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Football Chants/Songs


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After being at yet another West Ham victory a couple of weeks ago against Coventry i got involved with all the usual chants and songs as per usual. Now it got me thinking (which is tough to do), there are literally thousands of different chants and songs that have been used at football matches over the years for and against each team. What i want to know is, which ones stand out in your mind? which ones do you always join in with? which ones provoke an instant emotional reaction?


Mine will follow shortly.

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Keep Right On

Shit on the Villa

Clin-ton, Clinton Morrison

Woah Kenny Kenny

Ole Ole, David Dunn dunn dunn


We love you Robbie (I love this one, so I'll write it out):

To the tune of Can't take my eyes off of you (I love you baby)


We love you Robbie, cos you got long hair

we love you robbie, cos your everywhere,

we love you robbie, cos you play for the blues


To the scousers:

to the tune of you are my sunshine: You are a scouser, an ugly scouser, your only happy, on giro day, your mom's out thieving, your dads drug dealing, please don't take, my hubcaps away


Hey, Hey scouser, I wanna know, if you've seen my dvd


When the Blues, go marching in


Stevie Bruces blue and white army


Feed the Forsse


I can't read, I can't write, but that don't really matter, cos Im a norwich city fan and I can drive a tractor


Come back, when your balls have dropped


Can we hear the Villa sing, No No, can we hear the villa sing, we cant hear a ****ing thing


Cardiff dance (our song for getting promotion)

Boyo , Boyo, You Couldn't Fill A Fridge,

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, You Couldn't Fill A Fridge,

Your Mother's Selling Tupperware,

You Father's pissed his pants,

Were all doing the Cardiff Dance!


Were on the way, were on the way, were on the way, were on the way, were on the way, how do we get there I dont know, how do we get there I dont care, all I know is blues are on there way.


Cockney scum, get outta brum


Go Home, you might aswell Go home


Wankey wankey warriors


Okey kokey matty upson/Darren Purse/Ian bennett


We are brummies, we are brummies, we are brummies yes we are, you are wankers, you are wankers you are wankers, yes you are


Eggs, sausage bacon and beans, we all know what it means


We'll be running round the bullring with the cup


Sign on, sign on, with a pen, in your hand, and you'll never work again, you'll never work again (to scousers again)


Oh and some ones we made up for leicester this year


You only score with the germans


Your going down with your Dickov


and I led block 36 in a rousing sing song of Dickovs going down

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Hamilton used to have a wide variety of songs. When the hated Jim Watson was in charge, you had the choice of chanting either "Watson must go" or "Sack the board" for 90 minutes. Sometimes we'd do 45 minutes of each, sometimes we'd do one after the other. Sometimes we even did them in harmony so one half of the ground would be doing "Watson must go" at the same time as "Sack the board". Aah, these were the days.


But nowadays, we've got nothing to moan about. The board has been sacked, Watson has gone, and we've got one of the best young teams outside of the top two divisions, and we can still go up this season if results go our way. Aside from the god-awful "A-C-C-I-E-S, Hamilton Accies are the best!" chants, we don't sing much. But when Brian McPhee, nicknamed The Bee, scores a goal, the Accies fans chant "Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee-Bee" in the same way as Man Utd do for Ruud.


As for Scotland songs, you can't beat a wee chorus of "We'll be comin' doon the road". I used to get drunk and stagger about singing that all night long. It's been about half a year since I've done that, and "When ya hear thuh noise uv the Tair-tan Airmy boiys" doesn't have the same ring when you're sober.

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Heres one or two from a coupla seasons ago when we knocked Man U out the FA cup 1-0 with Di Canio's "contraversial" goal.


To the tune of The Hokey Cokey

"He puts his right arm up

his left arm down

he looks at the linesman but the flag is down

so Paolo sticks the ball in

and the scum are out

thats what its all about

ooooohhhh Fabby Barthez

ooooohhhh Fabby Barthez

ooooohhhh Fabby Barthez

hes bent arm stretched

C*** C*** C***


To the tune of "Amore"

If the Munichs get beat after trying to cheat

thats Di Canio

And when Man U get stitched and they all blame the pitch

thats Di Canio

When we make them look crap after springing their trap

thats Di Canio

When the w*****s dont sink becuase their sipping their gin

thats Di Canio

When the balls in the goal and its Joey Cole

Its Di Canio


(both a bit out of date, but quality none the less!)


Another one to the tune of Hokey Cokey, but this was used mainly by us hooligans :lol

"You put your left boot in, your left boot out

In out in out you shake it all about

you kick the f*****s head in and you turn around

and thats what its all about


And finally one for the scousers in the tune of "In My Liverpool Home"

"In your liverpool home, in your liverpool home

you look in the dustbin for something to eat

you find a dead dog and you think its a treat

in your liverpool home"


And how could i leave out this age old favourite

"I'm forever blowing bubbles

pretty bubbles in the air

they fly so high

they reach the sky

then like our dreams they fade and die

fortunes always hiding

i've looked everywhere

i'm forever blowing bubbles

pretty bubbles in the air"

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We have an anti Steve McMahon chant because the bastard ditched us:


He's fat

He's Scouse

He's probabaly robbed your house

Steve McMahon, Steve McMahon


Aaaah, that old chestnut.


Got some Gooner songs:


(To "You'll Never Walk Alone")

Cygan, Cygan

With hope

In your heart...


Erm, and that's about it. All the other songs you know because the Gooners have the best singing voices in the land.



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As a Man Utd fan who has class unlike the rest of the glory hunting new lot may I say congrats to Arsenal, they have played the best football all season and deserved to win the league, shame about the cups hehehe...


As a Utd fan we have the old classics


We are the pride of all Europe

The cock of the north

We hate the scousers, the cockneys of course



You have to shout the last line in a voice that makes impossible to understand...


But the thing I hate about some fans are the sick chants, I mean as a Utd fan when SOME City, Leeds and Liverpool fans chant about Munich I feel like I ant to firebomb their grounds, its horrible and also when Utd fans sing about Bill Shankley dying, as a human that pisses me off as well, theres no point in being nasty about loss of life.

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You know I don't know, but then again the last time I got to see a game was against Southampton when we beat them 6-1 such is the trouble getting them. The last time I could get a season ticket was 94/95 cause I couldn't afford one the season after so they put back on the waiting list.... hmmm, shall have to ask around...
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Gotta ask as your a united fan' date=' why do your away fans chant argentina?[/quote']


It used to get chanted as a retaliation to the ridiculous amount of abuse that Beckham used to recieve.

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