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Harley Race - Secrets Of Pro Wrestling Revealed!

Cactus Jack

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Stunt Granny has never be able to find work since, well except she did appear in the factual biograhpy of Jesse Ventura.


How do we know it was even Harley, the disguise was so good:



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you know what's the worst thing about that special that aired...


non-fans actually look at it as some kind of revelation...i remember my mom watching it and making fun of me because it was showing how wrestling was "fake"


even though wrestling fans realize the utter stupidity of that show and we laugh at the makers of it, the casual viewer sees it and thinks wrestling fans are some kind of simple life form


in the words of jeff jarrett (i'm quoting double j, how desperate am i for material?)..."for those that understand wrestling, no explanation is necessary...for those that don't understand, no explanation will do"

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