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Results from Cramlington (wZw) 117 Photo's


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Shady Nattrass (w) Vs Bomber Mills


J and Xl came down to the ring as shady was taken a pretty bad beaten from the Ex Kick Boxing Champ and J held Bomberand XL went to superkick him, Bober ducked and J took the full foot in the Jaw. They ended up fighting in the ring, Commissioner Graham steped in and made the match Nattrass Boy against Nattrass Boy in a table match...


Carbon (w) Vs Full Pack (Handicap Match)


MTX and Shabazz (w) (BRAWL) Vs DOA (BCW) (Tag Tourny Match)


J Vs XL (w) Nattrass (Table Match)


XL got the win after powerbombing J over the top rope through the table to the outside.



Stevie Lynn w/Rio Vs Livewire (No Contest) (Special Ref - Juvenile)


Juvenile being tag partner and friend to Livewire would not call it fair, the fans went nuts, Stevie ended up pshing Juvi and then got gored by him for his trouble. They proceeded to beat up stevie and then went for Rio, she ended up being powerbombed onto the mat. Juvi and Livewire picked up Stevie, dragged him to the announce table and powerbombed him through the table, AJ anderson came out with steel chair and made the save..



Iceman (w) Vs Hghlander (Chain Match - Exteme Title Match)

Brutal and bloody.....



Spud & Laken Xantar Vs Kev O Neil & Celt Kennady (w) (Tag Tourny Match)


Highlight for me, was when Spud spingboard summersaulted to the outside, over the crowd barriers and took out Kev and Celt.



Domino Vs Spitfire Vs General Trent Steel (w) (wzw heavy weight title match)


Great show, the fans enjoyed it, we will back there in 3 months.....



Over 100 images now posted in the wZw Album...






as an example.....



Photo's can be found at http://www.wzwuk.com/album

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