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PS3, XBox 2 and the Dolphin


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why do nintendos new projects always seem to be called the dolphin??


gamecube was originally supposed to be called dolphin as was n64 probably (who knows) its meant to have a stupid name hold on while i get my psw magazine


right all this info is from blockbusters game magazine thats free (yay) in all blockbusters stores, this particular one has a hitman contracts pic on the front



Early 2005 release

19 x 9 apect ratio widescreen lcd scree (whatever)

uses sonys universla media disc (again whatever)

Graphics will be better than ps1 but not as good as ps2 (wow im bothered)



No new info other than it may be integrated into sony tvs and stuff

late 2005/early 06 release


XBOX 2:::

autumn 2005 release

flash memory card use

no hard drive



twin screen

backward compatible

released end of 2004

probably be at e3



release may be 2007 (WTF??)

thats about it


Gamecube Stuff::

in 2005 they are gonna bring out some new stuff for GCN, if anyone still has one by then or can be arsed to shell out when they can just wait for a ps3 or xbox 2

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No new info other than it may be integrated into sony tvs and stuff

late 2005/early 06 release


XBOX 2:::

autumn 2005 release

flash memory card use

no hard drive


Okay, the Xbox to hard drive issue has been resolved. You see, Microsoft were thinking weather or not to bother with a hard drive. But it seems they are going to be using an 80 Gigabyte flash memory hard drive. You see, the future of games is online of course. So you need a lot of memory to download patches, updates, maps etc. They'll probably hope to let you download games straight from the net onto your Xbox. (as this is already happening illegally, so if you can't beat em, join em.)


Sony are keeping the PS3 specs severely wrapped up, we do know the cell processor is potentially capable of calculating up to 1 trillion floating-point calculations per second. (for the non-nerds lets just say, that's bloody good)

It's said the PS3 may be able to burn CD's and DVD's although I think sony will leave that to the PSX.


Microsoft is keen to show of the Xbox specs. You may have seen the "crash", "film noir" or "xenomorph" videos which demonstate some of microsoft's new XNA technology. That basically lets developers not need to program mundane physics engines, because most of the grunt work is done automatically.


If you're a nerd you can click here to see an early diagram of the Xbox 2.


here's some early specs too.


CPU (Processor) Three IBM-developed 65nm 64-bit chips @3.5GHz+ each. Each processor has two cores, each of which can run two processes in parallel, so in effect, 12 processors. Based on either:


New IBM PowerPC Processor

IBM G5 PowerPC Processor


Graphics Chip ATi VPU, possibly a variant of their up-and-coming R500 chip.


Up to 512MB Samsung GDDR2 SDRAM running @ 1600MHz

Clocked at 500MHz+

~51.2GB/s peak bandwidth

Vertex & Pixel Shaders 3.0

DirectX 10 APIs

~300 Million Transistors on VPU

HDTV support for resolutions up to 1920x1080


Audio Dolby Digital 7.1

24-bit (DVD quality) audio

1024 channel audio

256 3D channel audio


Memory/Storage 256MB+ System RAM

80GB+ Removeable/Internal Hard Drive/Flash Memory storage

Dual-layer DVD (9.4GB), Blu-Ray disks (25GB+) or custom Microsoft disk.


I/O Connections 4 x USB 2.0 controller ports

1 x Firewire (video & image editing)

1 x 10/100mbps Ethernet connection

1 x Optical-out for digital audio

2 x Additional USB 2.0 ports for add-ons

1 x HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output


So as you can see, this will give the PS3 a run for it's money. I'm hoping the PS3 will be even more powerful. Then imagine the games we'll be playing. We'll have a long wait for these consoles. But believe me, it'll be worth it. Virtually real-life graphics and physics. Can you imagine what Gran Turismo 6 or 7 would be like (provided there's car damage), every little bit of the car would scrape off and be left to crash into next time around the track. Trails would be left in dust at the side of the road, rocks and sand would fly up from beneath the wheels. Imagine the rally stages, mud plastered up the side of the car which runs off as you reach top speed.

Dont even get me started on the rain.... oohh baby.



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