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Quinton Hann Vs Mark King

Dickie Hyde

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Well, as most of you will know, Australian snooker player is set to fight Mark King in a boxing ring in a few weeks time for £50,000. I am very interested in this fight and although King has the experience advantage I want Quinton to knock his lights out. The guy is amazing and truely entertaining.


This bout is due to be televised and I was wondering if anyone had any details on it as I really want to see it...


Please be sure to post your thoughts...





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I saw the incident on tv and thought it was a bit pathetic really. Ok there was a bit of tension there, but Hann over-reacted IMO. But hey what can you do? Its interesting to see that they are going to actually go ahead with the fight, i reckon it would be fun to watch :D
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I've read up on it now and Mark King is standing up for Andy Hicks who is his best mate, so he's gonna be the one fighting Hann.


TV news:


He said: "Whatever TV station shows this will get a massive audience. This isn't a fascination fight like Grant Bovey and Ricky Gervais, there is genuine needle here.


"The public will love this because Mark is sticking up for Andy, while everyone feels Quinten is a little bit odd and too aggressive."


Tickets are even due to go on sale within the next 48 hours. But the BBC were still silent last night on whether they went to televise the tear-up.


Cheers. :)

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