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Me thinks it's time for some famous quips and jibs from my fav show (including the live shows).


Eddie - "You want it real do you? Well here it is ! Your a sad, overweight psycho, who's just s*at his big girls pants".

Richie - "You've ruddy well got me there, thats what I am, sad fat.... well not so much fat, more chunky(wiggles hips), yes yes yes yes, not so much sad, but intresting, yes yes yes yes yes yes, not so much psycho as moody, yes yes yes yes YES YES YES YES yes yes, intresting chunky moody, offbeat, off the wall kinda guy !"


Richie "Oh buy the way Eddie, eheh eheh heh-heh *reachs for Eddies crotch*"

Eddie looks worried, grabs goolies.

Richie "Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me....."


Eddie "Well wheres my sleeping bag then?!"

Richie "Last I heard she was in Chiswick!"

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Richie: "Oh yeah, oh yeah, that's right. I knew I was pissed off about something. Good, right, back on track: I'm depressed. Good, thanks Eddie, I feel great now. Oh SH*T! No, I'm supposed to be depressed! Oh you tw*t, Eddie! Everything's just gone to b*ll*cks!"


Eddie: "May we, mon brarve."

Richie: "What?"

Eddie: "Certainmon, mon general."

Richie: "Ah Christ, he's gone all Welsh on me again."


Richie "Hey! Thats it! What about pin the tail on the donkey?"

Eddie: "We haven't got a donkey."

Richie : "Well pin the tail on the chicken?"

Eddie : "We haven't got a tail."

Richie : "Well. pin the sausage on the chicken."

Eddie : "We haven't got a chicken."

Richie : "Pin the sausage on the fridge.

Eddie : "Or a pin."

Richie : "Sellotape a sausage to the fridge."

Eddie : "We haven't got a sausage."

Richie : "Put a bit of sellotape on the fridge."

Eddie : "Not much of a game is it?"

Richie : "What do you mean? You have to do it blindfolded."

Eddie : "But we haven't got a blindfold !"

Richie : "Well, we'll have to improvise *pokes Eddie in the eye*

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Eddie - "CLEEEAARR!!"

Richie - "Dont do that Eddie i almost shat myself.....infact i did shite myself...shat myself sorry. Infact i did shat myself"


Richie - "Listen, don't panic, but I think we've got some trouble downstairs"

Eddie - "Well, that's no reason to wake me up. Just change your underpants and see the doctor in the morning"


Richie - "Did you see the floats?"

Eddie - "No, I thought I'd flushed it"


Manager - "Can I help you sir?"

Eddie - "This is a sex shop isn't it?"

Manager - "Yes"

Eddie - "I'll have five quid's worth then!"

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