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The Top 20 TWO Posters; Your Opinions On Them


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This is based on a thread I saw at another forum, where the top 20 highest posters were listed, and everyone gave their opinions (good OR bad) on them, normally about a line or so long.


Just a small disclaimer, if someone does give a negative opinion of you, act properly about it, and don't start moaning ;).


Here are the top 20 TWO Posters (in number of posts) as of 4th May 2004:



Cactus Jack

The Crippler










Peter K




Latino Reheat





I'll post my comments a bit later :)

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I don't have replies for everyone as I've don't know everyone so can't make any opinions on them.


DraVen - Sound Guy and has some crazy MSN names


Cactus Jack -


The Crippler - Can't stand this guy :P Nah, Crippler is probably the soundest person I've met on the net, good friend and post whore :P


Kam - The top guy, respect!


Goldy - What can I say about Goldy :) She's a nice person, always helpful and up for a laugh


Seabass -


Chris2K - Not always got on, but we do now. Good to talk too and does a great job as a Forum leader.


Pabster - Pabby? Tons of respect for Pab, one of the nicest people I've ever met (not including Heel Pab - he's a nasty piece of work)


Nicole - Hard little worker, never had an issue with her.


Peter -


Russ - Don't like this guy at all he whooped my at Yahoo Pool :P Nah Russ is another good one, his posts make me laugh which is all good :)


Tajiri -


Peter K - By Jove!


Simon -


BRM - From Burnley so can't be bad :)


KJ - Honest guy, tells you what he thinks.


Latino Reheat - No comment


AlanJP -


Jungmuta -


HSM - Champ? Cool guy, met him twice - is a laugh.

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DraVen - Top guy, if slightly nuts at times. Always dependable when needed.

Cactus Jack - For a HHH fan, he's not so bad :P.

The Crippler - Another great guy, always willing to help out, and works like a mofo.

Kam - Slightly loopy for letting me do anything here :P.

Goldy - Top girl, even though she knows nothing about cricket :P.

Seabass - Odd person. Apparently loves Nicole :P.

Chris2K - That guy.

Pabster - Who has a bad word to say about Pab? :)

Nicole - Friendly gal, knows far more about life than she should do :P

Peter - Nice guy, pity he's not around as much any more.

Russ - Really funny guy, and a nice bloke when he's not in 'Russ' mode as well.

Tajiri - Always helpful in the HHH arguments ;)

Peter K - Andrew said it all :D

Simon - A good poster, and a good bloke.

BRM - Haven't really had much to do with him.

KJ - Great guy, always fun to talk to.

Latino Reheat - See BRM

AlanJP - Sorta came out of nowhere, and I didn't have a clue he'd posted so much!

Jungmuta - They say knowledge is power, so Jung must be some kind of god :P

HSM - Had problems in the past, but I'm really glad we've put it behind us and become mates again :).

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DraVen : seems.... yes. Seems. That will do :P

Cactus Jack : Cool guy... as most peeps here are.

The Crippler : Good guy... especially... for one of THEM :D

Kam : Idiot ;)

Goldy : TWO pin up? Seems to be

Seabass : something fishy here - FISHY! BWAH HAHAHA!!!

Chris2K : Nutter

Pabster : Nutter

Nicole : Nutter-ess

Peter : Immortal? Possibly.

Russ : Idiot. Ssur had him bang to rights.

Tajiri : san.

Peter K : Bongo!

Simon : YAY!

BRM : Sounds like Brum if you say it right, and Brum rules all.

KJ : Cagey... CAGEY!

Latino Reheat : Perry Saturn lives!

AlanJP : Always worth skipping... erm I mean reading posts ;)

Jungmuta : Jungamunga rocks.

HSM : Too fond of windowlene and lamposts. Yes.


I'm amazed slash glad I wasn't in this :D

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DraVen - Post whore, but I'd do him. Knows the game, but still has a lot to learn and develop. Got over the year or so of blatent lying and overexaggerating to suit himself and finally became the real him, and actually proud of it.


Cactus Jack - Sound guy. Sometimes he goes a little too far in arguments and leaves himself open for attack but he's got a firm head on his shoulders and has his own opinions which is very respectable.


The Crippler - Very nice guy, if not just a little quiet sometimes. Approachable, but quiet. Does a grand job as moderator.


Kam - The boss. Basically made the internet "me" in terms of where I am now (former NL editor, scene leader, columnist, friends with various sites and US scene wrestlers, webmaster at FCW) - I owe Kam a lot.


Goldy - We mess about with each other these days, all in good jest, which is pretty impressive considering our fine history. A good friend I'd like to say. Real crap choice in favorite wrestler ;) but she's a laugh and easy to talk to. Always takes interest in my problems, whether she fakes it or not. It certainly helps an attention seeker like me during depressing times.


Seabass - Hehe, Suckbass. I love that name. Oh well. He's a good guy, but like Cripp, is very quiet. His comebacks to my HILARIOUS nickname for him are truly abysmal but we can forgive him for that due to his contribution to the forums.


Chris2K - Quite possibly the most bored person on the face of the internet. I couldn't name everything he's done for the site without taking up about 15 posts. Sometimes I question his reasons for taking so much on but I can't fault the effort he makes and the work he puts in. Hard worker, but sometimes I think he strives a little too hard for appraisal and acceptance on the 'net. Good guy though. Good mind.


Pabster - Not without small run-ins in the past, he does his job and does it well (most of the time). Have become better aquianted during the whole Ravenmark debacle so thats cool. Don't know him exceedly well personally but he seems decent enough from the reviews and what I've seen and heard of and from him.


Nicole - I almost feel like I've grown up with her, on the internet at least. I think we've pretty much grown and matured at the same pace, and she reminds me a lot of me (only I don't smell ;)). She's almost like an internet protége if such thing exists. She's been a good friend who I've got to know a little better as of late even through little to no communication. Could be something very special in a year.


Peter - Not too dissimilar to Crippler. Quiet, but sound. Adds well to a discussion and knows to back himself up so as not to be caught out anywhere. Should be blamed for bringing CfB here though - for that, he should be burnt ;) j/k


Russ - Very funny dude, one of the "originals" if you will, who never goes out of fashion, and a strong poster. Not much I can really say past that which is unfortunate, but then at the same time it's good, because they are his strengths and he uses them to his full advantage, and you can't fault a guy like that.


Tajiri - Knowledgeable character. Knows how to backhimself up with fact, and tends to keep himself out of personal affairs, just asserting himself with strong political and wrestling opinion. Adds a great deal of depth to a discussion. Always gonna get a good post where he is concerned.


Peter K - Good poster, interesting character. A lot like me in terms of his "cutting promos" and so on. Knowledgeable. Only thing that's ever bugged me was how he used to say this to start a post - "You're wrong" - to me, that was kinda like being kicked in the balls for trying to say something. Maybe that's just me, but that's how it came across. I'm probably reading too much into that but I do that anyway so y'know. Besides that, good guy.


Simon - We don't see much of him anymore. Used to think he was a prick in the early days. Now I just think he's a good poster with questionable opinions. but they are his own and no one can take that away from him. Good columnist. Writes very well and always gets his opinion across.


BRM - Can't say I know him too well. Seems decent enough. To be honest, I only know him well enough to say he shares the same name as an Insurance company down here in Bloxwich. Besides that, can't say anything more.


KJ - Nice enough guy. A Man Utd fan which is a bonus. Very knowledgeable about football (an area I know **** all about), and easy to talk to. Don't really know him wel lenough past that point.


Latino Reheat - Can't say I think of him past his "spam days" and the whole "Latinoland" stuff. Does he even still exist?


AlanJP - Don't know him that well, but he's a nice guy with good posts.


Jungmuta - Extremely knowledgeable, on par with Tajiri in a lot of ways. They remind me a lot of each other. They should be a tag team, and wipe the whole of TWO out with their enormous wrestling brains.


HSM - Don't really speak to him much anymore. Interesting past, keeps more to himself these days which keeps us out of trouble. Lack of Kevin Nash posts has probably kept him in a good mood due to how they usually turn out :P. But past ALL of that, he's a nice guy, has been really good to his close friends from what they say (not doubting it, but I don't know personally - I only know from them), and adds to a conversation when he wants to. We don't see him much anymore for whatever reasons, but any contributions he does make, whether posts or reviews on W101, are always worth the read.

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Shits about to hit the fan.


DraVen Seems like a pretty cool guy, get the feeling though sometimes he posts what he should say rather than what he's thinking.


Cactus Jack Cool guy, when I first came here, last year used to post in a lot of the same places as him. I liked him.


The Crippler Dont really have much of an opinion on him. He posts well, but nothing that really makes me take much notice.


Kam Good admin. Helped me out an is very quick to respond to PM's. Cant say much else as I hardly see his posts.


Goldy Dont like her avator. Probably thinks of herself as TWO's hot piece of ass.


Seabass Only saw a few of his posts. Seems cool enough.


Chris2K Gave him bad reputation points as a joke. Don't think he took it well. Seems cool enough. But what the hell is up with the poodle? Dupree can pull it off. You sir should leave it alone. If you like it that much, put it as your wallpaper. Dont make me look at it.


Pabster Gets spoken about a lot. Never really see the Pab's posts much to make much of a point on him.


Nicole If shes the birmingham city fan, then shes cool. If not, meah......


Peter Denied Jesus. Bastard.


Russ Gets spoken of a lot. Seen a few of his posts. Pretty cool. His avator freaks me out.


Tajiri Got a lot of love for this man. Kick ass guy.


Peter K Next.


Simon When I first came here, he was around a lot. Didn't really like him then. And I'm pretty sure he didn't like me. Asshole.


BRM Wonder what the BRM stands for? ;)


KJ Hey! I have a friend nicknamed JK!


Latino Reheat I bet he has a moustache.


AlanJP Like his posts. Cool guy.


Jungmuta ...........


HSM Again, sorry don't really know him.



I wish I knew almost all of these posters better, to have a better opinion.

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DraVen - Spammer ;) lol nah Dravens great, he's a nice lad and is also really helpful and always tell it me straight whatever the subject, as he says, he's a good friend who I trust alot, matured alot to. :) Plus he keeps me a seat at shows w00t!


Cactus Jack - Don't know him to well, posts quality stuff when he's around though.


The Crippler - I really like Will, he can be quiet at times, but that's not a bad thing. He's witty, intelligent, does a great job here and I know he's there if needs be. Can't wait to see him again later this month. :)


Kam - Kams great to, he's extremely helpful and patient, even manages to trust me with stuff!! Very nice guy :)


Goldy - Does NOT think of herself as TWO's hot piece of ass!! thank you very much FTW! Is a very relieved girly that City didn't go down :D


Seabass - I've got to know Seabass really well through MSN etc and he's a fab friend, I'd trust him with my life! He's thoughtful, kind, friendly and soo funny! and that's not just his taste in women ;) Top top dude!


Chris2K - Chrissy, what to say! hmm Chris has had his moments but he's really matured of late and is very smart and knowledgeable, I don't know how he copes with what the amount of work he does, but he seems to manage with it effortlessly, a very good asset for TWO.


Pabster - Pabs just the most perfect net friend, he's always there for me and has done so much for me, love him to bits. :)


Nicole - Nics a top girl, used to sense a bit of tension but she always speaks her mind, is funny and very cool indeed! She's gonna be a very smart young lady.


Peter - Peter's seemed to be here forever and yet's so young! Another smart cookie and through BN i've got to know him a lot better, really nice young man :)


Russ - Russ is TWO's sex god!! He is a funny guy, but he's also been brought up properly, has manners and when he posts they're always fab to read! His girlfriend's very lucky indeedy!


Tajiri - I always like reading his posts, don't know him as well as some others here, but he's reliable, knowledgeable and an all round good poster.


Peter K - PK!!! legend obviously! Pk's a lovely person, should post more but his interest in wrestling lacking at the moment, for a Utd fan he's an absolute sweetie!


Simon - Hmm Simon, well I've actually noticed him missing of late so that tells me that he contributes alot to TWO. Smart guy, loved his WWE report going back a while, humorous & witty guy if not a tad sarcastic at times! Good columns!


BRM - is sound, another top quality poster, also pretty funny!


KJ - Now we're scraping the barrel..........just joking! Me and KJ have a love/hate relationship, he loves me and I hate him!! :D just jk! :) nah I love KJ really, he's always up for a laugh, obviously he needs to have a sense of humour supporting Utd ;) but we have plenty of banter and he's a good guy, gonna kick his arse in the Scottish league too!! :D


Latino Reheat - I missed the dealio with Lat, always seems ok to me, don't know him that well though.


AlanJP - Now I'm really liking Alan! I don't know him that well as he's not on my msn list, but from reading his posts here and at BN he's a top guy! Likes football and wrestling (even if he supports a dodgy team :D) A brill assett to TWO and look forwards to getting to know him a lot better! (not like that :P) Made himself at home on TWO quickly! :xyx


Jungmuta - I miss Jung when he's not around! The guy is smarter than smart, I actually thought he was waaaay older than he is! His knowledge knows no bounds, he even knows the City team of yonder year!! Always enjoy reading his posts. Cool person.


HSM - hmm I don't know him........???


Lol! HSMs another really good friend!! He's always there for me and I know I can trust him with a lot to. Great to talk to and whinge at, puts up with me! True friend, is also great in person, good fun. Bigger flirt than me to ;)


I think I went on a bit there lol, meh it's late....

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DraVen-Known Dra two years now? and as he says, it feels like we've grown up online together. I think Dra's wicked, even though we don't speak half as much as we did then, full of good advice, and even though he says he doesn't, he smells. Nah in all seriousness, really cool with a wicked sense of humour.


Cactus Jack-Always posts good stuff, don't really speak to him so not much more to say than I think he's cool.


The Crippler-I've never actually spoken to Crippler, but his posts are always great, and his efed work is amazing, and he's gotta work really hard to do so much stuff.


Kam-Another person I've never really spoken to, but I know he's worked tirelessly to get TWO and W101 to what it is today.


Goldy-At first, I didn't really get on with Goldy, cos to be honest I was jealous of how popular she was, but speaking to her shes super friendly and really funny. Really nice girl.


Seabass-Seabass is a sweetheart, who helped me alot recently when I thought I'd hit rock bottom. Another person who never ceases to make me laugh. Oh and I owe him loads now.


Chris2K-Me and Chris used to go through stages of talking like mad/not talking, but I've always thought him to be funny, and I think he has matured a lot while being on the boards, and you can tell through his posts.


Pabster-Pabs wicked, always a happy post or great topics to practically spam out. Keeps the place in some sort of order, and is our regular happy chappy!


Nicole-Well it's me innit. I have caused problems in the past, but I think I've grown up a bit lately, and am benefitting from that fact.


Peter-Sometimes its hard to believe he's only 14, mature poster with good views.


Russ-Definate worthy candidate for TWO's funniest member, hilarious. Good posts and yaddah yaddah, never really spoken to Russ so its hard to say.


Tajiri-His knowledge of wrestling is IMMENSE. Sounds like a nice guy from his posts


Peter K-Funy guy, some of his quotes are the funniest things I've seen on here


Simon-Good wrestling knowledge. Never spoken, sorry.


BRM-BRRRRRRRRM damn blast from the past time. Always liked him, spoken to him on msn a few times and he rocks.


KJ-Helped me get into ERE with TWO superstars in a way. Always a good, honest poster and works hard for the sports bit.


Latino Reheat-The days of latland arguements...memories of the way we were.


AlanJP-Sound poster, always like reading his posts, although he's misguided in supporting West Ham :P


Jungmuta-The ultimate quizmaster. Wrestling knowledge is immense, always know I'm reading something good when I'm reading his posts.


HSM-Really good matey to me. Out of the 19 barring me, he's the only one I talk to on a regular basis. Always helps me out when I'm down, very clever when it comes to the efed, and an all round nice guy. Owe him a pint (of piss as I told him :P)

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DraVen - Seems nice

Cactus Jack - Cactus is a nice guy, I respect his opinions

The Crippler - Seems nice

Kam - Seems nice

Goldy - Seems nice, calls me "Brooding Boyo", which is nice


Chris2K - Seems nice

Pabster - Seems nice. Prompt responder to questions.

Nicole - Seems nice, often brutal though.


Russ - Seems nice. Quirky.

Tajiri - Displays ice-cold logic in his posts. Sound.

Peter K




Latino Reheat

AlanJP - Seems nice





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DraVen Nice enough fella, has some quality posts behind him, he doesnt bulls**t you and definitly one of the top guys here.

Cactus Jack I like this man, great poster and also not a bad trader either.

The Crippler His posts are definitly of a high quality, especially when it comes to Benoit :P

Kam The guvnor, what more can i say?

Goldy Even though she is a city fan, i really enjoy her posts both here and at BN. And from what i have seen she seems a very genuine person.

Seabass Not too familiar with Bassie but from what i see here and at BN he seems to be a fairly decent fella.

Chris2K Yet another top guy here, seems quite intelligent, and is an assett to TWO

Pabster Its always great to see posts from him, even when he starts 5 or 6 topics at once in General Chat :lol Does a fair bit of work around and i respect him. Great guy here and BN

Nicole I havent spoken too much to this brummy but she seems ok, high quality posts and always has an opinion.

Peter Another person i havent had much dealings with but seems like a top guy.

Russ The funniest guy here without a doubt, havent spoken to him too much but his posts are always worth a read.

Tajiri Consistent poster who has some interesting veiws.

Peter K Another great guy from the stuff i have seen here. Always decent posts, and does well in the PRDZ forum :xyx

Simon I have seen a few of his posts but not enough to form a solid opinion, however he seems nice enough.

BRM Nice bloke from what i have seen, quality posts well worth a read.

KJ Another top person here, always helpful when you ask questions, and has some excellent posts. Much respect as well for running the prediction leagues

Latino Reheat Seems ok, i enjoy reading his posts.

AlanJP A Hall of fame contender without a doubt. His posts fill me with joy and jubilation. Always a nice fella to speak to.

Jungmuta Not around very often, but when he is he puts out some decent stuff.

HSM Full of decent posts and some top reveiws on W101, anotherb great asset to TWO.


Well most of you i dont know really well, but my msn is on my profile for anyone to use (especially goldy ;) :lol ) Anyway i didnt realise i had posted so much, and i have been here about two years :eek

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First of all, I'm glad to see that some of you appreciate my comedy talents. If you would be interested in funding the production of a Russ Stand Up Tour, which may or may not end up visiting your town/city, I'd be prepared to set up a PayPal account. Until then, you'll just need to make do with my thoughts on the top 20 posters (by quantity of posts) at TWO.




Pros: Sticks up the little guy, does a lovely job with the US Forum.

Cons: Can't spell "mum".


Cactus Jack-

Pros: Likes Foley.

Cons: Like HHH.


The Crippler-

Pros: A really hard worker who's effort I appreciate, and he's kinda Scottish

Cons: He's Kinda Irish too.



Pros: Incredible lover, devoted and sacrificed so much for TWO

Cons: Didn't fire Colin earlier, kinda scares me sometimes with his love for Buffy/Jeff Hardy



Pros: TWO's Hot Piece Of Ass, called me a sex god

Cons: She's not my piece of ass



Pros: He took me off his enemy list

Cons: I was on his enemy list



Pros: Another one who's a top notch forum leader

Cons: I don't have a bloody clue what the Cricket challenge is about. For all I know, he could be making up random numbers and then saying "Russ had a good game" when I accidentally knocked out the umpire with a stray bowl.



Pros: Just a top guy all round, always a joy to converse with and a true star at TWO. Pab for TWO Hall Of Fame 2004!

Cons: I'd hate to see him when the happy pills wear off.



Pros: TWO's Trish Stratus. Started off as being useless, but has matured incredibly and is one of the best posters around here. You've got to give her credit for changing her ways and becoming an asset to the forum.

Cons: The Nicole and Emag show still gives me nightmares.



Pros: TWO's Wayne Rooney. He's consistantly posting good quality stuff, with many years left at the top.




Pros: Really hilarious guy, a very good friend.

Cons: I kept on missing him in the chatroom...



Pros: TWO's (2nd) Funniest poster, the man knows funny and I really dig his sense of humour. But he's not a one trick pony, he's got a hell of a lot of knowledge about wrestling and is always making damn good points which sees me sitting there nodding in agreement. One of the most underrated posters at TWO (that's not to say he's appreciated already), and at the risk of sounding English, "a top bloke".

Cons: I dunno, has poor personal hygiene I guess.


Peter K-

Pros: I take it back, sorry Pab, PK for TWO Hall Of Fame 2004. And 2005. And 2006. I ARE A PK FAN! Good luck with the script writing, you're TWO's Tarentino.

Cons: Father Dowling is a Quincy wannabe.



Pros: A Scotsman who hates HHH

Cons: He has a weird laugh. Everyone else says "lol", Simon says "ahahahahahahahahahaha", which sorta creeps me out.



Pros: He posted about 1400 times in the space of around 6 days.

Cons: Since then, he's post about 14 times in 1600 days.



Pros: Finally getting recognised by being in the Hall Of Fame.

Cons: Lives too far away for me to get free electrical work done, drank all the Rum Punch in the Haiwaii Hall Of Fame, unleashed TWO Superstars on us.


Latino Reheat-

Pros: Latino Land was interesting for about 2 weeks.

Cons: Americans have tanned skin because they fly to the sun! You're Welcome!



Pros: Has gained loads of respect and has a superb reputation despite being a relatively new guy.

Cons: He wasn't here since day 1.



Pros: Never showed up for quizes when I won last year, always posts funny and correct stuff.




Pros: A fellow Paul Dikov fan

Cons: He's older than me and could probably beat me up, so I won't mention any cons.



Pros: N/A

Cons: Can't meet deadlines, takes all the credit for liking The Coach despite jumping on the bandwagon after his heel turn (I liked Coach since his debut!), ruined TWO Video Games Week, never sent me 10 Things To Do With WCW Backstage Assault, plays Fire Pro A on level 10 when I play it on level 8, would probably beat me at the quiz this year, his WCW Revenge review wasn't in the usual format, he never did anything as Video Games Forum leader, his Paint pictures destory topics. BAN HIM.


The end.

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DraVen - Sarcastic swine. Insightful though.

Cactus Jack - Too... many... tapes...

The Crippler - Top fella, world's tallest too.

Kam - The big beard in the sky. Always fair.

Goldy - Very sweet. Seems unfaillingly cheerful.

Seabass - Very funny guy.

Chris2K - Very nice chap.

Pabster - Top, top fella.

Nicole - She's all grown up now!

Peter - Good poster - not too flashy but gets the job done well.

Russ - :lol

Tajiri - Fountain of Wrestling-related wisdom. Seems to be getting polictical recently.

Peter K - He am gooder than most.

Simon - Don't know much about the guy but knows his stuff.

BRM - Has become something of an unknown quantity recently.

KJ - Another top fella.

Latino Reheat - The inspiration for my World Title run at ERE.

AlanJP - Surprised to note how short a time he's been here. Ensconsed himself well in our little coterie.

Jungmuta - Another wrestling BRAIN!

HSM - Toppermost of the poppermost. Someone who I don't speak to enough, even though I live not 45 mins walk from his house. Must arrange a booze and wrestling night at some point...

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Here we go...


DraVen - Really intelligent, has matured a lot and has formed into a top notch poster.


Cactus Jack - Very cool guy, loves to put his opinion across and TWO needs those kind of characters as it makes for better discussion.


The Crippler - Will is what you call an "A Grade" poster. Been here same amount of time as me and i've got to know him pretty well here and at ExRev in the past. Funny too. :D


Kam - He's the reason why we're all here. Does a perfetc job with this place, it really is a fantastic place to visit. Really clever guy and friendly too.


Goldy - Goldy!! :) This girl rules the roost. Goldy = Ratings!


Seabass - Quiet guy, never really spoke to him on MSN but when he posts, he comes across as being a cool guy and very witty. Should post more though, we need more Bass in our lives!


Chris2K - He's matured so much and as many have said, you can tell by his posts. One of the friendliest people around these parts. :)


Pabster - What?


Nicole - When Nicole joined TWO, I remember she posted a column and asked people what they thought about it and AV kinda made a joke about it which didn't go down well at all, i'd like to see AV joke about Nicole now because Nicole would sent her running away, scared as hell. :D Nicole is a great poster and it's good that she is always honest in what she says, just like draVen.


Peter - One of my favourite poster's here, this guy will win Member of the Year one day, he has the talent! Great lad! :)


Russ - Russ just becomes a better poster as the days go by. As someone said, his posts are always of high quality and he never posts too much, meaning the reader's always cherish a Russ post! Funniest poster, loves Subway and Walkers Sensations, fellow PK fan = top top guy! TWO Legend, no doubt about it.


Tajiri - Very very intelligent. Knows his stuff and brings a lot to the table.


Peter K - My hero. Honestly, this bloke reeks of awesomeness and is one of the best guys to talk to on the net.


Simon - Strong opinion(s) and his posts are always interesting . Loves a good ol' debate, overall a good solid poster. :)


BRM - Loved posting 10 messages in a second some days. :) Nice guy.


KJ - I respect this guy a lot, very first TWO member, and knows his footy etc. He is royalty around TWO and deserves to be. Awesome bloke.


Latino Reheat - Controversial. :)


AlanJP - This guy is a gem for TWO. Been here for 2 years but finally breaking through in the last few months, and rightfully so. I always look forward to his posts.


Jungmuta - Genius.


HSM - I get on well with HSM. He is great to chat too and his posts are always an entertaining read. Keep it up dude!



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DraVen - Says what he means and means what he says. Has worked hard for the site and does his job as US Forum Leader well.


Cactus Jack - Great poster although I still suspect he is anti-Benoit (me being the paranoid bugger I am) ;)


The Crippler - Benoit fanboy who is very overrated around these parts.


Kam - Stopped me from leaving these boards on my first day here. (See

Latino Reheat). Very modest guy, very fair and has done a hell of a job these past 4 years.


Goldy - One of my favourite internet persons. Lovely in real life also and I'm really looking forward to seeing her at the end of the month. A real sweetheart.


Seabass - I've never really spoken to Seabass which is a shame but he's been around these parts a long time and a lot of his posts are very amusing.


Chris2K - I like Christopher. Probably the most enthusiastic person at TWO in terms of wanting to contribute. I'm often amazed how his interest in wrestling is so high when he hasn't got to see much of it. Actually, maybe the fact he hasn't seen too much of it is why his interest is so high! :lol


Pabster - I'd also like to jump on the Pab for Hall of Fame bandwagon. One of the old guard and I've mucho respect for him.


Nicole - Nicole's one whose posts have become incredibly good over these last few years. At first I was a bit wary of her posts but also kep in mind she was only about 12 or 13 (I think) and shes really come on well these last few years and seems to have really matured.


Peter - Peter is another good poster whose posts I enjoy reading. He's been around here for a while, doesn't go out of his way to make himself noticed but is a good contributer to TWO.


Russ - Funny chap who I was instantly fond of - not because of his humour or looks but because he was a Rangers man. Of course nowadays you'll find him saying he doesn't support them and that he's an Accies man and an Accies man only, but I know deep down yer still a Bluenose Russy boy. :P


Tajiri - Great poster and a fellow Norn Iron fan who I'll look forward to gloating with to all you English when we stuff ye at Windsor. :D


Peter K - I don't think much more can be said about this man. PK are a star!


Simon - Good poster whose hatred for Triple H shines through with every post. :P


BRM - Has kind of vanished. Decent contributor. At one stage seemed to try and defeat Latino Reheat in the post whore stakes but has seemingly disappeared now.


KJ - Does a great job with the football prediction league and I was delighted to see him getting into the Hall of Fame a couple of years ago.


Latino Reheat - Flamed me viciously back in Y2K on my first day here for questioning the use of the Lion Sault as a finisher. That didn't give me a good impression of this place and I was about to move on and look elsewhere when Kam told Latino off and kinda agreed with what I had said. Seemed to take incredible pride in the fact he was the highest poster here for ages.


AlanJP - Another great poster. Surprised hes been here 2 years already, goes about his business quietly but his posts are always ones I enjoy reading.


Jungmuta - Shame hes not around as much because of Uni. Like others said, he's got a great knowledge of the wrestling business.


HSM - Good guy online and just the same in person. Hasn't been as angry around here lately but as someone pointed out, that's probably because of the lack of Nash bashing. :lol ;) Good guy whose done a lot of good work around here.

Edited by The Crippler
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Cons: Didn't fire Colin earlier, kinda scares me sometimes with his love for Buffy/Jeff Hardy


He never fired me at all Russicakes.



Pros: N/A

Cons: Can't meet deadlines, takes all the credit for liking The Coach despite jumping on the bandwagon after his heel turn (I liked Coach since his debut!), ruined TWO Video Games Week, never sent me 10 Things To Do With WCW Backstage Assault, plays Fire Pro A on level 10 when I play it on level 8, would probably beat me at the quiz this year, his WCW Revenge review wasn't in the usual format, he never did anything as Video Games Forum leader, his Paint pictures destory topics. BAN HIM. [/Quote]


You've just been waiting for a chance to unleash that rant haven't you.

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Thanks for the comments guys :xyx




DraVen - Always stands up for what he believes in, and there is nowt wrong in that.


The Crippler - Respect. As simple as that.


Kam - He's the leader, so we've got to like him ;)


Goldy - Don't know her too well, but she does no harm :P


Seabass - Has taken an hiatus?


Chris2K - Work-A-Holic on these forums


Pabster - Top quality. Need I say more?


Nicole - Another one I don;t know too well. From the legends, I'm glad I have so far escaped her wrath :P


Peter - Good 'Un.


Russ - Has the worst sense of humour. EVER. :P


Tajiri - Usually has opposite opinions to me, but it is most welcome.


Peter K - Peter Knott ECW/WCW Fan; has grown forum-wise this last year.


Simon - A guy that needs to get in contact with me; where are you pal?


BRM - Is hardly around these days.


KJ - As a Man Utd fan, I have to like him. Great guy, and certainly an asset to TWO.


Latino Reheat - Controversial?


AlanJP - Mr. Jessop-Peacock; good lad. Unless I got it wrong in the TWO picture thread, he looks like he's built like a proverbial brick house.


Jungmuta - I think he stays away from the US forum now?


HSM - The guys a Leicster fan *Cough* La Manga *Cough*, have some pity.

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AlanJP - Mr. Jessop-Peacock; good lad. Unless I got it wrong in the TWO picture thread, he looks like he's built like a proverbial brick house.


I am going to have to correct you there CJ, My name is spelt Jessup-Peacock, please try to get it right :P And yes i am built like one of those brick houses :xyx

Edited by Alan
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DraVen - Believe it or not I'm not sure how to sum him up :) He always talks sense and I like his style of humour. Great poster


Cactus Jack - Has finally got the hint and stopped pestering me to buy his tapes :P


The Crippler - All round top bloke, cant fault him in any way. Really enjoyed meeting him


Kam - Ah Mr Kam, Seems to take great pleasure in being nasty to me on MSN but luckily I have broad shoulders. One of the few people at TWO who I havent met that I would like too.


Goldy - What a Gal! Love her too bits and can happily talk to her for hours about pretty much everything. One of my closest friends on the net.


Seabass - Dont really know him to be honest, seems pretty genuine from what I have read


Chris2K - Ah Christopher, Was a complete and total pain in the arse when he first joined here and I'm sure he will agree about that, but he eventually settled down and evovled into a very hard working and respected member of the site. Is there anything he DOESNT do around here?


Pabster - God loves the Pabman! and who can argue?


Nicole - Matey! As everyone has mentioned already, Nicole has matured so much over the past year or so. We had our problems at one point but now we get on great and shes probably in the top 3 of my closest friends on the net.


Peter - Never really spoken much but seems like a top bloke


Russ - Very underrated as a moderator i feel, Does the job well without making much of a fuss and his never ending feud with Colin is always good for a giggle. I would probably enjoy his humour more if he didnt try to be funny in every post he makes.


Tajiri - Havent really spoke to him, but knows his stuff


Peter K - CAPITAL CONNECTION! :lol By jove hes an awesome chap


Simon - His rants make me laugh and I agree with most of his views on wrestling.


BRM - I wonder where he went


KJ - Again another who Ive never spoken too one to one but appears to be as sports mad as I am


Latino Reheat - The majority of his posts were before my time


AlanJP - Another that I havent really spoke too but seems like a top bloke, cant believe hes been here 2 years already.


Jungmuta - Like Tajiri, hes knows his stuff and you can also hear the collective groans when he appears in the chatroom on a quiz night.


HSM - Blimey am I really in the top 20 posters? Thats a shocker. I dont post as much these days as I prefer to do most of my talking through MSN. Still love TWO though and Im glad that Kam gave me a job here and hopefully I'll be around for a while too come :)

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Here we go then :)


DraVen - Posts are always of a really good standard, and he expresses his opinions very well.

Cactus Jack - Again always put across his opinion very well, great poster.

The Crippler - Great person, one of the TWO veterans, posts are always interesting too :xyx

Kam - The boss, always very friendly.

Goldy - A really nice person, always very friendly and entertaining, never has a bad thing to say :thumbsup

Seabass - Posts here and at BN are always very funny and enjoyable to read.

Chris2K - Is probably the reason why the US Forum is so active these days, does a hell of a lot of work for the forums, great stuff :xyx

Pabster - Always a great person to chat to and comes up with some brilliant topics for BN and General Chat :xyx

Nicole - In the last couple of years has been one of the best posters around, well done.

Russ - Posts are always a great mix of fact, humour and opinion, and is a very nice person also :)

Tajiri - Don't really know him too well, posts some really good stuff though.

Peter K - Yep PK = Legend :worship

Simon - Great poster in the US Scene, posts are always of a high standard, and his HHH bashing is hilarious! :D

BRM - Posts rarely these days, seems alright.

KJ - Very knowledgable with Sport, and comes across as a great person.

Latino Reheat - See BRM

AlanJP - Only just became familiar with Mr JP as hes started posting regularly, another nice guy.

Jungmuta - Very knowledgable when it comes to wrestling and music, shame he isn't around much any more.

HSM - Posts rarely these days, but those few posts are always worth reading. :)

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