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The First Lady of Wrestling


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Today marks one year since Miss Elizabeth passed away. I was a huge fan of hers from being a kid and was gutted when it happened. Elizabeth paved the way for the female valet and was a household name in the 1980's. She had many defining moments including when Randy turned on her, their eventual reunion and marriage to her turning on him years later.


Looking back, Elizabeth was good for the wrestling industry, but it wasnt good for her, and in the end, it was her undoing. No matter what happened, she shall always be the First Lady of Wrestling.


Elizabeth, thank you for everything, your fans miss you and we wont ever forget you, God Speed.

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does anyone know what/who killed her because i remember something about lex luger being in the frame. i also remember luger being caught with 1000s of drugs so maybe im linking the two



She died from a drug overdose and died at Lugers house where all the drugs where found.

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Here's a list of the substances they found at Lugers house


- 380 tabs carisoprodol (somas)

- 2 bottles (526 tabs) hydrocodone bitrate (Vicodin)

- 210 tabs dianabol (anabolic steroid)

- 495 tabs oxyflux/clenbuterol (anabolic steroid)

- 98 Xanax pills (anti-anxiety medication)

- 2 bottles testosterone

- 7 bottles nandrolone (androgenic, anabolic steroid)

- 16 bottles boldenone, (a steroid designed to build muscle in horses)

- 18 bottles “anabolic steroids” (not named in original police report)

- 19 bottles sustanon (androgenic steroid)

- 34 bottles primobolan (anabolic steroid)

- And a partridge in a pear tree?

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