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Cruiserweight title *SD spoiler*


Did Jackies win shock u?  

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  1. 1. Did Jackies win shock u?

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It did me a bit cuz if I remember well' date=' she's the second woman to win a man's championship as Chyna was the first, BUT she is the first Womens Cruiserweight Champ ever I think![/quote']



I think she beat disco inferno in WCW a few years back for the TV title. SHe was the original way before Chyna won a title :)



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I don't see why everyone is making a huge fuss over it.


The only thing that annoyed me about the win is that she won it with a distraction-low blow-roll up combination. How lazy. But then again I suppose when Chavo was told he would lose to Jaqueline it was on the condition it was a low blow.


What I'd like to see is Jaqueline have a squash match vs Spike Dudley. Just absolutely batter the poor bloke. It may sound stupid but I don't think she's done herself any favours in the manner of her CW victory. It was a cheap shot.


Now she needs to seriously beat up a man and have it so he's carried out on a stretcher or something. Send a message. If she keeps winning with low blows then the fans will get (even more) annoyed.



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I think it was for an upcoming storyline . . cuz u noticed RAW has loads of storylines: Matt/Kane/Lita, Eugene, HHH/Benoit/Shawn, HHH/Benjamin, HHH/Tajiri, Batista/Tajiri Randy/Edge, Coach/Garrison as friends etc whilst SmackDown! is mainly just focused with hardly any storylines, just random matches, but I still love SmackDown! as much as RAW
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i think this seriously discredits chavo and the CW belt, this was their chance to move the hurricane across from raw to add to the division, but no we have a joke champion, next arquette will be coming back to feud with JBL!
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This win has just sent the cruiserweight division into a nose dive. I think Russ said earlier on the 'what would you do if you were a crusierweight' or something similar thread. They should start eating more pies or go to the job office, and hes totally correct. But come on, when isn't he!


It's upsetting that I'll miss Raw next week, quite looking forward to it. Saturday nights, which used to be good for me to come home from work, relax, then watch some good wrestling. Now, its, when will this be over, I can't wait for it to end, but I've lost my remote and i'm too lazy to get up and change it. Anyone else in the same predicament?

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