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***Official Raw Thread - 26th April 2004***


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Raw is live tonight from the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka, Kansas.


The red glooms over us as we are ready for WWE Raw on this April evening! The show starts with highlights of last week's show with Chris Benoit and HBK offering up a challenge against one another. The package goes on to recap the entire night including the tag team title match that saw Benoit and Edge Walk out as Champions!


JR lets us know that we are in the heartland of America as the crowd goes buck wild! Lit'as music is the first to hit and we are ready for our first match-up!


Women's Tag Team Match:

Lita and Victoria © vs. Molly Holly and Gail Kim


Lita and Victoria come out to huge pops as both ladies are looking beautiful.


Victoria and Gail start us off in a lock up. Gail throws and elbow and leapfrogs Victoria who clotheslines her and hits a standing moonsault.Molly is tagged in and she takes control of Victoria with elbows and classic hair pulls!


Victoria fights back only to get herself throw to the mat by the hair. Gail Kim gets tagged in. JR lets us know she is from "Korea." Right. Victoria in trouble early as she gets a back suplex from Kim.


Gail Kim and Molly Holly take advantage of the situation and double team Victoria. Gail Kim produces a massive arm bar and Victoria is STUCK. Lita comes in and breaks the hold. Lita is in! Monkey-Flip to Gail, spear to Molly, Headscissor to Molly, Bulldog to Molly. Lita on Fire as she hits a modified slam for a two count


All hell breaks loose in the ring as Molly's wig comes off.


Molly and Victoria battle outside the ring as Lita hits a superb DDT to pin Gail Kim for the win.


Winners: Lita and Victoria


After the Match:


Molly Holly gets all pissy because she's bald and gives Lita a backbreaker. Then Kane's music hits! He is going after Lita, but he does not harm her... instead he pets her in the corner and he starts to smell her... He goes to kiss her but Lita ducks out of the ring and runs for safety. She runs into Matt Hardy who calms her down and says he has a match tonight against Kane and he will make him pay. The two hug and when they pull off, Lita screams! Kane's behind them! Kane violently beats Matt Hardy all over the back area as reinforcements come in to help Matt. Kane books when enough referees get there.


------- Commercial Break ----------


Coach in his Hometown:

The Coach comes to the ring to a loud rain of boos. He says "behold behold, a native of Kansas who is actually a winner!" The crowd gets hot as Tajiri comes to the ring to let Coach know how he feels. Tajiri gets on the mic and says "You all not a winna! You ale a riar!" Coach makes fun of his speech and tells him he does not want a rematch tonight. Coach says instead he wants two eggrolls. He bosses Tajiri around. Tajiri gives him two stiff kicks and the Coach falls out of the ring like a sissy. Cade comes to his rescue and for some reason HHH's music goes off! HHH comes halfway down the ramp and laughs at Coach. HHH starts clapping for Tajiri when he gets in the ring. Tajiri is smiling as they both point and laugh at the Coach. Tajiri turns his back on HHH and catches a low blow! HHH tosses Tajiri out of the ring and now he is on the mic.


HHH on the Mic:

Can someone explain to him how the hell HBK gets a title shot next week? HHH claims that HBK tapped out at Backlash, not him.


HHH starts talking about how he should be the one to get the title shot. He then says something about how Tajiri and HBK are a lot alike because neither know when to quit. As he says this he gets green mist to the eyes! "HHH is BLIND!" - JR


------- Commercial Break ----------


We are back live as the WWE shows replays of what just happened to HHH. During the break, HHH needed assistance from a trainer. He walks to the back and he starts talking to a plant because he can't see! He thinks it's Bischoff! He then finally finds Eric and tells him that he wants Tajiri. Easy E makes a one on one match tonight! He starts talking to Bischoff again about the title shot but Bischoff already left the room! HHH is Blind!


La Resistance is in the ring as Eugene and Regal come to the announce team. JR asks Eugene if he wants to announce and he says YEAH. Eugene is on the mic making a bunch of weird noises. Eugene starts pulling out facts about the first ever IC title match and he is dead on.



Rob Conway versus Rhyno


USA chants as Conway puts Rhyno in a headlock. Eugene still making funny ass comments as he gets up and starts walking around. Rhyno in control with a belly to belly suplex for a 2 count. Rob holds the ropes and Rhyno runs at him and gets thrown to the outside. Eugene acts like he is flying. Conway in control in the ring with a slam and 2 count. He punches Rhyno several times and the crowd boos on.


Minutes later Rob is dominating with elbow drops followed by a side headlock. Regal is on the mic asking Eugene to come back to the table. Conway still in control with shoulder charges. Irish whip to Rhyno followed by a clothesline. 2 count. Eugene walks over to the sound guy and hits the PYRO! It goes off and JR and the King go nuts! Rob C. is looking at the pyro and he turns around to get a GORE! 1-2-3. Rhyno is your winner!


Winner: Rhyno


------- Commercial Break ----------


JR comes back and tells us Matt Hardy and Kane is still on for tonight. He also hypes a tag title match with Edge and Benoit versus Batista and Ric Flair. In the back: Rob Conway is shown complaining to Johhny Nitro about Eugene and he says he wants him tonight. Regal shows up and a scuffle breaks out. Rob says Regal has two weeks to get Eugene ready because the two will face off in two weeks!


Interview with Benoit and Edge.

HBK shows up, says he will win the World title next week. Edge tells Benoit to focus on their tag team match tonight and worry about the World title next week....


One on One:

Christian w/ Trish and Tyson versus Grandmaster Sexy


When we come back, Christian comes to the ring with Trish and his "problem solver" Tyson Tomko. The show cuts to break as we will have action after some more X-Box and Ven Helsing commercials!


Christian gets on the mic and says before he starts he would like to go through a list of accomplishments. (Beating Jericho, Taking his women, hiring Tyson) As he babbles on Grandmaster Sexy comes to the ring making a complete ass of himself on the way down!


Christian starts the match with some kicks and body blows. Grandmaster Sexy changes things up with a flapjack and two clotheslines. GMS goes for a kick but Christian grabs it only to get an inzeguiri kick to the head! Christian in control as he punches the body of GMS and climbs the corner to give him a 10 punch. He gets to two as GMS pushes him off. GMS climbs the top rope and nails a drop kick. Christian fights back and looks for the dropping reverse DDT but GMS counters with uppercuts. GMS runs against the ropes and both men look like they are going to the out side but GMS gets his wrist stuck in the ropes. The ref helps him off! GMS rolls Christian into the ring and he climbs the top rope and puts on his glasses for the hip hop drop! Tyson is all up on the apron but the ref is onto his ways. However, too much time is wasted and Christian knocks GMS onto the ropes nizzos first. Christian picks GMS up and gives him the Unprettier and he gets the three count to win the match!


Winner: Christian


-------- Commercial Break ----------


After the Match:

Tyson comes in and gives GMS a rough kick to the abdomen. Y2J's music hits and Tyson walks up the ramp to meet him. However, Y2J does not come out. Instead he comes from the crowd and attacks Christian from behind! He gets Trish in the Walls, but Tyson pulls her out of the ring and all is settled for now.


-------- Commercial Break ----------


One on One:

HHH versus Tajiri


HHH and Tajiri hit the ring for action. HHH starts the match with hard right hands as his face is still covered in green goop. He straddles Tajiri and chokes the life out of him. "You tapped out" chants as HHH is still in control in the corner. HHH whips Tajiri but runs into a kick to the face. HHH drops. Tajiri gets a two count. Tajiri has HHH in the corner with a ton of kicks. HHH drops again.


Both men on the outside, exchanges buck wild. HHH hits his head on the steps in the exchange and Tajiri crawls in the ring and tells the ref to count HHH out. HHH comes back in at 9, he blocks a Tajiri Buzzsaw kick and goes for a pedigree but Tajiri sneaks out and hits massive kicks. Tajiri off the ropes, but HHH catches him and hits a huge spinebuster. HHH puts Tajiri in the corner and works him over with some big time kicks. He whips Tajiri to the other end and Tajiri crashes hard. HHH is in control with another Irish Whip. HHH taunts the fallen Tajiri. He picks him up but Tajiri fires with kicks. HHH runs off the ropes to avoid the kicks but Tajiri nails him with a spinning heel kick. 2 count on HHH. HHH gets up and is barely able to stand, but he gets Tajiri in an abdominal stretch. Crowd behind Tajiri as he counters with a unique submission move that puts HHH in pain. HHH gets out with a hip toss and works on Tajiri in the corner once again with kicks and a boot choke.


HHH backs off the corner and then runs at Tajiri only to get a Tarantula! HHH powers out and throws Tajiri out of the ring. HHH argues with the ref as Tajiri climbs the ropes. Tajiri flies off and dropkicks HHH but HHH falls into the referee as well! The ref is down and Tajiri is looking to mist HHH. He goes for it but HHH ducks and takes Tajiri down and beats the crap out of him! HHH picks Tajiri up, the ref is conveniently back up as HHH hits a pedigree for the victory!


Winner: HHH


-------- Commercial Break ----------


As we come back to action JR and the King recap the whole Kane/Lita incident from earlier tonight. Will Matty Hardy be able to compete? Kane hits the ring as he thinks he has a match, but is Matt Hardy ok to wrestle after the brutal backstage beating? His music hits... we wait... still waiting.... Matt is not showing folks! But wait! He does show up! Matt Fact: Matt Hardy always meets deadlines! He is in some pain as he enters the ring.


One on One:

Kane versus Matt Hardy


Kane jumps the gun and works on the rips and face of Matt Hardy in the corner. Kane works him over with kicks on the mat, he steps on his neck and then throws some more kicks. Hardy then gets tossed into the second turnbuckle face first. Kane jumps on Hardy and continues to punch him. Hardy gets in a kick and some right hands only to catch a left uppercut to the face. Kane picks Matt Hardy up and puts the hand around the throat of Hardy who takes a chokeslam. Kane however does not go for the pin but instead lifts Matt up again for a second chokeslam. He is STILL not done. He picks Matt up for a tombstone, but Lita comes to the ring to beg Kane not to do it. Kane drops Matt and Lita runs to Matt to see if he's ok. Kane picks Lita up and moves her to the corner. He starts checking her out in an odd manner and then he plants a kiss on her face. YUM! Kane leaves the ring without harming Lita as we head off the air with Lita and the ref attending to Matt Hardy.


Winner: No contest


-------- Commercial Break ----------


Public Service Announcements:

The WWE runs promos for the Smackdown your Vote campaign. A lot of political people thank them and say the kicks ass or something for bringing in voters. We head to the ring where the King says that they will go from one Public Service announcement to another. He says he wants to talk about reading. At least in his favorite form of reading! The 2004 Diva's magazine! The King makes a few jokes and we look at some pics from the magazine that will go on sale tomorrow!


Stacy Kiebler comes to the ring and The King says that they have a very special person in the crowd, an 8 time champion and WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race! The crowd pops as Stacy goes over to Harley to show him some moves. However, as she gets there, Randy Orton hits the ring. (note, when someone uses the word legend, Randy Orton is sure to show up!) Orton gets on the mic and lets everyone know that he is the only legend in the entire arena at the moment. He says to Harley that he hates to burst his bubble, but he has accomplished more in his two year career than Harley has in his entire life. This starts the "Asshole" chants from the crowd in Topeka. Randy climbs to the outside and gets in Harley's face. He tells Harley that he is going to do to Harley exactly what he did to Mick Foley. He warms up a loogey but holds back... he waits, then SPITS IN THE FACE OF HARLEY RACE. Harley takes a swing but misses as Orton runs back into the ring. He is calling Harley on as Shelton Benjamin comes to the ring and nails an enormous clothesline on Orton! He throws Orton to the corner and hits a splash followed by another clothesline! Orton runs away as King and JR set us up for tonight's main event. Harley Race is covered in spit as we head to the bill payers.


-------- Commercial Break ----------


Before we get to our main event we go to the Smackdown Rebound where we saw Paul Heyman turn the Dudley boys into maniacs. Charlie and Rico win the tag titles. Booker T gets heel heet only to get scared like a little girl by the Taker's bell. Bradshaw lays out Eddie yet again! there's your recap, In my own words.


Batista and Flair is shown talking in the back about their big match-up tonight. Batista fires Ric up as he arms look like they are about to explode. He says he has not been able to eat or sleep because all he can think about is tearing Edge and Benoit apart. Batista goes NUTS with words! He promises Flair that losing will never happen again. Ric Flair chimes in with: "All I have to say to that is.. WHOOOOOOOO!".


Tag Team Title Match:

The Main Event Edge and Benoit © versus Batista and Ric Flair


Batista and Flair are the first to hit the ring as they come down to their popular Evolution song by MotorHead! Batista looks like he stuffed 30 pounds of ground beef in each of his arms. Ric Flair looks classy, but a bit on the aged side.


Edge is the first to come to the ring to the "You think you know me" theme. The crowd gives him a huge pop. The King lets us know that he still has the "weapon" (the cast) on his hand. JR tells us that Edge is a nine time WWE champion as of last week. Benoit's Our Lady Peace theme hits as he comes to the ring to big time pops! Double Gold is the outfit of choice for Benoit tonight!


Benoit and Ric Flair have the start. Why does Flair always start? Oh well. Nature boy and Benoit pulls some arm lock reverses in the air and on the mat. They lock up and Benoit breaks in the corner only to chop the crap out of Ric flair. Flair gets a back body drop (the 459734543905345th of his career) Flair fights back and takes Benoit down with some blows. Batista is tagged, but he misses an elbow drop, Benoit drags him to the corner and tags Edge. Edge works on Batista, who reverses a whip by Edge and hits a big clothesline. Batista is all over Edge in the corner. He whips Edge to the corner and nails another clothesline. Batista focres Edge into his team corner where he and Flair work over Edge. Flair is tagged in.


Edge hits a drop toehold on flair and puts a modified Boston Crab on Flair, but it is broken up by Batista. Flair hits a knife edge chop and Edge goes down. Flair misses a knee drop and Edge puts flair in the Figure Four! Flair is in pain as the crowd goes wild. Flair is trying to reverse and he semi does. Benoit tagged in, Flair begs Benoit not to touch him. Benoit falls for it and receives a few chops, but he turns it around and chops Flair to death. Flair comes out of the corner and BAM! He does the flop! Benoit works Flair into the other corner and chops him some more! Another Flop! Snap suplex by Benoit, thumb to the eye by Flair. Both men go to the corner where Edge tags in. Edge works Flair in the corner with punches but gets an atomic drop. Flair drags himself to Batista for a tag.


Batista is all over Edge, but Edge reverses and his a big clothesline. Edge tags Benoit who has an awesome exchange with Batista. He hits a big back body drop and tags Edge back in. Edge goes for a spear, misses, but stops before he hits the corner. Batista knocks him to the outside where Flair bangs Edge's hurt arm off the ring steps!


Edge is hurting, and we have a commercial break...


We are back and Edge and Batista are in the ring. King says for the past three minutes Evolution has been working on the arm of Edge. Edge hits a drop toehold on Batista and crawls to make a tag! Benoit in and all over Batista. Both Evolution members in the ring, Snap suplex on Batista. Thumb to the eye by Flair. Flair to the top, he gets chucked and clotheslined out of the ring. Benoit hits three german suplexes on Batista and the crowd goes nuts. Benoit calls for the headbutt and delivers big! Crossface on Batista, but Flair breaks it up.


Both Benoit and Batista are down and looking for tags. Batista up first, he drags Benoit to his corner and tags Flair who knocks Benoit around and then drops a knee of the back of his head. Chops in the corner. Flair works the mid section with blows, Flair is snapping as he whips Benoit to the other corner and tags Batista. Batista hits a HUGE vertical suplex and then he works on Benoit. Benoit is placed in a boston crab and he is in pain. Batista pulls Benoit to the middle of the ring. Edge needs to be restrained, Batista drops the hold and tags Flair who comes in and gets two two counts. Chop down by Flair, 2 count. Inside cradle by Flair, two count. Batista in, huge powerslam by Batista, 2 count. Benoit needs a tag BAD.


Benoit takes shots from Evolution. Batista is back in and he catches the foot of Benoit who nails him with an enzegueri. Flair and Edge tagged. Edge gives Flair a back body drop and then he gives Batista a heel kick. He drops Flair again after taking a thumb to the eye. All men in. Benoit catches a spinebuster from Batista. Batista and Edge to the out side. Benoit is hurting and Flair goes for the figure four. He goes to turn it but catches a spear out of nowhere. Edge goes for the pin and gets the 3 count!


Winners and still tag team champions:

Edge and Chris Benoit


After the match:

HHH hits the ring and clears house as Benoit is left in the ring. He pummels Benoit and Batista is outside with a chair. Batista goes for Benoit with the chair but HBK comes in, kicks Batista, and then gives him a chair shot! HBK goes for HHH with the chair but he ducks and instead HBK crushes Benoit with the chair! HHH goes for the pedigree on HBK but gets thrown to the outside. Edge comes in and has words with HBK who just hit Benoit with a chair by accident. HBK calms Edge down and apologizes, they shake hands. Edge goes to roll out of the ring but Benoit is up and he places HBK in the sharp shooter! Edge pleas with Benoit who finally lets go of the hold and shoves Edge. We go off the air as everything is in havoc!

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If this thing with Kane leads to Matt Hardy finally getting a decent push on RAW then they get the thumbs up from me.


Still looks like yet another good show from the RAW side of things though in my opinion. Also I'm quite looking forward to seeing the Orton/Benjamin/Race segment this Friday night, It looks like it was done really well from all that.

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I also hate Edge, he doesn't impress me in the least i mean 'THE SPEAR !!!!' as JR calls is a devastating move but with a medium physique it doesn't quite have the effect of impact as good 'ol JR would have you believe.

The Kane/Hardy angle doesn't mean anything as if Kane wins so wot he's a 7ft beast, if Hardy wins no surprize that Kane has done another job as the WWE abuse him.

The Shelton/Orton angle is IMO going to be one of the most exciting fueds for the next few months, probably cos im a mark for both guys.

Benoit has all of a sudden become some invincible force which im not buying at all, gimmie HBK/HHH over this fued anyday, unless a ladder is thrown into the equation then whichever 2 step into the ring is gonna be a classic.

And just for good measure why not have Batista fake an injury for Flair to have a fued as although he's getting on he is still one of the most entertaining guys on Raw.

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IMO if batista had 8 more moves such as german suplex, 3 submissions, suplex, neckbreaker, a top rope suplex, a powerslam and Triple Hs head to knee thing the guy would be the real deal all he needs is more variation. I cant wait till HHH leaves then comes back a few stone lighter he will once again have his prime of 2000 physique. WWE needs HHH or HBK as champ
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My God! What the hell was the ref doing during the Rhyno match? Every time he went to count his entire body left the floor!!!!!!!! Did anyone else notice this?


That was one of the funniest things that I've ever seen in a wrestling ring :lol

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A decent show, I enjoyed it. But one or two gripes:


1. Why push Kane in a feud with Matt Hardy? Kane should be going for the title, Hardy should be facing Orton/Benjamin et al for the IC.


2. The Orton spit wasn't done with enough venom for me, he hung around too much. Plus I thought it was a bit inappropriate.


3. What is your major beef with Edge about? I thought he was good on the last two Raws. I agree that the spear doesn't look as good as Rhyno's Gore.


4. Eugene: I must admit, every week I am more and more impressed with the way the WWE writers are handling Eugene. The moment of truth in two weeks though, what everyone has been waiting for: his wrestling. There was a very small clue into what to expect, though: when he recited "Pat Patterson, 1979, Rio" etc etc; expect moments of pure wrestling genius, combined with humour.





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I agree Cactus, Kane should become devoid of any human feeling whatsoever. He's better like that.


He should get himself a female valet and then once bored with her (she doesn't put out) he should sell her on E-Bay.


The heartless bar steward.



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HHH's backstage segment with Bischoff was one of the funniest things I've seen on ages! :lol


Talking to the plant was funny enough, but when Bishoff walked out and HHH was still berating him, only to turn round and say "did he leave?", that was comic genius! :lol :notworthy


HHH showed again why he's the top guy in the WWE. Not only is he great at comedy, promos, and has great matches, he's willing to put anyone and everyone over as able to beat the crap out of him.


Kane could be ok, it's not necessarily feelings he's having, rather just taking what he wants, which could be a good avenue, because it means he'll do anything, regardless of the consequences.


The Eugene character is progressing well, they appear to be making out that he's some kind of savant, like Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man, which amazing mental abilities. Let's hope his wrestling isn't just comedy.





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RAW was a good again this week and as Ed just said Triple H was excellent with his talking to the plant and then to himself :D


Kudos to Triple H again, since Wrestlemania he's been really helping elevate some of the undercard like Benjamin and this week Tajiri.


Can't wait for Benoit vs. HBK this week, it's got classic written all over it :D

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Can't wait for Benoit vs. HBK this week' date=' it's got classic written all over it[/quote']



One of my friends from when I lived in Tempe (10 mins drive east of Phoenix), Arizona is going to that Raw. He's taking his digi camera and will try to email me some Raw snaps.


I'll put them up in next weeks Raw thread if that's ok with the mods? Can't guarantee anything spectacular, but would be original.



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