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Favourit Crowd Sign

Guest Perfection

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Guest Perfection

Favourite Crowd Sign


This was posted at the old Forums and was very popular so i thought i'd do a new one here :)


I can only think of 3 from the top of my head so here they are


"I fling Poo"


"Hes with stupid"




I hope you can come up with more than me ;)

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let me just go and look at *my list of signs i've seen


*when i say "my" i mean where i've paste and copied on word :) ...anyway


"Scott Hall is a Jerichoholic"


"I'm taping RAW!"




"Nitro = Nothing Interesting Turn Raw On"


"Mark"- with arrows pointing in every direction


"Chyna You're The Man!"


"I hate signs"


"Sable 4:69"


and the all time classic


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Actually, Seabass, it was "Astin slod out", not "Austin sold out", according to powerslam. But any ways......


"HHH sucks Jacks Cactus"




"Pork is not a verb"


"Stings up there"


"Just look at the carnage"


"I want to be Keiblers elf"


"We want fat chicks"


"Today is Tuesday"


"I wanna smack the rocks bottom"


"Walls of Doink"


"I'm missing Nickelodeon to be here"


"I'm skipping work to watch this"


Bring back Kronik-They rule"


"I'd rather be at Nitro"<------Raw, Dec 24 2001


"Vince confiscates signs"


Just thought i'd add a couple.

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