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IWA MS Results from Lafayette


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1. Trik Davis def. the debuting " The Tukish Delight" Murat Bosporus w/ a tornado unprettier


2. Petey Williams def. The Spider Nate Webb w/ the canadian destoryer


3. Chris Hero def. " The King of Diamonds" Eddie Kingston w/ a hangmans clutch


4. Chad Collyer w/Nigel McGuinness def. Arik Cannon W/ Eddie Kingston in a European Rules match due to a low blow which resulted in Cannon recieving a red card dq.


5. Ian rotten def. Danny Daniels w/ a roll up which resulted in Ian getting 5 min alone with Fannin


6. Ryan Boz def. Eddie Venom w/ a fire-thunder driver


7. Samo Joe def. Steve Stone w/ an island driver. this was a brutal match that brought Hero to the ring to tell Joe to stop beating on Stone and end the match.


8.Rain and Lacy def. Dasiy Haze and Mickie Knuckles. Post match Lacy held Daisy in a submission hold. Daisy told Lacy that she was sick of her cheating to win and that they would meet 6/4 in lafayette in a no dq, ko and submission only match.


9. Austin Aries def. Red in an amazing match. Red went for a brain buster off the top rope Aries held on and bridged Red for the win.


10. B-Bot and Homicide def. Matt Sydal and Delirious. B-Boy hit Delirious w/ a shining wizard and Homocide made the pin.


11. B.J. Whitmer w/ Danny Daniels def. Nigel Mcguinness to retain the IWA title. Daniels distacted the ref then threw B.J. a chain he then hit nigel with it and got the pin fall



*** Ian also annouced that due to the cicumstances of the Havana Pit Bulls not being able to make the show they would automaticly be entered in the tag tourney with one other team.Colt Cabanna and the returnig CM PUNK. Ian said " I promised a high profile match for the womens tournament you make your own assumptions." Let the rumors and speculation begin.

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