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[Book] Wrestling's One Ring Circus: The Death of the World Wrestling Federation

Peter K

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It's very scathing and critical, not for the ones who don't want the truth (Or Triple H or Shawn fans for that matter) In fact the author overstepped the bounds once or twice when he says it's a shame that Triple H wasn't permanently put out of wrestling by his two serious injuries (Quad and his throat being crushed by RVD) My Fiancee (a huge Triple H fan) was quite angry to read these comments. The book does make great points though, listing in detail 12 Yes TWELVE seperate points that killed the Invasion angle - potentially the biggest angle in the entire history of wrestling. It also says quite truthfully that it will always centre around the McMahons (as you can see by current storylines!) It doesn't sugarcoat anything but it is very informative.




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