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Mick Foley & Terry Funk Want ECW To Return, Backlash; & More


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The following are excerpts from the latest edition of WWE.com's True or False:


Statement: ECW should return


Mick Foley: True. ECW had a unique cast of characters who seemed to thrive in that specific situation but have not felt the creative freedom to do so in WWE.

Terry Funk: True. I think we need some more choice.


Statement: Backlash was not the last time WWE fans will see Mick Foley.


Mick Foley: True. They’ll see me. I don’t know if they’ll see me wrestling or not. But I imagine I’ll be back to do something on the show sooner or later.

Terry Funk: True. I think Mick is a very special entity for WWE, and I think that he’s box office – and that’s what the business is about, is box office. And Mick is box office. God if I know why. (Laughs)


from: backstagewrestling.com

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To me this indicates both Terry and Mick will be doing television with WWE. Its been on the cards for a while now and if they'd just brought Terry in for one house show then why put an interview with him on the site. I think this is a way of getting his face and his name into peoples minds. He also says that he wants a Hardcore match with Mick and that he'd love to work with WWE again.
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I'm not sure that the ECW will ever return (for reasons explained numerous times in other threads by MANY people). However if Paul Heyman continues in the same fashion on SD then we could see aspects of ECW remembered. I'd be very surprised with a full ECW eturn, though.


I noticed a nice touch, though: two weeks ago on SD. Bubba Dudley called Heyman "Paul E.", which was nice.



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