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Found this on the UKFF



May 15th. British Legion, Leigh, Lancs.


Garage Pro Wrestling: Garage Trainees. The Trainees from GPW's latest Bach have room to shine on this strictly trainee only show. The show will also feature past graduates FLOOD, Sean Macleane & TJ Cain against Damon Leigh, Joey Hayes & Demo in a 6 man tag elimination match main event.


GPW have given a lot to the community of the northwest with wrestling shows, even fans around britian have enjoyed what is on offer. Its time to give GPW something back & watch the backbone of GPW in action. The Garage Trainees are gonna give it there all on there GPW debuts.


Admission £5, Doors open 7pm, Show Starts 7:30pm.

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The show this Saturday is a trainee show, THOUGH head lineing it are in my opionon 4 of the most talented young wrestlers in the UK at the moment, Damon Leigh, one of the most technacly proficaent wresters proving his worth in a 35 min match with Chris Hero which many have said to be the 2nd bast match GPW has ever seen (the best being Chris Hero V Double C what people are saying to be THE best match ever in the UK!)


Joey Hayes, Joey has everything, style, ability, charisma by the bucket loads, just needs to walk out to a crowd to be instantly over, has the abiltiy to mix all styles


Both Joey and Damon will be taking on.......


Dragon Sean Mclean, plucked from backyard wrestling, he is now one of the most solid wrestlers ive seen in a while, an ability to have the crowd playing out of his hands!


T J Cain, EVEN after a TRIPLE sprial fracture and a dislocation of his left ankle which cept him out of action for 9 month TJ is catching up with the likes of Damon and Joey bloody fast,so fast that had he not had is horrific injury he could posibly be one of the most sort after talents in the country!


Damon Leigh & Joey Hayes V Drage Sean Mclean & T J Cain in a TLC tag team match!


also set to be on the show, Heresy and other trainees that have recently made apperaences on full roster shows....

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Trainee shows are surprisingly good fun, it also gives you a hint of who will be the next wrestler to look out for on the big stage.


Plus you give each trainee valuable lessons to learn in front of a crowd, as your reaction to them will give them a great idea of where they can improve their game.


So i wouldn't say "only" a trainee show...


Good luck guys!



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