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***Official SmackDown Thread - 5th May 2004***


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Smackdown opens with no pyros - Michael Cole stands in the ring and addressed

the crowd about an incident at an El Paso house show on Sunday involving Eddie

Guerrero's mother.


We see the footage from El Paso, where Eddie invites his family to the ring,

including his mother. JBL comes out to the ring and decks Eddie with his WWE

title. Then he gets in Eddie's mother's face, and the two have some heated

words. Eventually, JBL puts his hands on her, and she collapses to the ground,

suffering a heart attack. JBL quickly gets the hell out of dodge. She's

carted out of the ring by EMTs as her family, including Eddie, watch in horror.




Non title match: U.S. Champion John Cena vs. Doug Basham w/Danny Basham


Cena comes out to a fantastic reaction, wearing a Tom Chambers Phoenix Suns

jersey. He does another great rap on the Bashams and Rene Dupree. A good half

dozen "Cena" chants break out. Cena eventually beats Doug with the FU,

despite Danny's attempts at interference.


Winner: John Cena




Cruiserweight title match: Chavo Guerrero w/Chavo Guerrero Classic vs.



Yep. Chavo puts out an open challenge, declaring it "Chavo vs. the World."

"Chavo sucks" chants break out more than once. Jacqueline comes out. Chavo

gets back on the mic, asking Jackie if she's serious, she doesn't have a

chance against a man, and so forth. After about 2 mintues of this, Jackie slaps

him, and it's on. Jackie gets a little offensive flurry going, but Chavo

dominates most of the match. At one point, the referee is destracted by Chavo

Classic (Sr.) while Chavo Jr. stands on top of Jacqueline. Jacqueline low blows

Chavo, rolls him up, gets the 1-2-3, and the crowd erupts. The Chavos can't

believe it. It was the moment of the night


Winner and new cruiserweight champion: Jacqueline




Booker T goes to see a psychic to find out what's going to happen between him

and The Undertaker at Judgment Day. The psychic, a Miss Cleo clone, tells him

that a dead man has risen from the black shadows and is after him. She gives

him several random items as part of some sort of spell to keep him safe, but

tells Booker he needs one more thing: dirt from an unmarked grave.




Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli enter the ring ready for a tag team match. Kurt Angle

is wheeled out by whoever that guy is to the entrance of the ring. Crowd chants

"You suck" well after his music ends. Angle says he had hoped that the

disrespect he received last week at Oklahoma City was just an abberation, but

apparently not. He says he's very disappointed in us. Booooooo. On to

business, Angle reminds us he promised last week that The Undertaker would

wrestle this week. He says he surveyed the locker room, and no one wanted to

face the Dead Man. He turns his attention to the gentlemen in the ring; tells

them he knows they were expecting a tag team match, but sometimes things

don't work out as you expect. Therefore, Nunzio and Stamboli would be facing

the Undertaker tonight. And that match will begin - right now.




The Undertaker vs. Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli


Angle wheels himself to the back, and Paul Bearer leads The Undertaker to the

ring. The crowd is, of course, going nuts. He does his usual entrance, raises

his hand to turn on the lights, Mr. Bearer takes his jacket and hat, and

we're underway. Nunzio is thrown out of the ring early in the match; most of

it featured Taker vs. Stamboli. Taker performs his top rope move, then wins

with some random submission move on Stamboli.


Winner: The Undertaker


Post match: Nunzio reenters the ring and gets a Last Ride for his trouble. Taker

then turns to Stamboli and tombstones him. The lights go back out, Taker pays

homage to the urn, and exits. The crowd is beside itself.




Later, we find Booker T at a graveyard looking for such a grave. He finds one,

collects some dirt, and leaves. Zoom in on the tombstone, we see a gloved hand

emerge from the dirt.


Rene Dupree comes down to the ring with Fifi, who looks scared to death, to do

some guest commentary.


Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie:


Pretty basic inexperienced ladies match. At one point, Torrie goes for the pin,

and Dawn Marie puts her hand firmly on Torrie's rear end as she kicks out.

Let?s see if the camera catches that. Everyone on my side of the arena did.

Anyway, toward the end, Rene tries to distract Torrie, but Torrie kicks him

away, does a top rope move on Dawn Marie and gets the pin. Toward the end of

the match, Cena comes out and stares down Dupree.


Winner: Torrie Wilson


After the match, Dupree goes after Cena. He nails Cena with a bunch of foreign

objects, and powerbombs him through the American(!) announce table. Dupree gets in the ring and does his little French dance to a good deal of heat. Cena gets

carried to the back.




Live from New York, Michael Cole and Tazz interview JBL. Even via satellite, he

gets a lot of heat. Bradshaw says it wasn't his fault what happened, Eddie

Guerrero's family had no business being in the ring, and it's possible his

mother faked the whole thing. He says he's in New York not because he's

afraid of Guerrero but because he's there on business. He's on a show on

CNBC, the "most respected financial channel in the world" or something to

that effect. He leaves us with a final thought: His people came to this country

on a boat, not an innertube.




Backstage, Paul Heyman tells Angle it would be inadvisable to allow Eddie

Guerrero to compete in a tag team match with Rob Van Dam against the Dudley

Boyz, because Eddie's in a bad mood and would certainly cause a good deal of

physical harm to the Dudleys, and they would have to sue the company. Angle

says he made his point, and Eddie?s out of the match.


Dudley Boyz vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio


The Dudleys come out to a mixed reaction, which turns into a lot of heat as the

match goes on. Van Dam comes out to a great pop. His partner is a returning Rey

Mysterio, who receives as loud a pop as RVD. The match lasts a good 15 minutes,

with Mysterio hitting the 619 toward the end. The match ends as RVD performs

his rolling thunder move on Bubba the same time that Mysterio hits a top-rope



Winners: Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio


Post-match, the Dudleys proceed to beat on their opponents. After some

"Eddie" chants, Eddie Guerrero gives the crowd what they want and runs down

to the ring. He grabs a chair and beats up everyone. Bubba, D-Von, RVD and a

couple refs get chair shots. The top part of the chair comes off in the

process. He uses the chair for a good 2-3 minutes, then gives us a half-crazed

look as the show goes off the air.


Nothing signifigant happens when the show goes off the air.


Biggest pops:


1. The Undertaker

2. John Cena

3. Eddie Guerrero

4. Rey Mysterio

5. Rob Van Dam


(All five men received exceptional pops.)


Biggest heat:


1. Kurt Angle

2. JBL

3. Chavo Guerrero

4. Rene Dupree

5. Dudley Boyz


Moment of the night: Jacqueline's victory

Sign of the night: "This Mexican supports JBL"



P.S. Matt Capottelli (TE3 winner) was due to be Chavo's opponent, but Hardcore Holly concussed him on Monday's house show :roll

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Another pretty dire episode, a woman winning the cruiser title and a heart attack, its like WCW in late 99, and thats what SD is turning in to. Late 90's early 2000 WCW, compared to Raw which is been great lately. They really need to devote some time to SD, it needs it desperately.
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They make a great move by making Eddie the champ and pushing Cena... they switch RVD and Booker over but Smackdown needs Brock and he left like a self serving s.o.b and it needs Angle but its shame his necks shot. I know its been said before but why is Bradshaw, not JBL cos he's Bradshaw, getting another shot at the big time, do they not remember when they tried to push him against the nWo?
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Guest DaDweem



just after the brand extension, smackdown was far superior to raw, but now because of the roster, smackdown is appalling, when the top heel is bradshaw you know theres somethin wrong somewhere, hes done nothin to deserve this push and will be losin to rvd in the opening match on smackdown this time next month, raw on the other hand just gets better and better, hhh isnt in every segment, good roster right the way down, only bad thing is miss jackie is now on smackdown so ill have to video that and forward through to see her

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You know everyone was marking out when Taker came out at Mania but me, I wanted the deadman, the real one, I knew the hair would be unrealistic due to father time but hey there are hair extensions... What do I get? I got Bearer, thats good, I got druids, good, but no casket and lighting, no real deadman attire? A bandana!!! And on SD he won with a submission! Apart from when he fought Ken Shamrock the old style Taker never did submissions! If your gonna switch a gimmick, do it right! The only real thing SD has is the cruiser divison, they should build on that but no, a women who can't work is champ, had it been a women who could I'd let them off.
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wot is this glove in the grave thing?


It would not surprise me if the gloved hand is white and it belongs to Mordecai. You never know, stranger things have happened. As to the cruiserweight title, i thought the WWE had recently signed a japanese guy who was going to take the title, i was obviously wrong. How can anyone think that giving a women (especially jaqueline) the cruiser title would be a good idea? Sounds liek Russo is back writing the stuff :eek

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A women who can work would be alright as all titles apart from the womens are inter gender according to past storylines, most of which involved Chyna so maybe they don't count as well you know, she has to shave every now and again to be safe and the reason she was so hairy on the Playboy photos was to cover up the scars, get what I mean...

But the WWE had Jimmy Yang, a tremendous talent, they have Rey, Matt, Tajiri, Hurricane, Chavo, Kidman, Noble, they have the building blocks of a great divison but instead of it being exclusive they've spread them out so Chavo really didn't have any compition.

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Anyone who didn't think the Cruiserweight Division was being buried before now...I suggest you watch this show and try to tell me otherwise, They have some pretty damn exciting Cruiserweights on the roster and they give the title to a woman, Oh and not just any Woman, JACKIE?!?!...Complete and utter crap that sums up Smackdown for me just lately.


As opposed to RAW, This show looks abysmal at best.


Oh and not to mention...Another Show with the Dudley Boyz Main Eventing...Isn't that like 3 weeks in a row now?!?!

Edited by c0ma
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What the hell are they thinking!!!!!!

Jackie!!!, They have some of the most talented Cruisers in the World and they give it to a Woman!, it is a black day in the world of Wrestling.


"God, Im Chokeing on my own rage Here!"


Final Thought: Sorry to all the Feminests on the Forum, But if they were goin to give the Cruiser title to a Women, it should have been a Women thats Over and Has more Talent, E.g. Victoria, Trish or Molly.

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Oh I agree with you completely - if a women were to hold any belt, she should at least have some talent, and that includes the women's title. Damn, no wonder I'm starting to prefer the non WWE promotions.


So, let me get this straight - that's Jacqueline as in the big black muscular lady, as opposed to Jackie, Rico's valet, who is now the SD cruiserweight champ?

Edited by charlie
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I'm sorry.... what?


What the hell is going on here... this is meant to be Smackdown, my favourite show...


It's so bad!


Jackie.... Cruiserweight champion? WHAT? WHAT THE ****? Why hasn't she been fired yet anyway? What a joke, absolutely pathetic, and I wish I could meet the guy who thought that'd be a great idea just so I could ****ing punch him in the face.


Fake heart attacks in wrestling = crap show.


I really do hate Smackdown right now. With a passion.

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jackie in no way should be champ because they blank it out when aman hits a women so that would be a real fun match looking at a sign saying 'i stole this sign'



Ahhhh, I see. You're a Saturday morning devotee.


Ask if you can stay up an hour longer and watch SD on Saturday night, Bibby. You can watch women getting the crap kicked out of them until your heart's content.



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I'd like to see where they go with this Jaqueline as CW Champ angle. The main disappointment for me is the way she won it: a cheap, lazy low blow.


If she had battered the poor bloke then I would be more impressed. I certainly wouldn't want to cross her.



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What a joke' date=' absolutely pathetic, and I wish I could meet the guy who thought that'd be a great idea just so I could ****ing punch him in the face.[/quote']


I think Bret Hart probably beat you to it after Survivor Series 1997...

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The only good thing on smakdown to me is RVD, Eddie, Cena, and the Undertaker. I know he is not looking like the deadman from the old days but at least the entrance music is right. They added the black under his eyes to make him look dead and he is not talking just kicking ass. He is also popping up again which is cool.


I think they are bringing in another supernatural superstar to fight the undertaker too quick. They should have just let the dead man run alone for awhile longer before they did this.

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