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Can anyone get me entrance music?


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If anyone can get mt Chris Benoit's' date=' John Cena's or Evolution's entrance music please. Benoit's TitanTron would be appreciated also![/quote']


I know Cena's music is on the WWE Originals cd, other than that best try Kazaa.

Just remebered, Benoit's one is on the WWE Forceable Entry CD :xyx

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ill get you or anyone anythng music (wwe or not) and vids (i have a big collection of classic matches) if anyone wants them or anything. i even have a collectors edition of ultimate warrior and am getting monday night wars!!
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I have the triple CD "WWE Anthology" collection.


Each disc has the entrance music from Federation Years, Attitude Era, and NOW!




At last

You're on your ow-wo-wo-woan..........."



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I had Kazaa' date=' it infested my computer with viruses. [/quote']

The only way Kazaa could have infected your computer is if you download executable or script files that can send commands to your computer.


It is impossible to get a virus from images, music or film, as they are formats which executable files translate into what you see or hear.


Stay away from the progrms and MPGs, JPEGs, AVIs are virus free!


Trust me



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