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Lost Prophets

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Guest Thundara

Lost Prophets? Let's see, released their "new" album 2 years ago, no-body even touched it, so they released t again 3 months ago at a time when nobody cares what they buy, it just fills space in their new CD rack. I heard their single off a Kerrang! free cover CD ages ago, and even then it sucked. Reminds me of a time I paid £30 for Enema of the State when no-one had heard of Blink 182 over here.....


Cooper Temple Clause or whatever: indie boys with new distortion boxes for Xmas


A, o the other hand, are quiality. "Nothing" is a stormer. :xyx

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Yep, I too saw Ian Jarvis on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. By the way people, hate to sound technical but what the hell - there's no gap between "lost" and "prohets" - it's just LostProphets, lol.


I think they're alright and they are Welsh which automatically lifts them up about 5 notches for me. On the subject of Welsh bands, buy the latest issue of Kerrang, it has a feature on a Newport-based band, lol I can't remember what they're called! I'm thinking it's the Dead Kennedys Association or something similar, maybe....


Welsh music rock on. :8

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