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***Official Raw Thread - 4th May 2004 - Showdown in the Desert***


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The opening pyro hits and we’re live from Phoenix, Arizona. Tonight, it’s Chris Benoit defending his world heavyweight championship against Shawn Michaels.


Evolution vs. Shelton Benjamin, Tajiri & Edge

-Evolution members Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton come out and stand at the top of the ramp to pose before heading to the ring and posing some more there. Their opponents, Shelton Benjamin, Tajiri and Edge come out in that order. Orton and Benjamin start things off and Benjamin gains the upperhand with an armlock before quickly tagging out to Tajiri who takes down Orton with a drop toehold. Orton fights out with an eye gouge and tags to Triple H, who is greeted with a chorus of “You tapped out” chants. Triple H is nailed with a reverse roundhouse kick and Tajiri quickly hustles over and tags Edge who stares down Triple H befor taking him down with a side headlock takeover. They lock up several times before Triple H finally takes control with some kicks before tagging out to Orton again who backs Edge into a corner and chokes him. Batista is tagged in and he continues to dominate Edge, powerslamming him for a near fall which is interrupted by Benjamin. With the ref’s back turned, Evolution takes the opportunity to triple team Edge. Triple H back in, working away on Edge’s injured left hand and we see repeated quick tags on Evolution’s part. Finally, Edge is able to tag to Tajiri who cleans house for a while but he’s subdued by Batista who punches him viciously in the back.


– Commercial –


Evolution vs. Shelton Benjamin, Tajiri & Edge – Continued

-We come back to see Tajiri continuining to be punished, first by Orton, then by Batista and then behind the ref’s back again, by Triple H. Orton is tagged by in and he puts Tajiri in a chinlock but Tajiri eventually fights out and makes the hot tag to Edge. All hell breaks loose soon thereafter with Batista and Shelton Benjamin in the ring and Benjamin clotheslining him to the outside. Back in the ring, Orton sneaks up behind Edge for the RKO but Edge stops it just as Tajiri nails Orton with a martial arts shot. Batista storms in to take out Tajiri while Edge and Orton duke it out. Batista gets ready to powerbomb Tajiri but he spits the Green Mist into his face. Orton tries to check on Batista but as he turns around Edge nails him with the Spear for the pinfall victory.


Backstage, Jonathan Coachman talks to Garrison Cade about Phoenix, its weather and its ladies. They run down the city a little and Cade starts talking about how he has two hotties when Vince McMahon comes up from behind. Vince says that he could be in Phoenix for the weather, the beautiful or perhaps for the world heavyweight championship. McMahon says he’s here to see the championship match which is the essence of the business.


They recap last week’s Smackdown!. I won’t get into that but if you want to read about that show, check out the results on the site. Jim Ross then talks about an incident from a house show in El Paso, TX over the weekend where Eddie Guerrero brought his family out and his mother ended up getting a heart attack.


Backstage, Triple H complains to Eric Bischoff about not getting a title match against Chris Benoit. Batista then says he wants Tajiri tonight in a match while Orton chimes in saying that something needs to be done about the cheapshots. Johnny Nitro comes in and has an idea. He whispers something into Bischoff’s ear and Eric says “really, he’s here?” and tells Nitro to go get the skybox ready. Bischoff then books Tajiri vs. Batista, Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin and Randy Orton vs. Edge for the Intercontinental title on next week’s RAW. Orton isn’t enthused.


Rob Conway (w/ Sylvain Grenier) vs. Hurricane (w/ Rosey)

-Jim Ross announces that they have some footage of William Regal training Eugene for his upcoming match next week against Conway and they’ll show it later tonight. Hurricane gets a quick rollup for two but Conway catches him in an atomic drop before hitting him with a neckbreaker. Conway continues to work on the neck but Hurricane powers his way with some right hands. Hurricane misses the Shining Wizard but Conway ducks out of the way and hits Hurricane with a modified slam off the ropes for the pinfall victory.


After the match, Conway grabs a mic and tells Eugene that he just saw a preview of what will happen next week. He adds that next week, a special person will get a special beating.


JR and Jerry Lawler talk about the recent developments with Kane and his infatuation with Lita. They run a series of clips highlighting what has gone down.


Kane vs. Steven Richards

-Kane runs in and completely dominates Richards. A vicious kick drops Richards and Kane just picks him up and chokeslams him, giving him a very easy pinfall victory. Kane then runs off to the back as Jerry Lawler lets us know that Matt Hardy will be the guest on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel tonight.


Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel

-Jericho starts off by saying that it’s been far too long since he had a title match of his own. So tonight, he will officially make a challenge - to the winner of the Chris Benoit/Shawn Michaels match that a new challenger is awaiting and his initials aren’t HHH; they’re Y2J. With that, he introduces Matt Hardy Version 1. Hardy says he’s not out here to talk about Kane; he’s here to talk about Lita. Matt turns to the backstage area and asks for Lita to come out because he has something to say to her face-to-face. Lita is shown backstage. She says that she never loved him and she’s found someone else. She requests that Matt stay away from her forever. Lita finally shakes her head and says she can’t do this anymore. She begins to call for help, saying she’s in the boiler room and the camera pans out and we see that Kane is beside her and she’s tied to the chair she’s sitting in. As Lita continues to scream, Kane tells her that she shouldn’t have done that and stares into the camera with an evil look. Back live, Matt realizes what’s going on and rushes to the back leaving Jericho by himself. Before Jericho can say much, Christian, Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko come out. Christian yaps a little about Jericho attacking him last week before Tomko rushes to the ring and goes at it with Jericho. Christian sneaks up from behind but Jericho nails him, only to turn around and run into Tomko’s boot. The two of them beat up Jericho and Trish joins in by low-blowing him.


Backstage, we see Matt Hardy frantically searching around for Lita. We see Lita’s screams and Matt finally finds her only to find out that Kane has already left. He unties Lita and asks if Kane touched her. Lita says no but then starts crying and says she doesn’t want to talk about it.


Gail Kim (w/ Molly Holly) vs. Victoria (Non-Title Match)

-Gail starts off quickly but Victoria picks her up and almost military presses her before just kinda dropping her to the mat. Victoria then hits a standing moonsault and goes for the cover but Molly pulls her off, allowing Gail to kick Victoria and take her down. Gail sends Victoria to the outside and then distracts the ref, so Molly takes the opportunity to get in some cheap shots. Back in the ring, Gail continues to have the upperhand, slamming Victoria’s face into the mat a couple times and kicking her once or twice too. Gail puts on a Dragon Sleeper before converting it into a pinning combination for two. Gail then locks on a chinlock and another modified Dragon Sleeper. Victoria fights out and heads to the ropes but Molly grabs her leg so Victoria shakes her off and hits Gail with a back bodydrop. She then drops Gail on her back and punches her in the face twice and kicks her in the gut. She goes for another back drop but Gail turns it into her armbar/head scissors submission and Victoria is forced to tap out.


We see footage of Eugene training. William Regal talks to Tom Prichard about it as Eugene pretty much plays in the background. Regal says this is probably his chance to get rid of Eugene because he’ll tortune him so bad that being a wrestler will be the last thing he wants.


Vince McMahon is sitting in the skybox all by himself.


We go back to see Regal training Eugene. Regal starts off by teaching Regal a basic lockup and armdrag. Regal hurls Eugene to the ground and says that it’s now his turn to try. Eugene does it just as good as Regal so a surprise Egal says let’s move on. We then see several more clips of Regal teaching Eugene but most of it is of Eugene getting the better of Regal. Regal then moves on to his specialty but it’s Eugene once again who appears to be teaching Regal a few new moves. Prichard is shown cheering from the sidelines until Regal finally taps out and asks Eugene to let go. Regal finally admits that Eugene is probably ready for his match.


Eric Bischoff comes out and announces that next week, it will be Christian vs. Chris Jericho in a steel cage match.


Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit (World Title Match)

-They lock up but are soon broken apart by the ref. Benoit shoves Michaels and Michaels responds with a right hand and then go head-to-head for a while before Michaels takes him over and puts on a headlock. Benoit gets out of it and takes control with a clothesline and back bodydrop before hitting another clothesline which causes Michaels to go flying over the top rope. Back in the center of the ring, Benoit punches away on Michaels but Shawn swings off the ropes and hits a flying forearm and springs back up. Michaels goes after Benoit and almost runs into the Crossface on two occasions but he’s able to battle out and level Benoit with a punch.


– Commercial –


Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit (World Title Match) – Continued

-I don’t know if it’s TSN or what, but the match abruptly cut to a commercial with no warning from JR. When we come back, Michaels is walking around with Benoit on the mat. Michaels nails him with a suplex and goes for the cover but Benoit grabs the ropes to break the count. Michaels lowers some knees into Benoit’s back area and gets another near fall. Michaels comes off the rope but is caught in an inside cradle for a two count. Benoit counters twice more and gets a couple more near falls but Michaels levels him to stop the momentum. Scoop slam by HBK and he contemplates going to the top but he decides to slam him once more before heading to the top. From there, he drops an elbow and sets up for the Sweet Chin Music but Benoit ducks and takes him down three German suplexes. Benoit then starts climbing to the top but he stops halfway as he sees Shawn getting back up to hit another suplex. From the top, Benoit goes for a flying headbutt but Michaels moves out of the way and crawls over him for a two count. Michaels tries for the top again but is caught there and knocked down with chops and punches. Benoit tries to bring him in with a suplex but Michaels blocks it and suplexes Benoit from the inside to the outside instead. Shawn then nails a beautiful moonsault from the top onto Benoit who is still on the outside. As we head to commercial, Benoit is shown busted open with Michaels awaiting him in the ring.


– Commercial –


Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit (World Title Match) – Continued

-As we come back, a bloodied Benoit is back in the ring and Michaels has him in a chinlock but Benoit counters and hits a belly-to-back suplex to break the hold. Shawn then hits a dropkick for another two count and Benoit battles back again to hit a German Suplex into a pinning combination for two. They exchange reverse knife edge chops and Benoit gainst he upperhand but Michaels counters a kick and turns it into a modified Boston Crab but it’s broken when Benoit reaches the ropes. Benoit then rams Michaels’ head into the turnbuckle before locking inthe Crippler Crossface but Shawn makes his way to the ropes, forcing Benoit to break the hold. Benoit lets go and then snaps on the Crossface again but Shawn once again reaches the ropes. Michaels goes for the Sweet Chin Music but Benoit blocks it and goes for the Sharpshooter but yet again, Shawn grabs the ropes. Benoit then decides to pull Michaels into the middle of the ring, but Shawn kicks him and Benoit collides with the ref, knocking him out. As both wrestlers get up, Michaels surprises Benoit with the Sweet Chin Music but can’t immediately cover him. As Michaels struggles over, Triple H runs in and nails Shawn with the Pedigree before jumping over into the audience and pretending like he didn’t do anything. In the ring, Benoit slowly gets up and puts an arm over Michaels just as the ref gets up and counts to three, giving Benoit the victory.


As Benoit celebrates, Triple H looks on from the front row, smirking and clapping mockingly towards Shawn Michaels.


End of show.

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Sounds like a fantastic show, aside from one or two wee things. I'd have prefered to have seen Eugene "surprise" Conway next week by being a great wrestler, instead of having it spoiled. And anything involving females in WWE wrestling makes me change the channel. And the finish to the fantastic-sounding HBK Vs Benoit match would have been a lot more satisfying without 3 certain letters. But it sounds like a can't-miss show, as well as doing a lot of good by building for next week's Raw and beyond.


What's the bets that next week's Raw will be better than Judgment Day? :P

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They've done a fine job of building up for next weeks RAW, On paper it looks like next weeks show could be just as good as any non WM PPV that WWE have put out this year.


I wonder if WWE are gonna follow up now on that challenge Jericho issued during the Highlight Reel.


Possible Jericho/Benoit at Bad Blood...Surely Not.

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This weeks RAW gave me some mixed reactions.


The Eugene training session was totaly awfull. It seems like the end of Eugene is apon us.


The main event was one of the best in a long long time, probaly since HHH-HBK a few months back. It was nice to see Shawn Micheals hit his old back drop that he use to use as a finisher a while back. The ending was somewhat predictable but still an enjoyable one. The match also brought out a holy shit moment with the moonsault to the outside.


8/10 for this weeks Raw.

Next weeks raw is almost like a PPV, it is going to be an amazing show.


Edge - Orton. Two of the talented stars on RAW, I think this one will be match of the night, it will probaly end with a DQ.


Christian - Jericho in the cage. Christian will proably win with the help of tyson tomco. Should be violent though.


Batista - Tajiri, should be a nice match, a chance for them to show Bastistas power in a singles match


HHH - Benjimen. I don't see HHH loseing this match, maybe a run-in from HBK will cost HHH the match leading to friction between HBK and bejimen :)



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this was indeed a great show with 2 very good standout matches (both in the 4 star range)


a nice touch in the eugene training segment was when regal asked him to do an armdrag and eugene proceeded to say "steamboat, steamboat"


the 6 man tag was excellent and tajiri (who i expected to be the job boy) came out looking great


tazz13 - get the Y out

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You know American Dragon uses that version of the backdrop in Japan as a finisher, do remember he was trained by Michaels fact fans... But when did HHH actually realise you have to sell and job... I mean he let Tajiri make a fool of him, he did a job to Shelton and there wasn't even a post match beatdown on Raw to get back his heat, could he be reforming?
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Great show I thought. Raw is really on top form this past while. The Eugene/Regal skits were very amusing. The opener and the main event were both great matches. Michaels versus Benoit was brilliant although I thought the finish was a bit disappointing. Michaels having the match won with the Sweet Chin Music then Benoit capitalising on Triple H hitting a Pedigree and thus getting a cheap win was more befitting of a sneaky little heel than a face World Champion. Of course you could say that Benoit didn't see Triple H come into the ring but still, disappointing finish to a great match. Edited by The Crippler
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Having avoided spoilers all week I was really pumped up for this show and I wasn't let down, was great from start to finish. Eugene and Regal as Crippler said were very amusing and I can't wait to see him beat Rob Conway next week.


The Main event was probably one of the best if not the best TV match I have seen in a long time, both men worked their asses off. Crippler told me that he thought the crowd was more for HBK but I think it was very 50-50 which made the match even better. It was just a shame that Triple H had to get involved in the ending of it.


I don't like giving shows a rating out of ten so I'll just give this show a big thumbs up :thumb:


Next week's show looks impressive, if I had to choose what to watch next week, RAW or Judgment Day.... I know I'd choose RAW

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Wow! A very good Raw, and to top it off, it looks like it will be better next week.


6-Man Tag was an excellent match with a good ending. Putting over the Spear like that. Tajiri looked good and Batista proved a lot of his critics wrong. He was solid. The entire match was good.


Hurricane did a great job of jobbing to Conway. It wasn't a great match by any stretch of the imagination but it did the trick of building up Conway.


Kane - squash match. The next Goldberg?


The women's match was teriffic!! I'm sorry Russ I disagree with you today mate. Gail Kim was extremely, extremely good and has devised a finisher which silences the crowd in amazement. It was right that Victoria tapped out. The main disappointment I suppose was that Vicky COULDN'T QUITE overhead press Kim. She's big enough, and probably strong enough, but the move didn't come off and it looked stoopid.


What's that? Christian and Tyson Tomko interrupted the Highlight Reel? I never saw THAT coming. Am mucho mucho looking forward to the Cage Match, though.


Excellent main event. HBK (although I haven't really cheered for him since 1995 or something) was GREAT. WHAT a moonsault to the outside!! A very disappointing ending to the match. This was one match in which I wanted a clean victory.


8/10 for tonight. Should be a higher score next week.


EUGENE: Boyo has been keeping track of Eugene, I have been perhaps the most sceptical of the whole Eugene concept. What I said last week seems to be correct (if you'll allow me to blow my own trumpet):


Eugene's in-ring style will appear to be a mixture of slapstick comedy and pure, unrivalled wrestling genius. Funny Regal skit. Expect Eugene to beat Conway.



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A great Raw :xyx


Next's week show could easily be a PPV.


Eugene was funny, with Regal adding to the humour.


Excellent opening match, throughly enjoyed it.


Good main-event, but in my opinion not better than the HHH/HBK false finish match last year (I think).


And did I hear right? Vinnie Mac got CHEERED when he entered backstage?

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Dr Tom did look stoopid.


Regal is brilliant, they should sack The King and make Regal the commentator, although the Americans wouldn't get half of his sense of humour!


Christian totally rules, the highlight reel was obviously a highlight. Trish's D-von style kick to the knackers was spot on.

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Tyson better have some cool moves, u can't have tatts like that and not do hard, cool moves... I thought Batista would and cried when all he does is a stinking bomb...

Then again he's called Tyson Tomko, I wouldn't call a hard man Tomko, shoulds like those old toy trucks... Tonka.

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