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Champions League Final


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Wednesday 26th May 2004


Bookerman v Crippler


The Final is between Porto and Monaco, I'm asking you guys to EMail or PM me your predictions so that neither of you can copy the other.


You need to predict the following.


Final Score (inc Extra Time)


Half Time Score


1st Goal Scorer


Time of 1st Goal


Same as the Carling Cup Final, points system is as follows.


3 pts For Correctly Predicting the Final Score

1 Pt For Correctly predicting the Winner


3 pts for Correctly Predicting the Half Time Score


3 Pts for Correctly Predicitng the 1st Goals Scorer


3 pts for Correctly Predicting the time of the 1st goal, 2 points for getting it within 2 minutes and 1 point for getting it within 5 minutes.

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Tie Break Procedure.


Here is the tie break procedure I used in the Scottish League Playoff explained better, incase I need to use it here.


There will be 5 stages, if after a stage one person is winning then it stops and that person wins, otherwise it moves onto the next stage.


Stage 1. 1 point for correctly predicting how many goals either team scored.


Stage 2. 1 point for correctly predicting whos winning at half time.


Stage 3. As stage 1 but using the half time score.


Stage 4. Which goalscorer scored first out of the two predicted, if the final score is 0-0 this includes penalties.


Stage 5. Closest to the first goal.


If it's still level after that I'll arrange for you to both meet at a neutral venue and duke it out man to man with Goldy as Ref.

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Champions League Final Predictions




Final Score

Monaco 1 - 2 Porto


Half Time Score

Monaco 0-1 Porto


1st Goal Scorer

Benny McCarthy


Time of 1st Goal

25 mins





Final Score - Monaco 1 Porto 2


Half Time Score - Monaco 1 Porto 0


1st Goal Scorer - Dado Prso


Time of 1st Goal - 14 minutes




Good luck. :xyx

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