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Tonights RAW *Possible Spoilers*


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Heard a tid bit of new about RAW tonight and that is Trip vs. Shelton will be the opening match. I am actually looking foward to Raw tonight. It looks like more like a pay-per-view than a RAW. Lets look at some of the matches and some predictions.


Orton Vs. Edge for the IC title: This one could go either way. They could give it to Edge so that Benoit and Edge hold all the gold or Let Randy keep it to set up a feud with Shelton for the IC title.


Winner: Edge just to give some new flavor to the strap.


Trip vs. Shelton: Will Trip Job for a third time to Shelton. It is not usually in him. But the way they are pushing Benjamin it would not to the wwe any good to stop him from his winning ways. But then again no one said the wwe was a thinking company.


Winner: Triple H


Batista Vs. Tajri: This will be a beat down from Batista to Tajri until Tajri hits the mist and gets a cheap pin on Batista


Winner: Tajri


Y2J Vs. Christian in the cage: This match might be used to try and get Tyson Tomko over by having him interfere but I doubt it. This will just end the feud between Y2j and the CLB. And let them both move on to other things. I bet the match will be great though.


Winner: Y2J


Have a good day :xyx

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come on Edge winning the IC title nah i think he should be pushed towards the world heavywieght title he was going for the wwe title before he was injured so y putting him down. And i think Christian will win the cage because lets face it the problem solver will jump in and have a rumble with Y2J.
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