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Ok well it was reported that TNA would be trying to get money from indy feds for booking TNA contracted workers as we all know and this didnt go down well with the other feds or workers as it could mean the workers are paid less or that the feds have to shell out more to use these people.


But the following is taken from NoDQs FNF Radio Show Thingy-nodq.com


Ok well the guy starts talking about stuff then he gets to TNA and how TNA have actually screwed themselves.


See TNA havent apparently made this deal immideiate and it starts next month right.


So indy feds now have a month long period in which they can say for example AJ Will be with us for 6 months, no dates need to be given or amount just that they will be using him and then they dont have to pay TNA the cut.


This is apparently being seen to by the laywers so Im not saying thats certain but i does sound plausable.


If its true I think TNAs so called Power Play may have backfired on them, and that if they wanted to make it work should of made it immediate.

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