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Major RAW spoilers (**WARNING** dont read if you dont want the results)

Dead Crow

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Raw this week doesnt seem that bad. Some good matches and backstage skits made it a good show. But the big news was the renewing of the wedding vows.


In basic results:


*Taker and Fair cut a promo.

*nWo advert aired.

*Jericho beat Edge in a non-title match.

*Michael Cole interviewed Vince.

*Triple H and Steph talked about Kurt Angle.

*Goldust defeated RVD by DQ.

*Arn Anderson gave HHH a package.

*Coach interviewed Stone Cold.

*A minister and choir rehearsed for the wedding.

*Kurt Angle made Godfather tap-out for the win.

*HHH gave Steph a Diamond Ring.

*Stone Cold beat Taker by DQ.

*Booker T beat Tazz.

*Dudleyz cut a promo at WWF New York.

*Stacy beat Torrie in a bikini match.

*Steph and HHH kissed.

*Mr Perfect beat a chess champion at chess with a little cheating.

*RVD beat Christian.

*Goldust said he would face RVD at No Way Out.

*HHH and Linda McMahon spoke on the phone and HHH played a video showing that the doctor on Smackdown was an actor.

*Vince told Steph that he would walk her down the aisle.

*The wedding ceremony began, and the fans chanted "What?" after the minisers every sentence. During the vows, HHH said he now saw Steph for what she really was..."A no-good, lying b*tch." HHH snapped and screamed at steph, pushing her to the ground. He pedigreed Vince, destroyed the alter and threw his wedding ring at Steph.



Well, not a bad RAW, and the storyline ended quickly, but with good results.


For full results, go to http://www.wwf.com/television/raw/?page=1


And don't tell me off for giving you spoilers...if you didnt want to know, you didnt have to look. I put warnings on the title so you cant say you didnt know.

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