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***Chris2K's TWO International Cricket Captain Challenge*** -


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For some time at another board, I have done a 'diary' where I use my cricket management game, International Cricket Captain, to have the board members in the team by changing the names of the real players. And now, with permission from KJ, I'm bringing it to TWO!


The concept is simple. You pick the player you want to be, and I change the name of the player to yours. When we have the whole squad (about 17), we start playing matches against other teams, and we see who scores the most runs, or takes the most wickets.


The team you will get to choose from is Surrey, because they're my favourite team ;).


Here's the squad for you to choose from:


Batsmen (Players who bat well, but are unlikely to bowl well)

Mark Butcher (Left Handed Batsman) - Goldy

Mark Ramprakash (Right Handed Batsman) - Inno

Graham Thorpe (Left Handed Batsman) - KJ

Alistair Brown (Right Handed Batsman) - Deadman

Scott Newman (Left Handed Batsman) - Walshyboy

Michael Carberry (Left Handed Batsman) - Pabster

Ian Ward (Left Handed Batsman) - Dan


Wicket-keepers (Players who bat, but NEVER bowl)

Alec Stewart (Right Handed Batsman) - Crippler

Jonathan Batty (Right Handed Batsman) - Kam


All Rounders (Players who bat quite well, and bowl quite well)

Adam Hollioake (Right Handed Batsman, Medium Pace) - DraVen

Ricky Clarke (Right Handed Batsman, Fast-Medium) - HSM


Bowlers (Players who bowl well, but are unlikely to bat well)

Martin Bicknell (Fast-Medium) - AlanJP

Alex Tudor (Fast) - Cactus Jack

Saqlain Mushtaq (Off Spinner, Overseas Player) - Chris2K

James Ormond (Medium-Fast) - SCSteveAustin

Ian Salisbury (Leg Spinner) - Boyo

Ed Giddens (Fast Medium) - Russ


Even if you're not a cricket fan in the slightest, join this anyway. You don't have to do anything, and it's a perfect way to have some fun by insulting the people you beat ;)!


So join up ASAP, and I'll try and get it started :).

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Can I be Ed Giddens? My reasons are threefolkd.


1. His surname sounds a bit like Gibbens.


2. He's a fast medium, which sounds like a quick psychic.


3. I don't know a lot about cricket, but he's a bowler. If that means he wears a bowler hat while he plays, then that makes me even more entrigued.


So just call me Ed. And don't forget my reasons. They're threefold.

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Kinda strange that over 50 people have viewed this' date=' and only 8 people have signed up....[/quote']


Well not neccessarily, as it logs a veiw each time someone veiws it i could look at it more than once and it logs it as another view. ;)

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Right, that's the squad done, now for me to do some matches, which won't take very long at all. If anyone else wants to join up, there are some spare players available, just say if you would prefer a batsman or a bowler.


Pab: You can analyse the team's performance if you wish to ;).

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Surrey v Sussex

County Championship - D1 - 19 Apr 2002



Surrey - 1st Innings


Goldy b Kirtley 88

Crippler c Prior b Kirtley 8

Inno b Robinson 25

KJ c Cottey b Lewry 7

Deadman c Goodwin b Kirtley 12

Dan c & b Lewry 32

DraVen c Lewry b M'jenkins 112

CactusJack b Goodwin 26

AlanJP b Robinson 57

Chris2K not out 10

Russ c Adams b M'jenkins 0


Extras (nb12,w4,b3,lb4) 23

TOTAL (all out, 95.2 overs) 400


A great start to the season from the Surrey batters, as Goldy showed that girls can play the game, making a top quality 88, despite the rest of the top order falling around her. However the best performance was definitely from DraVen, who made the first century of the season, sharing an 8th Wicket Partnership of 112 with AlanJP. The score of 400 meant that Surrey scored all 5 batting bonus points.


Sussex - 1st Innings


R Montgomerie c AlanJP b Chris2K 31

M Goodwin b Russ 50

C Adams c DraVen b Chris2K 24

P Cottey lbw b Russ 138

D Clapp c Deadman b Chris2K 19

W House c Goldy b Russ 62

R Martin-jenkinslbw b DraVen 24

M Prior c Crippler b CactusJack 4

R Kirtley not out 3

J Lewry b CactusJack 0

M Robinson lbw b CactusJack 0


Extras (nb16,w2) 18

TOTAL (all out, 110.1 ovrs) 373






DraVen 14 4 48 1

AlanJP 28 4 90 0

Chris2K 28 5 91 3

Russ 26 0 96 3

CactusJack 14.1 1 48 3



Not a brilliant bowling performance by any means, as Tony Cottey was able to get a century. The wickets were spread around pretty evenly, although AlanJP figures don't look too good without any. Chris2K bowled quite well, but Cactus Jack had to be the pick of the bowlers.


Surrey - 2nd Innings


Goldy c Prior b Kirtley 10

Crippler c Goodwin b Kirtley 69

Inno b Robinson 12

KJ c Cottey b M'jenkins 28

Deadman b Lewry 37

Dan b Lewry 55

DraVen c Clapp b Robinson 15

CactusJack c Cottey b Robinson 0

AlanJP lbw b Robinson 19

Chris2K not out 7

Russ lbw b Lewry 3


Extras (nb6,b2) 8

TOTAL (all out, 79.2 overs) 263


It was always going to be hard to repeat the great batting of the first innings, and unfortunately, Surrey couldn't do it. However, there were a number of solid innings, especially from Crippler and Dan who both proved they can bat well. I would also like to point out that a certain person called Chris2K hasn't been out yet :P. This meant that Sussex needed 291 to win the match.


Sussex - 2nd Innings


R Montgomerie c Deadman b Russ 10

M Goodwin b CactusJack 3

C Adams b Russ 62

P Cottey c Goldy b CactusJack 8

D Clapp lbw b AlanJP 22

W House b Russ 0

R Martin-jenkinsb Russ 21

M Prior not out 59

R Kirtley c Crippler b Chris2K 26

J Lewry c Deadman b Chris2K 0

M Robinson b Russ 0


Extras (nb4,w6,b4,lb6) 20

TOTAL (all out, 84 overs) 231




DraVen 16 5 39 0

Chris2K 19 6 26 2

AlanJP 15 2 38 1

Russ 25 3 92 5

CactusJack 9 2 26 2



Well Surrey won their first match of the season, thanks largely to a superb bowling performance from Russ, who took the first five wicket haul of the season, supported ably by Chris2K and Cactus Jack. Unfortunately, Cactus suffered a back injury, which will keep him out of action for 2 weeks.



Surrey won by 59 runs

Man of the match: DraVen



The win puts Surrey at the top of the table, with a maximum 20 points. Coming up next is another 4 day match, this time against Yorkshire...

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