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wZw/NBWA Results (May Madness - 9 May)


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First of all another packed house, great to see so many new faces coming along to see the stars and future stars of wZw and The Nu Breed Academy. Not an empty seat in the house which was awesome to see.


MC: John Britain

Ref: Phil Robinson


Outside a new faction of wZw called "The Code" were preaching to the awaiting fans, on how the world and wzw need to get rid of hardcore wrestling, wrestling should be pure in its purest form and tables, ladders and chairs should not be used in matches.


Opening, Micky L and Iain Robinson came to the ring and were none to happy at not having a match this evening, but of course they took it one step too far, by insulting Commissioner Graham and tried to get a David Brent chant started. The Commish asked them who was the best and they soon started pushing each other about. Commissioner Graham decided it was time to split Full Pack up and tonight they would have a match, no normal match but a Ladder Match.


Shady Nattrass def Tim Strange


Domino lost to Richie Saint (non title)


Nattrass Boys Lost to Carbon & Taylor (very hard hitting match)


Micky L Vs Iain Xpress Robinson - This was deemed a no contest after a brutal match, which saw some real sick ladder shots and bumps. Any way Iain hit a moonsault as licky lay between two chairs on a ladder. he went for the pin and the "Code" led by the Jodis came out and pummeled them. Iceman made the run in to save full pack and behind him sneaked up the 7foot Irish man Tron, who lifted Iceman high in the air and Tron Bombed him to the mat. Iceman crawling to his feet challenged Tron to a match and Tron accepted.


General Trent Steel & Spitfire Def Pyro & C-Rock


Juvanile & Livewire def AJ Anderson & Stevie Lynn


Tron (w/Jodis) Vs Iceman (No Conest), Big Ben Stone & Bomber Mills ran into the ring and started to beat down Iceman. Iceman got some offensive and crushed a chair over Big Ben Stones head. Eventually they beat the iceman down, micky and iain ran to the ring to try and make the save only to recieve more of a beating. Jodis grabbed a microphone and again condemed hardcore, to chants of Boring...


30 man/woman battle royal - Winner Livewire



The fans were awesome once again and its great to see them show so much support for us. This was the brilliant end to a great and interesting week. We look forward to our return with the next Exhibition at the Ray Gray on 6th June.


Images can be found at http://www.nubreed.co.uk/mm_1.html

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