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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue #60 (Column: The Women's Division)


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Talk Wrestling Online Newsletter - Issue #60 - 2nd May 2004



Hey all,


This is Issue 60 of the TWO Newsletter! Free bus pass and pension to come soon I guess. I'm filling in for HSM (for the US News) who is on hiatus but will be back next week, Goldy delivers another round of UK News and Stephen Ashfield brings you another top quality main event. All the other usual features are here so enjoy!



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The Week in History



20 years ago this week - Kerry Von Erich defeated Ric Flair to claim the NWA World Heavyweight Title.


10 years ago this week - Larry Zbyszko defeated Lord Steven Regal for the WCW Television title.


1 year ago this week - The IWGP and NWF World Heavyweight Titles were unified in Tokyo, Japan when Yoshihiro Takayama (NWF Heavyweight Champion) pinned Yuji Nagata (IWGP Heavyweight Champion) to win the title.


Hulk Hogan made his WWE return as "Mr. America" during a SmackDown! Television taping.



Forum Focus Special



This week Tajiri posted the news that Kurt Angle was to require more surgery on his neck and this is what some of the TWO members had to say…


"Yeah, whatever anyone can say about him he sure livens up the place. See you soon Kurt." - darkstar will miss everyone's Olympic hero.


"I just wish he'd take longer off to heal his neck properly, As much I'm a huge fan of Kurt Angle I'd much rather him take the time to heal his neck properly rather than see him wrestle for a few months before picking up a potentially career ending injury. He's one of the best things to happen to WWE in the last 5 years and it would be a shame if he had to call it a day earlier than he should do." - c0ma revealing his frustration at Angle's quick returns.


"Anyway the sad thing is that this will not be the last time Angle has a neck injury, his 'Give it all and them some' style may be entertaining but it is taking years off his career aswell as damaging his health. Kurt needs to change his style before he does more serious damage to his body, Benoit and Rhyno have both shown the ability to still be as entertaining while adopting a safer in ring style, Angle needs to do the same." - Doctor WalshyBoy giving a diagnosis on the "returning wrestler from injury" situation.


Angle, did you even read the thread posts? His crying on TV was for TV. He will/should be back in the summer. His crying on TV is what WWE call "acting", because he "acts" in fictional shenanigans called "storylines". It's all the rage, these days, these "stories". - Boyo is like the kid at school who tells everyone Santa doesn't exist…which I wouldn't believe for once second!



Forum Threads of the Week





Who would believe it? A thread about Rico wins Thread of the Week! Darkstar was the man who created the thread and he was commenting on Rico's character and it turned out to be a really good thread, filled with lots of good discussion. Well done to darkstar!



http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11757 - Darkstar




Charlie started up a thread asking fellow TWO members to describe their signatures and the meaning(s) behind them. It proved to be a fun read with plenty of people getting involved. Perfect General Chat goodness. Well done to Charlie!



http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11785 - Charlie



TWO Member of the Week



Who is this week's TWO member of the week?


A newbie to the TWO forums takes this week's award. He has only been here a few weeks but has been impressing many people with his posting style. Comes across as an intelligent guy and polite, and loves a good discussion. He has had a cracking week on the forums and has made some really interesting posts. This week's TWO Member of the Week is Boyo.


Well done to Boyo on becoming the TWO member of the week!



New at Wrestling 101



Four new columns this week for you all and they are:


> The Live Wire Review - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/TonyC/350/ - Sir Tony Cottam reviews the Pro Wrestling Press (PWP). Classy read as always.


> Future Shock - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/SF/351/ - Scott Future brings you another slice of Future Shock!


> UKScene #120 - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/AdamS/353/ - Adam brings you all the news from a very busy week in the UKScene.


> Video Games: May 2004 Update - http://www.wrestling101.com/101/article/VGArticles/352/ - Russ brings you the 5th Video Games update of 2004~!



TWO Judgment Day Quiz & Chat



WWE Judgment Day Quiz and Chat - Sunday 16th May 2004


The Quiz will take place from 8-9pm in the Quiz Room, for more info see the Quiz Page:


http://www.talkwrestlingonline.com/wrestling-quiz.php (includes current leaderboard)


This is just the 5th QUIZ of the new season - so you still have a chance to reach high up on the leaderboard.


Anyone can take part in the quiz, you do not need to register, just turn up in the Quiz Room at 8pm (UK Time).


WWE Judgment Day PPV Chat - The PPV Chat will follow on after the quiz from 9pm to 1am (UK Time).



Fantasy Wrestling League

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The Fantasy Wrestling League (FWL) is back at Talk Wrestling Online! Its like fantasy football, but for wrestling…to find out more see the link below (Its FREE to enter)





US News - By Pabster



WWE News:


Lance Storm updated his online commentary this past week. He talked about him moving away from being an active wrestler and possibly moving into a position as a road agent, he said, "A lot of you have been wondering why I have been completely off the road and television the past few weeks. Well this is your answer. I have been talking with the office about taking my career in a new direction for some time now. I have been dissatisfied with my in ring career for quite a while," He says, "I have been lost in the quagmire for the better part of the year, with no direction, no focus, and quite frankly no forward motion. This isn't anyone's fault so much as it is a compilation of several factors. I have always wanted to be an important part of the product and I had come to the point where I was feeling that I could contribute more outside the ring than I have been inside it. With the encouragement and support of Dave Finlay (WWE road agent and the man I respect most in this business) I started looking into the possibility of becoming a road agent." You can check out the full piece at http://www.StormWrestling.com.


Mordecai debuted at the weekend house shows, totally squashing Paul London. He has received rave reviews.


Chris Jericho has been very vocal in the pre-RAW meetings lately and has claimed that the wrestlers deserve credit for the business and strong ratings the RAW brand has been receiving lately. He was later put down for this as one wrestler stated, "Triple H doesn't want anyone getting public credit for anything other than himself." Obviously, the political atmosphere in the RAW locker room remains strong as does HHH's influence.


Many wrestlers in the SmackDown lockeroom are upset about the current decline in the ratings field for their show. They feel that Vince McMahon just concentrates on the RAW brand solely now. They're also concerned with the booking leading up to the Smackdown only PPV in May.


Rey Mysterio will take a couple of weeks off after complaining of dizzy spells and now undergoing tests. Luckily for the WWE, the Smackdown creative team didn't have him booked for anything major.


Ultimo Dragon is leaving WWE effectively at the start of May and he will be going back to Japan until around the fall of this year.


Kurt Angle is due to undergo more surgery on his troubled neck. He'll be out of action for a number of months.


Triple H was originally planned to start shooting for his new film this month but because of the fact that a number of big name stars have left recently, the decision was made to keep him on TV longer to try and get some new stars over as quickly as possible. The movie is now scheduled to begin filming in July with a potential Triple H/Chris Benoit rematch slated for Summerslam.


Reports indicate that Rob Van Dam and WWE are very near a contract agreement. His current deal expires in June.


John Cena's debut CD "Underground" will be released on June 8 in the US.


The WWE is interested in purchasing Stu Hart's home and making it a historical landmark in Canada.




Sean O'Haire who was released from WWE last month, and he has booked dates with New Japan beginning with the 3rd of May show at the Tokyo Dome. He will work against Hiroshi Tanahashi. Ultimo Dragon will also work this show, teaming up with Koji Kanemoto & American Dragon Bryan Danielson against Heat, Tiger Mask IV & Naomichi Marufuji.


Thanks for reading again, don't worry because HSM will be back next week! Cheers.





UK News - By Goldy



Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks news and results from the world of UK wrestling. There's a lot of both this week so I'll get straight on with all this weeks show results!


UKPW - Waterside Theatre - 23/04/04

First Round: Kid Regis def Ethan 'The Heat' Hayze

First Round: 'The Atomic Ant' Anton Green def Mark Phillips

Andy Simmonz def Sammy Ray

Marcus 'The Toad' Hiscott def Aaron Jason

Tournament Final: Kid Regis def Anton Green to win the trophy

Eamon O'Neil def Chris Wyld

Marcus Hiscott won the UKPW Rumble.


FCW - Road To The Gold - Baggeridege - 25/04/04

The PartyBoys dft Swift Justice and Devils Advocate

Morales def Jorge Castano

The British Connection def "SOTN" Rob Hunter "Tomcat" Kevin O'Neil (DQ)

The Wonderkid" Jonny Storm def X-Dream

A-Star Athlete def Cameron Knite

Spud def Marc Hogan

FCW Heavyweight Title Tournament Final -

Celt Kennedy def Laken Xander to become the first FCW Champion!


UWA - Sudbury - 26/04/04

Steve Morroco def Kraft with Karisma

'Flyin' Phil Powers def The Flatliner to become the new U.W.A champion.

Errin Angel & The New Breed def Jade & The Thunder Dragons.

The Zebra Kid def Matt Skillz & Rowdy Ricky Knight in a three way dance.

Paul Tyrrell def Jake'The Snake' Roberts.


MPW Results - Coventry - 24/04/04

Danny Oxman def Devilman by submission

Exodus def Jekkel

White Tiger def Samurai

Mad Mike def Conscience via a count-out

Nero def Leon Lionheart with Jetta

Alex Gold def Edgar Stryfe

Psycho Steve def Chris Charzima.


FWA Accademy - Winchester

Raj and Rishi Ghosh def Eamon Shrahan and P J Black via DQ

Max Voltage & Dan Head def Spud & Sadistic Jack Storm

Mark Sloan & Stixx def Chris Wyld & Ross Jordan by DQ

Dan James and Mills def Alan Gallacher and Aaron

Max Voltage & Dan Head def the Ghosh brothers

Mark Sloan & Stixx def Mills & James

Eamon Shrahan won a fatal 4 way against Ross Jordan, Chris Wyld and PJ Black

Max Voltage & Dan Head def Mark Sloan & Stixx.


UCW - Swindon - 24/04/04

Ashton Brown b David Sharp to win the UCW Light-Heavyweight Title

Chaos def. The F' You Crew

Richie & Rampage def. Deaf-o-Mania

Hubert def. American All-Star to claim the UCW UK Title

Van Wikked def. Hell's Guardian

The Saint def. Johnny Kidd

Mailman won Royal Rumble to be crowned the new UCW Heavyweight champion


CSF - Yate - 24/04/04

Blondie Barrett & Carl Conroy def Steve Knight & Allan Grogan

Gideon def Stuart 'Eliminator' Natt

Sabotage def Tex Benedict

Odyssey & J.J. Moore def Sudden Impact ( Stu Pendous & Jamie Impact )

Alex Steele def Dave Mercy

Contest Aaron Fusion def Andy Noble to retain the All Nations Light Heavyweight Title.


IWF - Ashington - 22/04/04

Player def Hot-Ed

Pac def Bobby Jackson, Harry Pain and Chris Prime

Youngsta Avery def Shaun Avery

Jed Masters def Jimmy Blade

Weapon X def Karl Harker

Sharna O'Neil def Jetta

Assassin def Cammeron Knight.


AWW - Aston - 29/04/04

Spud def The Judge

"Tomcat" Kevin O'Neil def Marc Hogan

The Bouncer def Snake in a Hardcore match

The Jackal Connection (Jack Storm and Morales) def The British Connection (Great British Hero & British Born Steele)

Candy won the Fatal Four Way Bra and Panties Match

British Born Steele won the Royal Rumble to become the new AWW Champion!


A Starting line-up for the May 8th Cleethorpes FWA Live show has been announced. Nikita will return to action and will face Mark Sloan who seems intent on claiming the 10,000 pound bounty still placed on her head!

Aviv Mayaan will be looking to extract some revenge from Five Star Mark Belton as they meet not on a one on one match but a big triple threat including the man that Five Star recently beat at New Frontiers 2004, James Tighe.


Alex Shane will be issuing another of his now trademark 'Open Challenges' should be exciting to see who answers the call of the 'Showstealer.' Tickets for this event are still available, The event is taking place at the Cleethorpes Winter Gardens in Cleethorpes. The Box office number is: 01472 692925.

Tickets are priced in the following range:

Ringside - £15 - Yellow Ticket

Adult Ticket - £10 - Blue Ticket

Child's Ticket - £8 - Red Ticket


Robbie Brookside became the new European Champion (PWA Germany Version) on Saturday, April 24th at the Markthalle in Hamburg. The title was declared vacant after Karsten Kretschmer could not defend the belt. Brookside defeated "Herman the German" Ulf Herman in a qualification match and went on to beat Leif Erik Isaksen in Round 7 to win the title. After the match, Brookside thanked the fans in his old stomping grounds for the support and promised to change: "The fans in Hamburg will see a new Wildcat Brookside!".


A 5-day event in York, North Yorkshire has been announced this week BodySlam Wrestling School are pleased to announce its opening date for its wrestling school opening in Croydon. Training is open to men and women aged from 14 years old and over. The Opening day will be 18th of July 2004. Details cannot be announced as of yet about the trainers however names from the past and the present have been lined up. The lesson will be:


3 Sundays every month from 11:00 am till 14:00 pm

1 Saturday each month from 11:00 am till 14:00 pm


For more details about the school please e-mail bodyslam_school@fsmail.net. A website for the company will be coming soon as well as location details and the announcement on who the Instructor will be.


RBW are putting on five straight days of wrestling action at "York Fest", which is an event that lasts two weeks between Thursday 27th May until Sunday 6th June. The wrestling dates are:

Monday 31st May 2004

Tuesday 1st June 2004

Wednesday 2nd June 2004

Thursday 3rd June 2004

Friday 4th June 2004


Already confirmed for the event are:

Marc Mignot (France)

Sammy Ray (London) (British Welterweight Champion)

Evan Gallows w/ Ma Baker

Further information can be found at



UWL have announced details of their 'Acts of Aggression' show to take place on

29th May. Matches on the card are:

Shabazz v Ace Anderson

Jonny Pesci v Spin doctor

MTX v Blue Ice

Coalminers v Murderers

Steve Stryka v Jimmy Infinity

Swift Justice (WAR) v The Agent & Mikey Furiae (EAW) v Tommy & Danny Stevens

(XDW) v Gonzales Family (BRAWL)


All matches subject to change. At Bugbrooke Sports and Community Centre

Northampton doors open at 6.30pm, first bell 7pm tickets cost £5 and can be bought on the door http:/www.uwluk.com.


'The Anarchist' Doug Williams has been announced for some Ring Of Honor dates in July this summer. Doug is confirmed for 3 shows on the 17th, 23rd and 24th of July however there is the possibility for more.

The Anarchist has also been announced for German promotion ACW on the 8th of May, and American promotion NECW at the end of August. For more details, please check http://www.doug-williams.co.uk. Good luck Doug!


Saturday 15th May 2004 sees the fifth British professional wrestling event held by Revolution British Wrestling at the Celbic Hall in Enfield, London/Middlesex, next door to the RBW London Training Centre. This event stars two Championship contest, which sees the British Middleweight and British Tag Team Championships both on the line. On top of that, three other contests will take place, featuring some of the top stars of British wrestling. Matches confirmed are:

Spud vs Jack Storm

Stixx & Chris Wyld vs Sammy Ray & Kid Romeo

Ross Jordan vs Cameron Knight

Johnny Kidd vs Rob Hunter

Plus a Battle Gauntlet where wrestlers enter the ring one by one!

Doors Open at 7.00pm. Event Begins at 7.30pm. Show Ends at 10.00pm. Tickets cost

£7 - Adults, £6 concessions. For tickets telephone 07940 476612 or email

tickets@revolutionbritishwrestling.co.uk for instructions.


I would like to say congratulations to British Born Steele on becoming the new AWW Champion! Whilst on the subject of BBS I'd like to mention that there will be an upcoming interview with FCW's British Connection tag team, coming shortly so keep your eyes peeled for that! Also a special mention to Celt Kennedy who last week became the first FCW Champion. Well done Celt! FCW have been putting on some excellent shows recently, if you want to catch them in the near future their next show dates are:


Saturday 8th May - The Mill Theatre, Sedgley

Friday 21st May - The Collingwood Centre, Great Barr

Saturday 22nd May - The Irish Centre, Digbeth

Sunday 23rd May - Seminar at Thorns

Sunday 30th May - Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre, Lower Gornal. Hope to see you there!

Tickets cost £5 each or a "Family Pass" for 4 persons costing just £17 - email



To end with, WAW would like to put all promotions on alert over the following:


There is a man fraudulently using the name Jim Hellwig of Ultimate Warrior fame, using the pretence of WWE contracts for women.

WAW, have already been part of this scam, as well as numerable entertainment agencies in London, and we alert everybody, the man is focusing on the girls.

A police investigation is now ongoing, if anyone has had contact with this man or is contacted in the future, please contact WAW as we are building up a dossier against this man.

All of you can help stop this man by posting this message on all wrestling sites national and international as this is a genuine and serious situation.


That's everything for this week, don't forget to check out Scott Future's latest

edition of 'Future Shock' and as ever Adam Sibley's latest column which are both up at Wrestling101's UK section. Can I also mention that if you or your promotion want any UK news or results to go in either this newsletter or up in the news section of the UK section at 101, can you please email either myself at

goldy@101wrestling.com or adam@101wrestling.com, cheers.


Thank you for reading.





EWR WWE Corner by Chris2K



Howdy, and welcome to the latest edition of the WWE EWR Corner. This week we go back to a time when the most popular wrestler of the time was Brock Lesnar, and Kurt Angle was a face. Well it's only January 2004, but I thought I'd try and build it up a bit. I'm covering the 2004 Royal Rumble event, and yes, I will have Hardcore Holly getting a title shot.


Real Star Ratings are this time from The Dames of TheSmartMarks.com




<First Match (Bonus Heat Match): Victoria vs. Molly Holly (Non-Title)>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Victoria wins cleanly


Crowd: 73%

Match: 68%

Overall: 70%

Stars: **1/2

Real Stars: *1/2


A WrestleMania XX foreshadowing in both the match and the result, and a fairly accurate result from EWR. It's just a shame that these two are the only people who seem to have a large amount of talent in the Women's Division.


<Second Match: RAW Tag Team Titles: Tables Match - Batista and Ric Flair © vs. The Dudley Boys>

Booked As: Match, 2vs2, Tables, Batista wins over D-Von via Coach interference


Crowd: 81%

Match: 82%

Overall: 81%

Stars: ***1/4

Real Stars: 3/4*


A pretty inaccurate result from EWR, but any match on EWR featuring the Dudleys is guaranteed to be quite good. What having Batista and Flair as champions ever accomplished is still a mystery.


<Third Match: Cruiserweight Title - Rey Mysterio Jr. © vs. Jamie Noble>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Rey wins by Nidia interference


Crowd: 73%

Match: 87%

Overall: 80%

Stars: ***1/4

Real Stars: *1/4


The real match suffered mainly due to the incredibly short amount of time they were given. One of the reasons EWR can be so useful is because it shows how good a match could have been, if enough time was allotted to it.


<Fourth Match: Eddie Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Eddie wins cleanly


Crowd: 80%

Match: 100%

Overall: 90%

Stars: ****1/4

Real Stars: *1/2


And HERE is a perfect example of what I've just said. The real match got EIGHT MINUTES, and it was to finish a feud that had been built up for SIX MONTHS. If they'd bothered, it would have got ****+, but obviously there was something far more important...


<Segment: Benoit/Flair confrontation>

Booked As: Angle, 1vs1, Confrontation


Rating: 82%


I suppose this segment was a little nod to the Horseman history of Benoit and Flair, possibly the two greatest North American technical wrestlers of the last thirty years.


<Fifth Match: WWE Title Match - Brock Lesnar © vs.... Bob 'Hardcore' Holly>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Singles, Brock wins cleanly


Crowd: 81%

Match: 72%

Overall: 77%

Stars: **3/4

Real Stars: *


My god. I would love to know the person who just walked into the creative meeting and said "I think we should give Hardcore Holly a WWE Title shot at the second biggest PPV of the year. And then I would like to kill him.


<Sixth Match: World Title Match: Last Man Standing - HHH © vs. Shawn Michaels>

Booked As: Match, 1vs1, Last Man Standing, Draw


Crowd: 87%%

Match: 63%

Overall: 75%

Stars: **1/2

Real Stars: ***1/4


You see, this is the culmination of my ranting about match timing. This match was given 23 minutes. The other five matches were given 21 and a half. WHY?! What makes this match five times more important than the others? Oh, I forgot, that guy called Hunter...


<Segment: Austin attacks Bischoff/Heyman>

Booked As: Authority Angle, Two Authorities Try To Sign Worker, Both Attacked


Rating: 86%


Completely pointless segment, but then Austin's the kinda guy who likes them. The angle was very hard to choose, but I think I got a good one.


<Segment: Brock/Goldberg confrontation>

Booked As: Angle, 1vs1, Confrontation


Rating: 76%


Remember Survivor Series 2003 when these guys did the very same thing? Well it's good to see that the WWE had some idea of what they were doing. This obviously set up the big event of the Rumble...


<Main Event: Royal Rumble Match>

Booked As: Match, Special, Royal Rumble


Entrants: Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Tajiri, Bradshaw, Rhyno, Matt Hardy, Scott Steiner, Matt Morgan, Hurricane, Booker T, Kane, Spike Dudley, Rikishi, Rene Dupree, A-Train, Shelton Benjamin, Ernest Miller, Kurt Angle, Rico, Mick Foley, Christian, Nunzio, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Charlie Haas, Billy Gunn, John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Goldberg


Crowd: 83%

Match: 83%

Overall: 83%

Stars: ***

Real Stars: *****


The main plus point of the Rumble was the fantastic way it was booked. Everyone came in at a good time, and the action was never slow or boring, except for Ernest Miller's time. Benoit winning will always stay in the hearts of his countless fans who have followed his rollercoaster ride in wrestling.




WWE PPV Rankings:


1. Royal Rumble 2004 - 79%

2. WrestleMania XX - 75%

3. Backlash - 74%


So the 2004 Rumble takes top place for the time being, but how long for? Next week, I'll cover No Way Out 2004, and see if that can take the top spot....


For now, have a good week, and a cracking bank holiday, whatever the weather!





TWO Newsletter Main Event -

"The Women's Division" by Stephen Ashfield



I thought this week I'd take a look at the role women play in WWE, It's not all T&A you know. At present the Raw roster is the strongest women's division that I've seen in the WWE for a long time. But that doesn't mean it's impressive, not by a long chalk. Let's take a look at who's on Raw at the moment and see what use they actually have on the roster.


Present champion is Victoria, she's attractive so that's ok for Vince when he wants to sell merchandise, but there's something lacking here. Victoria can wrestle but her character is just totally mixed up. One minute she's crazy, deadly jealous of Trish about some secret from the past and she comes out to a song recorded by supposedly lesbian Russian group, Tatu. She wins the belt, loses the belt and seems to spend most of her time on Heat alongside Stevie Richards in a relationship never really developed fully. Then gradually Victoria becomes a face and gets the belt again. Now instead of being crazy, she drives us mad with that grin of hers and kissing young children before getting in the ring. OK I'm slightly jealous cause I wouldn't mind being one of those kids. The trouble is though Victoria is the champ but she's irritating and doesn't have a consistent program to follow. What was that Lita match about at Backlash? Face v Face, why do that when you have plenty of heels that could have been given the shot? Why disturb the Victoria v Molly feud that was ignited when Molly lost her hair at Wrestlemania?


With no Raw PPV till June, it's not easy to predict what's going to happen next. The women's title isn't quite like the World Heavyweight Title. If Benoit flops so does buy-rates, if Victoria flops Vince is hardly going to lose any sleep is he? Victoria v Molly needs to be developed further, Molly has suffered, now something has to happen to Victoria, but when does she ever get time on the mic? That's a big problem considering she's champ.


Better look at Molly next I suppose. One of the best, if not the best women wrestlers in WWE and she must be really keen if she lets herself get her hair shaved off. Mind you, why is she still wearing those wigs (the Angle routine rehashed)? Her hair is coming back quickly, I say ditch the wig and let her have a new tough image. She's a bit misunderstood is Molly. What was the point of giving her a gimmick where she wore long dresses and was accused of having a fat bum? It hardly made sense when she was at the same time doing Diva shoots in bikini's and not looking that bad either (go blonde again dear!). Molly needs mic time and as I've already written, the feud with Victoria has to intensify.


What's really important is that we have more than just the one feud on the go. It's usually just a case of 'it's my turn for a title match, yours is later.' Or it's just 'We've got Playboy coming out, best we publicise it.'


That brings me onto Trish Stratus, who most men would have a heart attack over if she ever ended up in Playboy. She gets time on the mic for sure but only because she's in a story in the men's division. This girl can wrestle so why not put her in a feud with Lita before the inevitable title challenge?


Lita continues to disappoint, and that's not just because we barely see her thong anymore. That used to be so distracting we nearly didn't spot all the spots she missed time and time again. Her future looks inevitable. She gets back together with Matt and it's 'Hey Jeff come and reform the Hardy Boyz again.' Has to happen, and it will.


Jazz seems to be going nowhere now and she hasn't even got Theodore Long anymore but why not let her feud with someone like Nidia? Nidia made a big impact on lottery night but has done little since. A bit annoying backstage apparently but she's an average wrestler and deserves a chance. I actually thought she might get the Backlash title match. She needs some direction and that's either Jazz or Gail Kim.


Kim misses even more spots than Lita and is wooden on the mic but given time could help the women's division. What's happened to Ivory and Jacqueline. It's annoying as they're both good wrestlers, they need to be back on TV. Stacy has long legs, that's about all you can say about her apart from 'I love you.'


Over on Smackdown the women's division is in total disarray now Nidia has gone and Shaniqua is back in OVW. Sable hasn't done anything for ages, Steph is making Triple H happy and Torrie still can't act. Dawn Marie just shows off her assets, all in all nothing is happening for women on Smackdown. Even Miss Jackie is just eye candy.


WWE has a chance to create a good women's division, will it go ahead and do that? I doubt it, what do you think?







US News - By Pabster

UK News - By Goldy

EWR WWE Corner - By Chris2k

TWO Newsletter Main Event - By Stephen



That's it for this week, I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of the

Newsletter. Thanks to Goldy, Stephen and Chris2K for their cracking contribution as ever. Congratulations to Darkstar and Charlie on winning the Best Thread awards for this week. A big thumbs up to Boyo who bagged the TWO Member of the Week award too! HSM will be back next week, better than ever.


Thanks to all of our readers for reading once again. Keep visiting Wrestling101 and TWO and we'll see you here next week.


Take it easy folks!


Any feedback would be gladly appreciated. Send it, along with any questions or queries, to Pabster@talkwrestlingonline.com or to any of our contributors. We want your input to help make the newsletter the best we can.


The TWO Newsletter - "~!"




Some of the news stories included in the TWO newsletter are taken from various

sources around the internet and is not necessarily exclusive TWO news.

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