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If you were a WWE Cruierweight, what would you do?

Marc McCann

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I can't believe what I saw, did Jacqueline actually win the cruiserweight title or was I seein things?

If creative are strugglin to find somethin for all of these guys, mysterio, noble, kidman, london, akio, moore, sakoda, nunzio there must be somethin wrong if they think hey lets put Jackie in as the new champ.

Just when I thought they were makin Chavo look like a really good champion, they have to go and do somethin like this. Especially when you just know that there's a 99% chance that Chavo will get a rematch at Judgement Day and win.

How mad would you be if you were one of the cruiserweights right now? They gota be goin ballistic at creative. I mean mysterio is just what smackdown needs when it's struggling like it is now, london could be big, kidman is always great to watch and noble's a great talent.

To think they could have switched have helms over to sd, but of course switching jackie to the cruiserweight division was a better idea.

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If you were a WWE Cruierweight, what would you do?


Either eat a whole load of pies or get down to the Job Centre.


WWE, for some reason or another, just can't "do" cruiserweights. They saw that WCW had success with their division, they realised that a fast paced, high flying match can get a crowd on their feet, but for some reason the promotion just doesn't have what it takes to put a lot of effort into making the division the money spinning opportunity it could be.


I suppose you could put it down to a number of things. Everyone seems to realise that Vince McMahon will own focus on his pet projects at the top of the card, which means that with no one looking out for the cruiserweights they're just going on a road to no where. Then there's the fact that WWE seem reluctant, or at least they seemed to before 2004, to give an opportunity to a small guy outside of a steroids scandal.


What confuses me is why they sign guys like Spanky, London, Akio and Ultimo Dragon when surely they must realise that the hit rate of cruiserweights in WWE is about 0.0001%. Right now, the division is similar to the dying days of the hardcore division, and it seems like just a matter of time before the belt is put away in the WWE prop cupboard beside the Euro, Light Heavyweight, Hardcore (unless Mick got to keep it for real) and Million Dollar Titles.

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If I was a wwe crusierweight?? Well I would quit and work for TNA and Japan.


Look at Spanky now, he is working a few Japan shows and is getting more than enough to live on, plus with the exposure he got in the wwe. Now he is earning a good living and not having to travel on the road constantly.


JB you say they have to do more shows?? Well they don't, Spanky was doing 4 shows a week with the wwe, not to mention PR, Training and travel, so right now were he does less shows for more money how is it worse?


The only good thing the wwe has going for them is guarented money and national exposure, thats it. Thats why AJ earns more doing the indy's than he ever would in the wwe, its the same for alot of indy workers now, while they can not be sure where the next pay check is coming from at least they can do what they love when they want.


Point is unless your Rey Mysterio, your probably better working the Indy circuit rather than being in the wwe.

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It looks alot worse when you look at the talent they've had in the last 3 years:


Tajiri - Deemed to be above the division

Rey - Deemed to be above the division

Helms - Comedy role on RAW

Chavo - Rarely works with other Cruiserweights

Ultimo - Back working for NJPW and running his own promotion Toryumon~!

London - Has made only 2 appearances on SmackDown! since signing

Moore - Velocity jobber

Funaki - Soon to be managing Kenzo

Akio - Evil Japanese manager

Billy Kidman - Velocity jobber

Esse Rios - Released

Kaz - Asked for release

Spanky - Asked for release

Lynn - Asked for release

TAKA~! - Asked for release

Jeff Hardy - Stoner, (OK that one wasn't WWE's fault)

Nova - In his second year in OVW despite seeing guys greener than violently ill leprechauns appear on WWE TV with pushes.


Its even worse when you look at the guys who had WWE developmental deals but deemed not good enough:



Bryan Danielson

Frankie Kazarian

Elix Skipper

Teddy Hart

Chad Collyer

EZ Money

Lash LeRoux

Kid Romeo

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i didnt know wwe uses talent so much i thought it was traing workin out and wrestling


Its true, if you read some of Lance Storms commentary you see how hard it is, they have to arrange their own travel as well! Not to mention trips to OVW as well, its very hard in the wwe, alot harder than it is on the indies were (if you were a former wwe talent who could draw) get your travel and expenses paid for you!

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What confuses me is why they sign guys like Spanky' date=' London, Akio and Ultimo Dragon when surely they must realise that the hit rate of cruiserweights in WWE is about 0.0001%.[/quote']


I have always wondered about this. I can only think it is so other people can't have them.

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If i was a WWE cruiserweight? well first i would try and get at least a months exposure, whether it be jobbing to big guys or just showing up on tv backstage. Then with the added national recognition (albeit not that much) i would hand in my notice and look for work elsewhere in promotions such as TNA, ROH and over in Japan where i knew i would be appreciated and used to the best of my abilities.
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When watching the match ups people get more into them than any other matches, but the wrestlers dont get pops becouse VINCE DOESNT PUSH THEM. If they all had promo time like Rey then theyd get pops too.
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Because if I was given a reason to care about a match I'd chant, most U.S. WWE fans hated WCW and therefore don't know jack about Dragon's days there or his great run in NJPW. They see a smaller guy they think jobber, its the way the WWE has worked for years and its programed into most fans minds.


But most of the time fans will say their favourite wrestler is the Undertaker, Stone Cold, the Rock etc, etc... Most fans follow the hype.

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I have to disagree that no one cares about the Belt unless Rey has it, yeah he is the most recognised Cruiserweight in WWE but that's because they pushed him to the moon when he debuted and has had some class matches with stars like Angle.


There are plenty of Cruisers that could hold the belt and make people care, Chavo, Kidman, Jamie Noble, Paul London, Shannon Moore etc It's just that they are rarely give the TV time on Smackdown! and are dumpled on Velocity which very few people watch. I'm sure if the Cruiser got more time on Smackdown! people would appreciate what these guys can actually do in the ring, it's amazing how they can fly around the place like they do. It's top action.


Bringing back the Hardcore title is not an option in my opinion, yes the concept was good at first but it just got out of hand especially when they put in the 24/7 rule. The belt just became a joke.

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