.





TWO Newsletter Main Event -

"Cruising for Trouble" by Stephen Ashfield



Could this be the week that the Cruiserweight Division in WWE died of shame? Chavo Guerrero issues a challenge to anyone in the world who he hasn't yet faced, who do we get? Paul London or Billy Kidman in a mask? Could the Hurricane finally get some respectability and move to Smackdown? No, we get Jacqueline, a woman, a total joke and now the Cruiserweight Champion!


Apparently the original plan was to give the title shot to John from Tough Enough 3 but he's injured so in comes Jacqueline! Who made this amazing decision? Apparently it was good old Stephanie McMahon, decision making doesn't run in this family does it? So how was the decision reached? Well it might have been something like this…


WWE Official (trying not to stare at Steph's cleavage): The Tough Enough guy is out Steph, who's gonna get the title shot?


Stephanie (noticing the official has failed to not stare at her cleavage): How about Jacqueline?


WWE Official: Jacqueline? But she's a woman Steph and she's on Raw!


Steph: So what, I'm sure Jacqueline will make a great champion.


WWE Official: You mean she's going to win the title tonight, how can she do that?


Steph: Why shouldn't she win the title?


WWE Official: Well she's a woman, just eye candy, ok she can wrestle but we're talking the cruiserweight title here! Give me one good reason why Jacqueline should get the belt?


Steph: My daddy pays your wages!


WWE Official: I'm sure she'll be a great champion! But I still think the idea of Torrie Wilson defeating The Underbikertaker is a bad idea, has Torrie ever been in a Hell in a Cell match?


Steph: OK I'll let you have that one, she can beat Brock Lesnar when he crawls back to us.


So there we are, Jacqueline is the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, well she did wrestle a lot of guys in the past when she was Miss Texas, but the idea of her winning this title is a total insult. Imagine a conversation between Vince and Ultimo Dragon…


Vince: Hi Ultimo how's it going? Got over that fall at Wrestlemania yet?


Ultimo: Why do you have to keep mentioning that! Anyway how's the cruiserweight division going now I've left?


Vince: Well we have a new champion


Ultimo: Don't tell me that Mysterio has the belt again, how about Kidman or even Paul London?


Vince: No I've put the belt on Jacqueline.


Ultimo: But she's a woman, whose mad idea was that?


Vince: It was my daughters idea actually!


Ultimo (still trying to work out why Steph never falls over): You've put the belt on a woman when you could have Ultimo Dragon, creator of great moves, brilliant masks


Vince: And great at falling over at Wrestlemania!


Ultimo slams the phone down and pledges never to talk to Vince ever again!


OK totally fictional but just how would wrestlers like Ultimo Dragon and Spanky be feeling when they heard the news this week. They were stuck on Velocity with the occasional job on Smackdown. How does Chavo feel after all that push he's received this year only to lose his belt to a woman who's barely wrestled all year?


Just what has Vince got against the cruiserweight division? Is he just obsessed with promoting big lumps like A-Train or Big Show. Hasn't he seen how successful the X Division has been in NWA:TNA or other independent companies? High flyers have always been entertaining but Vince just doesn't seem to care. The Cruiserweight title match doesn't always make it onto the PPV and at Wrestlemania it was totally rushed, almost 'look you wanted to be on the card, you're on the card.'


What are we going to get at Judgement Day, apart from confirming that JBL can't sell buy-rates? How about a Jacqueline v Chavo rematch? Perish the thought. Now I'm not going to waste time saying Vince should bring in some top cruiserweights because Vince would just waste them completely. Why would Chris Sabin or Christopher Daniels want to end up on Velocity? I fear the worst for the Cruiserweight Division, I really do!







US News - By Pabster

UK News - By Goldy

EWR WWE Corner - By Chris2k

TWO Newsletter Main Event - By Stephen



That's it for this week, I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of the

Newsletter. Many thanks as usual go out to Goldy, Stephen and Chris! Congratulations to Chris2K for winning the double in threads of the week! A round of applause for AlanJP who become the first guy to win the TWO Member of the Week TWICE. HSM will be back next week!


Thanks to all of our readers for reading once again. Keep visiting Wrestling101 and TWO and we'll see you here next week.


Take it easy folks!


Any feedback would be gladly appreciated. Send it, along with any questions or queries, to Pabster@talkwrestlingonline.com or to any of our contributors. We want your input to help make the newsletter the best we can.


The TWO Newsletter - "Showcase of the immortals"




Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various

sources around the internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.

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