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UK Wrestling governing body?


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I had a silly thought the other day, what if the promoters of all the UK wrestling promotions, got together to form an official body for UK wrestling. Ok, ok, I know it's mostly unfeasible but i was thinking of the advantages and disadvantages.



1. The body could regulate training facilities, in other words, stop any old wannabe opening up a gym and attempting to train wrestlers. At worst, it could approve training facilities and give a potential recruit an idea of where to go.

2. The pooling of resources, especially in the terms of wrestlers, a lot of wrestlers are popular in their own regions, but don't get exposure elsewhere. A wrestler swap program would possibly be helpful there.

3. It would bring promotions together, rather than at each other's throats.

4. It could be the first step in an organised attempt to get British wrestling onto terrestrial telly, yes TWC is fine, but only a small portion of the population have access to it.



1. It would probably take forever to get promoters to stop arguing amongst themselves and agree to fixed policies.

2. Some promoters would want a 'higher influence' as they are bigger companies.

3. Promoters are in the business of making money for themselves, so would they be the best people to make a regulatory body? And would that mean a Professional Wrestlers Organisation would be needed to counter this?


What does everyone else think?



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It is already being considered.


If you go to http://www.frontierwrestling.com and download the second part of Alex Shane's online radio episode you will get all the info on what has been suggested/considered thus far.




Sorry have to edit*


At the time of posting the FWA site server has gone down. Something to do with their bandwidth. Should be sorted within a day or so :oops

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