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If you were a garden gnome...


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My house is being invaded by gnomes from the future. They have come to steal the worlds supply of cornflakes. Only supergnome (Mr R Wolverine) can save Kellogs from going out of buisness!


Come on Cactus join the fun, you know you want to. In fact lets start a story. I'll do the first bit, next poster adds, then the next, ect ect ect, untill we finish the story.



Fluffy the Bunny was on his way to visit his best friend Norman the Gnome. Part way there he saw an old friend.

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brian the snail? funny u shud mention snails lol me and some mates on msn had a little bet about whether or not we cud find some snail porn....what followed was a picture so funny it brought about uncontrolable lols and lmaos.twas a paint pics so good it put cols rem pics to shame. hehe ill try find a link.


http://vcl.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Jester/Snail.gif only look at your own free will its rather obscene lol


ive also just realised something

innos jokes are quite funny, well ok that was a lie they arent lol

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"Brian, can I borrow your Chyna Playboy?"

Brian was a little taken aback, he never expected the usually morally fragrant Fluffy to be so forthright in demanding to view lady-photos. He chuckled to himself, then said,

"Fluffy, why do you want to look at naked women all of a sudden?"

Fluffy replied...



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Fluffy: Well you see its this bloody carrot thing I got stuck to me down here its a pain in the ass well peter said it was a pain in the ass. And it szeem to enjoy naked women. Im pretty sure its not a carrot tho, its all funny coloured and it hurt when Peter tried to bite it.

Brian:: Ah ok can I crawl over it and try see and leave my slime over it??

Fluffy replied.....

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Fluffy said,

"F2K you're a sick bastard"

Brian said "Chill Fluffy and shake what your mama gave ya"

All of a sudden F2K came along, carrying a monkey

"F2K" said Brian, "why have you brought a monkey?"

F2K said...



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F2K:: Well this is bobo, hes my monkayyyyy.

Brian:: Yeah but why u got a monkayyyy?

F2K:: darkstar said to bring a condiment.

Brian:: You arse a monkey isnt a condiment. thats why I brought vinegar.

F2K:: Ahh I see like Salt here try this salt Brian.


Brian sizzles and pops in the salt as F2K the monkey and Fluffy laugh...Then Mr R Wolverine comes by with a small obergine


::F2K:: Whats with that Wolverine???


Wolverine said............

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