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Chris' Reviews (Hitman:Contracts)

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Here is my review of Hitman:Contracts:


First off, you should buy this game. You really should. If you played the first two, then this is what you're looking for.

When you first remove the game from the box, bang it in your PS2 and get ready to play, you should watch the cut scenes instead of just skipping through them. Because this game picks up right from the second left off, but this time, it's a lot more confusing.

After all the cut scenes, you find yourself in a white room. That's all that's it in white. As bright and white as a sheet. The only other thing in the room is the dead body of suposedly your father that you kill in the aforementioned cutscene.

You then pick up the car keys, and walk through the far door, finding yourself suddenly in a mental institute.

So, so far you're thinking: What!?

But bar the confusing storyline, this game is definently the best so far in the series.

The first thing you'll notice is it's almost excact simularity to Hitman2: Silent Assassin, the earlier title for the PS2. In fact, this game is EXCACTLY Hitman2. It's identical. The graphics are not as advanced as, frankly, they should be at this stage in PS2 Gaming, but that doesn't spoil the game one bit, after all, the Hitman2 graphics were fine, and these are slightly better. Even though it's an ever so slightly.

You will feel right at home witht he controls too, which are, again, excactly the same as Hitman2's brilliant controls. They're easy to get to grips with if you haven't played any other Hitman title also.

The only difference being the fact that, to run, you push harder on the left analogue stick, and push lightly to walk, which works brilliantly.

But aside from the simularities, that are the strength of the game rather than a weakness, what maes this game THE game to buy?

Simple, it's really that good. Play it, rent it, buy it. Either way, you're gonna play this game, it's brilliant, I bought it last Thursday, and it hasn;t left my PS2 dics tray yet, and I'm not making any plans as of yet.

It's a lot more gory that any of it's predesessors too, which is great, all shoot em ups now basically are.

So I'm gonna shut up now and let you do the talking, well, the playing I should say. (And hope)

It's better than the first two games, and, as a sequel, I can't wait to see the further titles that I bet are already in development. Because Hitman 2 has plenty of stealth, (oh which it's mostly made up of) guns and gore. In fact, it makes Manhunt look like a crap game, becuase if you thought about buying Mnahunt, forget it, this is bigger, better, and harder, a must buy for fans of the series! And that, my friends, is a great game. Buy it!


My verdict:




- Controls.

- Costume switching. (steal the costume of an enemy/civillian you've killed, take their clothes, and fool everyone else!)

- Gore. (makes Manhunt look like a kid's game!)




- Storyline is quite confusing in parts.

- graphics haven;t moved on much.

- It feels ever so slightly dated.




Buy it. Rent it. Play it. You have to.


My score: 9/10


Now it's your turn...spill your guts right here...


Cheers for rradin and enjoy Hitman:Contracts!



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