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the split


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u know when the split happens, this is wot i want to happen...


both parts have a world title


one has intercontinental, other has european, both of equal value


one division has the hardcore title, the other the cruiserweight stuff


both have equal rosters, i.e say rock, hogan, taker, hall one side, nash, austin, tripper, angle the other for example, just taking 8 guys into example.


then have alternate ppv's like this

january- JOINT royal rumble

feb- FED 1- no way out

march FED 2- their ppv, whatever

april- JOINT wrestlemania

may- FED 1 ppv

june- FED 2 ppv

july- summer slam JOINT *yes breaking august tradition, but c'mon wwf never has been one for that

august- FED 1 ppv

sept- FED 2 ppv

october- survivor series JOINT

nov- FED 1

dec- FED 2


now this is just an example, of what i'd hope the split be like, more time to build feuds so they have more feeling, plus id say each part has like 2 shows a week (one with raw and excess, other smackdown and heat for example)


just my idea guys, feedback welcome



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how could we, not only are they the only major player left in the States, they swallowed up WCW which nobody ever thought they could do. Not too far back people thought ECW was actually going to challenge the big two, and not too far back that WCW was destroying them in the ratings. To dominate the industry in the way they have done since then is far too impressive.


I don't see how anyone could class XPW/WWA/XWF/CZW/MECW etc etc etc a better company than the WWF.

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