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New Virus Threat - Sasser


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Have some of you recently been experceing disconnections from the internet after about 10-20 mins, even those with Broadband! well chances are either your cousin has been pulling out the Internet wire...Or most liekly you've been hit with the Sasser computer worm. For More info (and a fix on it) go here - http://story.news.yahoo.com/fc?cid=34&tmpl=fc&in=Tech&cat=Computer_Viruses_and_Worms


for the fix go here - http://www.microsoft.com/security/incident/sasser.asp


If it's not new...meh i'll just go back to my cave and never try to help you lot again >_<

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I had this, I didn't realise that was what it was though. It was soo damn annoying! No idea how I managed to get any UK work done this week as I was getting disconnected every few minutes, pages wern't loading or taking ages, which shouldn't be the case with broadband. Needless to say it did my head in!


Anyways fortunately I updated windows as a matter of course in searching for a solution and it's seemingly worked, although I did download all sorts trying to fix the problem!


*touch wood* i'm ok now, but just a quick tip, if you do the updates thingy, restart your comp then it will set in properly. :)

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vigin.net sent out an email on this virus which is similar in style to the worm blaster virus that i myself had, they say that the stuff needed to block and destroy this new virus is available at




bill gates has the answer, but fortunately i havent had this virus yet so im off to get this antivirus thingy. Technology today eh?

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