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Rob Van Dam WWE Contract Update, Raw/SD!, More


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- Reports have indicated that WWE and Rob Van Dam are close to securing a new contract agreement. Van Dam’s current deal with the company expires this coming June, however we’re told that the new signing is just a formality at this point.


- The Raw brand has a show tonight in Amarillo, TX. They then go over to Lubbock, TX tomorrow night, Yuma, AZ on Sunday and then they land in Phoenix, AZ for RAW on Monday.


- Smackdown! Hit the road tomorrow night with their first show in El Paso, TX, then Sunday they’ll be performing in San Angelo, TX, Odessa, TX on Monday and then ending in Tucson, AZ for SmackDown on Tuesday.


from: backstagewrestling.com

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Yeah I heard *something like that* C-from-B. I don't think ECW will ever operate as a federation again. Ever. Ever ever. But I think Heyman is reintroducing elements of ECW into Smackdown.


RVD and the Dudleys, for a starter. Plus I heard Bubba call him "Paul E", which was a nice touch.



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