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Brian Hutchins?


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Yes, Chris2K is in the UK Forum! :eek ;)


Just found this on 411:


It is being reported over in the UK that WWE has promised to offer Brian "Snatch Haggis" Hutchins a contract next year. Snatch is a camouflage-style kilt wearing wrestler.


Can anyone give me some info on him? :)

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I found this;


A SCOTS wrestler called Snatch Haggis is making mincemeat out of his American rivals.


He competes in a camouflage-style kilt to the rousing strains of Flower Of Scotland and now he's set to hit the big time.


Haggis has already powered his way through 200 bone-crunching fights, using specialist moves such as the Loch Ness Suplex, Haggis Drop and the Celtic Knot.


Now, after being talent-spotted by World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly the World Wrestling Federation, he is on the verge of becoming a professional fighter.


The 17-stone warrior is protected on his way to the ring by his minders, known as the Kilted Nation.


Cheered on by hordes of expats, 29-year-old Haggis announces before each clash that he's a true Scotsman with the catchphrase: 'You wouldn't find a member of the Kilted Nation wearing pants.'


The wrestler real name Brian Hutchins originally hails from the tiny Isle of Ulva, near Mull. His family moved from the Western Isles to Virginia when he was two years old.


He starred in Highland games in America, then honed his fighting skills in the KYDA Pro Wrestling and World Wrestling Alliance arenas.


Now his antics in the ring have caught the attention of WWE.


Haggis a computer expert by day has been promised a lucrative professional contract next year.


Speaking from his Washington DC gym yesterday, he said: 'The kilt really gets the crowd going and my opponents always slag it but that's part of my routine. If they're focused on my image they aren't prepared for the moves that I have up my sleeve.


'The crowds love the Loch Ness Suplex when I pull my opponent's arm through his legs and throw him over my shoulder.


'But people either love or hate my image and that's what the sport is about, producing a reaction.


'I must be doing OK. Around 3000 people have hit my website and hundreds turn up to watch me fight each week, many of them Scottish.'


Snatch Haggis T-shirts, caps, mugs and even underwear are now on sale.


He said: 'I like the name because it clearly says, 'I'm a Scottish warrior and I'm gonna snatch your title from you'.'



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