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New promotion set to debut in US

Dead Crow

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From PWInsider>>>



As we broke here Friday on PWInsider.com, Court Bauer and Teddy Hart have announced the formation of H2Wrestling, a new promotion which will debut on Saturday 6/26 at the Roxy in Boston, MA. The promotion is being backed by WGO Properties, an Asian company based out of Hong Kong which handles a lot of musical acts in the Asian community. WGO had a connection with Bauer as they purchased the video library and assets of Bauer's former company Major League Wrestling after MLW folded in February.


WGO contacted Bauer, who had taken a position in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and has been shopping around a screenplay, about creating new wrestling content for overseas distribution. Bauer, who didn't want to be involved in reviving MLW, instead presented the H2Wrestling concept, which he and Hart (who worked the last two shots for MLW) had been tossing around in conversation after the closing of MLW. The basic concept of the H2Wrestling promotion is to present a high-flying Toryumon/Matrats.com-esque product, focusing on a young demographic while running shows in intimate, club-like settings.


The plan is to make the promotion very off the wall and abstract with what was described to me as very larger than life characters mixed with a crazy Lucha Libre style. To add to that appearance and enhance the high flying moves, the promotion will be using the six-sided ring that AAA and Toryumon popularized. Although many of the names that have been announced thus far are familiar to the Internet audience, the plan is not to heavily cater to the Internet audience, but to try and attract young male and female fans.


The promotion intends to promote exclusively in nightclubs and clubs and create an interactive environment with a party-like atmosphere that will include things outside of the matches themselves. They have recently hired New York City-based DJ Legacy, who formerly handled the sound and lighting for Ring of Honor to add to that image.


Some of the talent announced that will be working 6/26 include Hart, The Backseat Boyz, Harry Smith, Jack Evans, TJ Wilson, The SAT, and Toryumon's Taiji Ishimori, who does a boy band gimmick in Japan. They will also be using Canadian valet Jillian Love, who will be portraying a takeoff on Paris Hilton and will be featured in "photo shoots" on the promotion's website. I would not be shocked to see Northeastern independent workers Lit and Deranged working the show as they have been traveling and working with Hart in a number of places.


I believe the promotion has a talent agreement in place to use Toryumon performers, but I am not sure if additional talents beyond Ishimori will be working in Boston. The promotion intends to announce the addition of Eric Gargiulo as their lead commentator shortly as well. Gargiulo worked with MLW during its final events and has been the voice of Combat Zone Wrestling for several years.


Bauer, who is listed as President and Founder of the company, and Hart are listed as "Executive Producers" of the promotion and will be heading the booking and production. There is talk that some of the names involved with the Matrats.com project will also be taking backstage roles. I believe Stephen DeAngelis, who often works as a ring announcer and does production work for WEW as well as promoting events in Alaska from time to time, will also be on board in a backstage capacity.


As I noted on my Elite Hotline on Friday, it's a different concept than anything that is currently being done in the United States, so that is a plus. It's going to take time for any new product to get over, however. There is money behind the venture as the Roxy is not a cheap venue, so that's a good sign for the short term in my opinion.


I also feel that the promotion will also show the true drawing power of Ted Hart. Hart has a unique charisma that has made him loved and/or hated depending on how you view him, so this will be the real test of the drawing power some believe Hart has based on his attempt to pull Brian Pillman-like antics on the Internet and Ring of Honor. Hart is a tremendous flyer and usually gets huge reactions when he appears (he got the biggest pop at this past weekend's CZW event in Philadelphia) but whether that can translate into drawing power within a market he's never worked before will be something interesting to follow. Posts on message boards don't equal ticket sales. Now's the chance for Hart to prove himself as he's the anchor of the company.



I've said for a while Teddy Hart will be big, and will be a draw. I think this could turn out real well if Bauer doesn't make the mistakes he made last time (Kojima as champ - a foreigner he has to pay to get there and back every month, etc).

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Good thinking by Teddy Hart, you've burned bridges with every major indie promotion in the US and Canada so do you do next? promote your own show!


Its looks like it could be OK, judging by the talent they seem to be going for that Toryumon/T2P theme of half Luch half US style of wrestling which should work providing everything doesn't become a total spot fest.


MLW shows were enjoyable enough to watch but you always felt watching them that the promotion was doomed from day one.

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